Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews (2024)

What is the best electric toothbrush? It depends on what you want it for: Is it for receding gum to help you stop receded gums from receding further? Is it for braces to keep them free from bacteria while being able to clean your teeth and gums comfortably? for sensitive teeth to help gently brush painful areas? for gingivitis gum disease to help clean red, swollen, bleeding gums and getting and improve your gum health? Or the one with UV sanitizer? Are you on budget and want the best but cheap, affordable electric toothbrush? Is it under $50 or under $100? or best kids electric toothbrush? Would you rather have an electric toothbrush with water flosser combo?

Best selling electric toothbrushes:

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush? Oral B Or Sonicare?

Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Both Oral and Sonicare electric toothbrushes are best electric toothbrush. This is because of the many studies done on both Oral B and Sonicare showing that they are capable of removing plaque and improving gum health better than the manual toothbrushes. It is only the design and the cleaning mechanism that differentiate them but both aim at delivering clean, healthy mouth

Both have 2 minutes timers with a pacer, pressure sensor, more cleaning modes and brush heads to cater for every cleaning need and some other add-ons such as Bluetooth connectivity, position detection and UV Sanitizer depending on which model you end up choosing

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How do I Choose an Electric Toothbrush?

The electric toothbrush is able to do all manner of functions at prices that are quite different. The most crucial options to when choosing for a electric-powered toothbrush are:

  1. Two-second timer:  A timer helps you to make sure you brush for two minutes every time, and that is suggested by dentists for effective teeth cleaning.
  2. Pacer: This informs you when to move from one zone of the mouth to the next. A pacer allows you to distribute your brushing time consistently across all areas of the jaws.
  3. Pressure sensor: Frequently brushing with too much force will seriously harm the gums. A pressure sensor alerts you when you’re brushing too much so you are able to modify your method. More affordable versions can continue to incorporate options to guarantee the best clean-like pressure sensors, to alert you when overbrushing to decrease the likelihood of causing long term harm to your gums and teeth from overbrushing.
  4. Electric battery power:  Most manufacturers guarantee approximately fourteen days’ charge retention. Whether a toothbrush does that or perhaps not is basically right down to the battery type utilized – a Ni MH electric battery is basic, while a lithium-ion battery lasts long.
  5. Dentist recommendation: Where a toothbrush is overwhelmingly advised by dentists, oral care specialists, and hygienists, it is worth considering it.
  6. Cost of replacement brush heads: The price of replacement heads impacts the long-term ownership cost. It’s well worth factoring into your decision. Oral-B brush heads are less costly compared to Sonicare. It is suggested you change your brush head every three months. expensive brush heads can cost a great deal of money down the line when they’ll just be thrown out 3 months. To cut these costs, purchase when there is a deal on and by purchasing in bulk. In many situations, you’ve the option of choosing a third party brush head. There may not be exactly the same range as well as the quality might be changed. But you can find some excellent choices at excellent prices.

Otherwise, which is your best electric toothbrush so far?

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