Best Electric Toothbrush for Teens (UK 2024)

Best Electric Toothbrush for 10,11,13 to 17-Year-Old Teenagers: See how this Oral B Teen Electric Toothbrush for 13 to 18 Year Old Teenagers differs from other best kids electric toothbrushes in the market today? Keep reading to the end to find out. As parents, we always want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their health. One aspect of their health that often goes overlooked is dental hygiene. As children grow older, they become more responsible for taking care of their teeth, and one of the best ways to ensure they do so effectively is by investing in an electric toothbrush. In this article, we’ll explore the best electric toothbrushes for 10, 11, and 13-year-old teenagers in the UK .

Best selling electric toothbrush for teenagers:

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Best Electric Toothbrush for Teenager with Braces

Best Electric Toothbrush for 13 to 17 Year Old Teenagers UK

Key Features

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With around a third of children needing orthodontic treatment, Oral B has made this special electric toothbrush for teenagers to clean their teeth and braces efficiently.  The brush comes in 2 color options to choose from: black and white.

  • 2 brush heads
  • Visible Pressure sensor
  • Built-in timer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2 weeks battery life
  • 3D cleaning action: rotating, oscillating and pulsation
  • 3 cleaning modes: Daily clean, sensitive and whitening

2 Brush Head

The Oral B Teen come with 2 brush heads: The round extra soft brush head with angled soft bristles for gently cleaning teeth and gums and the Orthodontic brush head for cleaning braces and areas between teeth and braces.

Visible Pressure Sensor

A brush includes a visible pressure sensor that flash red when kids brush their teeth very hard. This is to alert a child not to apply too much pressure or scrub their teeth rather guide the toothbrush to do its job. This feature is very helpful as brushing too hard leads to wearing out of tooth enamel causing teeth sensitivity, cavities and gum recession.

Built-In Timer

Like the Oral B stages for under 6 years and the Oral B Junior toothbrush for Over 6 years kids, the Oral B Teen Electric Toothbrush for 13+ features a built-in timer with pacer that buzzes after every 30 seconds to alert a child to move to another mouth area.

The child needs to know that the mouth is divided into 4 quadrants and they need to brush each quadrant in 30 seconds time. This helps them to accomplish all the four areas within 2 minutes dentist-recommended brushing time for healthy teeth.

2 Weeks Battery Life

What is great about the Oral b teenager electric toothbrush is that it comes with a powerful battery like that of the Philips Sonicare for Kids, the Lithium-ion battery. This battery when full charged can stay up to two weeks time. This a great improvement from the Oral B Junior toothbrush for 6+ and The Oral B Stages electric toothbrush for 3 years plus that last up in between 5 and 7 days.

The brush comes with the charging station that holds the toothbrush in an upright standing position while charging. Its uses 2 pin plug meaning that you need to connect it in your shaving socket or alternatively buy the 2 to 3 pin adaptor if you don’t have one.

The voltage charging power needed is between 220 and 240V. Get the Oral-B Teen Electric Toothbrush here.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While the Oral-B Junior Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush for Children Age 6-12 and that for younger than 6 years lacks Bluetooth feature; this toothbrush ,on the other hand, features Bluetooth connectivity meaning that you can easily connect it with the Oral B app via Bluetooth. The app offers tutorials on how to brush teeth and gums properly. It also tracks kids brushing habit in which you can review later and advice your child on how to improve their brushing techniques. Buy the Oral-B Teen Electric Toothbrush here.

You can download the app on your Smartphone or Tablet via Google player. The child needs access to your phone while brushing their teeth to help them follow up the tutorial while letting the app track their brushing progress.

3 Cleaning Modes

Unlike other Oral B kids electric toothbrushes that come with only one cleaning mode, this Teen electric toothbrush comes with 3 cleaning modes namely: Daily clean, sensitive and whitening.

  • The daily clean is for general , daily teeth cleaning
  • The Sensitive mode is for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums and
  • The whitening mode is for whitening teeth on demand. For your child to achieve the best result, you need to buy them a 3D white brush head to be used with this whitening mode. The whitening brush head has a whitening cup for scrubbing teeth surface stains.

When compared to the premium adult electric toothbrushes like the Oral B Smart 6 6000 that has modes button for helping to change from one mode to the other. This toothbrush does not have a clear button. The only way to change from one mode to the other is for the child to:

  • First remember the order in which modes are set: daily clean, sensitive then whitening.
  • To change from one mode to another, a child needs to keep pressing a switching on button until reach the required mode.
  • The first time you switch on the brush, you get a default, clean mode, the next switch gives a sensitive mode and the next one a whitening mode, the forth one switch off the brush.

3D Cleaning Action

Like the Oral B Junior, this Oral-B Teenager electric toothbrush offers a 3D cleaning movement that is considered to be the best technology in the market today for removing up to 100 percent dental plaque between teeth and along gum line. This is a great add-on in fighting against tooth decay and gum disease. The child needs to guide the brush to clean one tooth at a time in all the 4 mouth quadrants.


  • No travel case included

Check this Oral B Teen Electric Toothbrush for 13 to 18 Year Old Teenagers .

In conclusion, electric toothbrushes are a great investment in your child’s dental health. The toothbrushes mentioned above are some of the best options for 10, 11, and 13-year-old teenagers in the UK. When choosing an electric toothbrush for your child, consider their specific oral care needs and choose a toothbrush that is easy for them to use and makes brushing fun.

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