Can Waterpik Remove Tartar?

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Unfortunately not; nor the Waterpik or electric toothbrush or interdental brush or floss picks can remove tartar. Only Dentist and hygienist can. However what these best dental cleaning tools do is removing dental plaque and food particles that have stacked on your teeth, between teeth, and along the gum line.

What is Tartar?

The tartar also called calculus is a plaque that has hardened on your teeth, a main cause for tooth cavity, and gum disease.

What happened is that the moment you eat your food, some of it stuck on your teeth and if not removed within 30 minutes of eating start forming a plaque (a layer of bacteria causing infection).

To remove the buildup plaque you need the mixture of best dental tools like Waterpik, toothbrush, interdental brush and floss pick.  One is not a replacement of the other as they are both good at removing plaque and food debris in different areas of the teeth. For instance, while floss picks are good at removing food particles in between teeth, Waterpik is good at removing it along the gum line.

Brush your teeth at least 2 minutes a day and using a mouthwash is also a good way to get your teeth healthy.

If plaque left un-attended for long (within 24 to 72 hours), it hardens forming tartar which is very hard to remove at home. Only dentist can remove it. The tartar gives more room for plaque to grow attacking teeth and gums. It also makes your teeth look more stained.

Can Waterpik Damage Gums

Like any other dental cleaning tools, Waterpik if not used properly or according to the manufacturer instructions. It can damage gums causing gum recession. Basically you are advised to it while in low pressure setting and the water should not be pointed direct to the gums rather should be 90 degree angle to the teeth moving slowly along the gum line.

Can Waterpik Be Used In the Shower?

Not all Waterpiks can be used in the shower. However, there are some that are specially made waterproof like the IPX7 Waterproof Water Flossing Teeth Cleaner with 3 Jet Tip. Always remember to read the manufacturer instruction manual and product description to find out if the Waterpik version you want to buy is waterproof or not.

Waterpik Is Better Than Flossing?

Yes, Waterpik is claimed to be 93% better than the traditional flossing (https://www.waterpik.com/oral-health/pro/clinical-research/#clinical-research-list) in removing dental plaque on tooth and along gum line.

Is Waterpik Good for Braces or Clean Under Bridge

Yes It is. The Waterpik removes plaque by directing a concentrated flow of water on teeth, between teeth, and along the gum line. It is very helpful for people with braces as the high-speed water can reach areas between braces, crowns, and bridges more efficiently than toothbrushes alone.

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