UK Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids ages 3 to 18 year old Teens

Find UK Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids ages 3 to 18 year old Teens: Getting the best kids electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to help kids to brush at the recommended dentist 2 minutes brushing time.

In the market today, there are electric toothbrushes made specifically for kids aged 3 to 18 year old. It is advised against using them for under three year old children.

If you are looking for the kids electric toothbrush for 2 years old or below, check our best baby toothbrush. These are manual toothbrushes, mostly recommended for 2 years and below.

For 3 to 18 years old, there is good number of electric toothbrushes categorized by age group. There are those for 3 to 6, then 6 to 12 and for teenagers.

For adults, check our best electric toothbrush UK 2019.

The electric toothbrushes for 3 to 12 years are characterized by:

  • Bold colors
  • Kids apps
  • Soft bristle toothbrushes
  • 2-minute timer with a pacer
  • 1 cleaning mode
  • Pressure sensor
  • stickers

However, the electric toothbrushes for 13 to 18 years old are a bit different. They are trying to transition a child from being a little baby to a teenager. They still have bold colors and soft bristles. However, they lack other entertaining features found in under 12 year old children electric toothbrushes.

Best Kids Electric Toothbrush UK 2019

No.ToothbrushForBattery life, daysBluetooth Enabled 
1.Philips Sonicare For Kids Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth, Coaching App, 2 Brush Heads, 2 Modes and 8 Stickers for Customisation - HX6322/043 to 10 year old21Yes
2.Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush 3 to 6 year old5 No
3.Oral-B Junior Kids Electric Toothbrush6 to 12 year old7 No
4.Oral-B Teen White Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush13 to 18 year old teenagers14Yes

Philips Sonicare for Kids - Best Electric Toothbrush Kids Ages 3 to 6 Years Old

The Philips Sonicare for kids electric toothbrush for 3 to 10 year old children is one of the best rated electric toothbrushes for kids of all times. Its highly favoured Bluetooth connectivity feature is the one that makes it stand out the most (read more of this feature below).

Its Key Features

  • 2 cleaning modes
  • 8 stickers
  • Kid timer and quadpacer
  • Bluetooth connectivity and coaching app
  • 3 weeks battery life
  • Rubberized brush head and soft bristles for gently teeth cleaning
  • 2 buttons: One for switching on and off and another one for changing cleaning modes.
  • 2 years warranty


  • No travel case included only a travel cap that protects the bristles
  • If you don’t have a 2 pin plug, you will have to buy a 2 to 3 pin adaptor

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Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Stages power kids electric toothbrush is one the best rated electric toothbrush for 3 to 6 year old kids. This brush comes in 5 favorite characters to choose from depending on your child interest: Marvel AvenStar Wars, Frozen, Disney princesses and Disney cars and planes.

Its Key Features

  • 2 Minutes Magic Timer App
  • Small round brush head with extra-soft bristles
  • 2D cleaning action
  • You get 3 year warranty if you remember to register it on Oral B website
  • 2 Minutes built-in timer
  • It is waterproof, meaning it can be used in the shower but don’t let the child soak it in the water.


  • 5 day battery life
  • Does not include a traveling case
  • No Bluetooth connectivity meaning that the app and the toothbrush are not in sync. This means you need to supervise your child to see that they are real brushing. If not the app can be counting down while the child is not even brushing

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 At this age group the kids are not yet familiar on how to brush their teeth properly. Their care is on your hands. You need to help brush their teeth until they reach 7 years old.

Using an electric toothbrush for the first time can be scary, they make noise, they buzz and tickle take this into consideration as you introduce the electric brush to your child will help them transion well from the manual to electric ones with ease.

  • Like adults, you need to help them brush them twice a day using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste
  • You need to brush both teeth and gums by placing the toothbrush at 45 degree angle from a gum line
  • Apply gentle pressure while brushing them concentrating at cleaning one tooth after the other
  • Show them how you brush your own teeth and they will want to copy the way you do it.

The kids’ apps will help them brush longer. As far as you are supervising them it should be easier to let them use your Smartphone or Tablet while you brush their teeth. The apps show them how properly their teeth get cleaned while rewarding them for brushing for 2 minutes time.

Oral-B Junior - Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids Ages 6 to 12 Year Old

This Oral-B Junior electric toothbrush is a bit similar to adults version than the under 6 brush. Its brush head is the same as that of the adult electric toothbrush.

 Its Key Features

  • Built-in 2 minute quad pacer timer
  • 7 days battery life
  • I  Round sensitive brush head that is extra soft for gently teeth cleaning
  • 3D cleaning movement: rotating, vibrating and pulsating
  • In-built pressure sensor: When a child brush hard the brush slow down creating awareness that they need to reduce the pressure inserted on their teeth.
  • 2 year warranty, extend it to three years by registering it to the Oral-B website


  • No travel case
  • No Bluetooth

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Oral B Teen - Best Electric Toothbrush for Teenagers

With around a third of children needing orthodontic treatment , Oral B has made this special electric toothbrush for teenagers to clean their teeth and braces efficiently.  TheOral B Teencomes in 2 color options to choose from: black and white.

Its Key Features

  • 2 brush heads
  • Visible Pressure sensor
  • Built-in timer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2 weeks battery life
  • 3D cleaning action: rotating, oscillating and pulsation
  • 3 cleaning modes: Daily clean, sensitive and whitening


  • No travel case included

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What Are the Benefits of Kids Electric Toothbrush?

  • Ease of Use: Unlike manual toothbrush where you use some effort to brush, with the electric one the child needs just to guide it do its work
  • Plaque Removal: Electric brushes are capable of removing up to 75% more plaque than manual toothbrushes. This in return helps fight against bacteria causing cavities and gum disease
  • Entertaining features: Kids gets rewarded with stickers and able to watch favorite characters while brushing which help them to brush long for at least 2 minutes recommended time.
  • Protecting teeth and gums from wearing out and receding: Electric brushes have built-in sensors that alert children every time they brush hard. This helps them to be aware of good oral hygiene as cleaning too hard wears out tooth enamel.

How to Choose the Best Brush for Your Child?

  • Let the child choose the toothbrush they like. This will get them excited using it. The choice can be influenced by a favorite character, for instance, Disney cars, or princes. It can be the color of the toothbrush or how it looks.
  • Look for extra soft bristles brush that is gentle on teeth and gums
  • It should have a proper head size that fits your child's mouth and able to access hard to reach areas like between teeth areas
  • Buy a quality toothbrush as you buy for yourself as the low quality can cause more harm your child teeth more than good.

Consequentlly as your child grows so their toothbrush needs changes. You, therefore, need to change the toothbrush to fit your child new age group.

At What Age Should You Buy An Electric Toothbrush For A Child?

Despite the fact that there are electric toothbrushes for 2 years old children in the market today. It is advised that you only start using the electric brush to a 3 year and above not 2 years old child.

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