Oral B Electric Toothbrush Cleaning Modes (What’s the Difference)

There are 6 Oral B electric toothbrush cleaning modes. And here are the key differences between them to help you choose which brush to go for.

Oral B Cleaning Modes

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Cleaning Modes
  1. Daily Clean
  2. Gum Care
  3. Sensitive
  4. Whitening
  5. Deep Clean
  6. Tongue Cleaner

The Daily Clean Mode

This is the default mode in all Oral B toothbrushes, from the entry levels to the premium ones. Its aim mainly is at aiding regular teeth cleaning, removing plaque on your teeth on daily basis. This mode when set to use it runs for 2 minutes time offering you a recommended dentist 2 minutes brushing time.

Gum Care Mode

The gum care mode is mainly for cleaning the gums.  This mode comes very handy for people with sensitive gums. Its role is to gently massage the gums removing bacteria causing gum disease. The gum care mode is available in most mid range to premium range Oral B electric toothbrushes. Oral B 2000, 3000, 4000 to 9000 all has this mode. The 600, 650 and Vitality plus does not include this gum care mode.

Like the daily clean, this mode cycle also last for two minutes.

The Whitening Mode

Electric toothbrushes do not only remove plaque but can also b used to get rid of teeth surface stains caused by drinking wine, tea, coffee or even smoking. To be able to whiten your teeth using an electric toothbrush you need the toothbrush with the whitening mode.

You can use this mode occasionally or on demand compared to the daily clean mode where you have to use it daily. Use the 3D white brush head with this mode for better results. The crossAction brush head can be used with all other modes but use 3D white brush head for whitening.

The whitening cleaning mode is found on Oral B 4000, 5000 to 9000 models.

The Deep Clean Mode

As the name goes, this mode is for deep cleaning your teeth.  This mode is set to clean each mouth quadrant for 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds set on the daily clean mode. This implies that with mode you are set to clean your teeth for 3 minutes instead of recommended 2 minutes. The idea behind is to give your teeth a thorough clean.

You can find the deep clean mode on Oral B 5000, 6000 to 9000 models.

The Tongue Cleaner Mode

We often times forget to clean our tongues leaving them to be covered with a white layer of bacteria. The tongue cleaning mode is here to the rescue. You can find this mode on premium Oral B toothbrushes such as the Oral B 6500, 7000 and 9000 models. Alternatively, you can buy a tongue scraper.

Which Oral B cleaning mode is better than the other depends on your personal needs, priorities and budget. Choose what your heart desires but after brushing your teeth don’t forget to floss them too.

How to Change Through the Brush Modes

You can change from one brush mode to the other by simply clicking the on and off button several times until you reach the one you want. The first time you switch on the toothbrush, the default mode, daily mode will appear. Keep switching it on and off to cycle it until you reach the intended mode.

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