About Us

It is generally accepted that oral health is central to our healthy lifestyles. However, without the right methods, tips and products, it is easy to let your dental health veer from track. It is our goal at dentalrave.com to journey with you as you strive to maintain and improve your oral hygiene to the best it can be. We aim to achieve this by providing you with expert tips, information and guides on various dental products.

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, dentrave.com has published multiple articles on various oral hygiene topics like sensitive teeth, gingivitis (gum disease), dental products and tips.

Our Review Board

Our review board consists of dental experts of various stripes, from dentists and hygienists to dental care researchers. All our reviewers have university degrees and experience in matters to do with oral health. Their key role is to fact-check articles to ensure they align with best dental practices and accuracy. They also add their unique ideas based on experience and applied clinical practice.

Editorial Board

We endeavour to provide articles grounded on sound research and accurate information. We write responsibly and honestly to provide reliable information to aid our readers to make informed choices. We are not paid by anyone to front any particular interest or product. We buy the products we test and on occasions, manufacturers may request us to send us gadgets with the intention of us reviewing their products. In this situation, we let the company know that we only provide honest reviews based on our tests and experience with the product. We do not provide an endorsement but honest feedback of what we think of the product after testing it. We will not recommend a product which we don’t have confidence in.

Our Team

We work with a team of experts and dental health enthusiasts to produce research-based content for dentalrave.com and update existing articles. Our members have experience and technical knowledge to research, test and analyse information to bring you honest guides and tips to help you improve your oral hygiene. Dr Tom Bell, the founder is the main content producer. He is assisted by dentistry experts and practitioners. Tina Peters is our project planner and chief webmaster who takes care of all issues associated with keeping the website ticking.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Tom Bell (Founder)

Hi. I am Dr Tom Bell, a medical expert with a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of Texas San Antonio. I am a father who lives with his wife and children. I am an oral care and toothbrush enthusiast. My aim is to make dental information freely available to our readers by providing honest and comprehensive reviews (tips, methods and guides) on all kinds of oral care products. Based on my extensive research on Oral health topics I have amassed a wealth of knowledge on different products and methods which I share here on this blog.

On the academic front, I have a PhD in Medical Anthropology and extensive experience researching dental health issues.

When I am not enthusing over dental health topics, I spend my spare time with my family and having treks outdoors. My hobbies are watching football, reading English classic novels and thrillers.

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