Get Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial For Toothbrush Discounts

If you decide to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day to take advantage of the many toothbrush deals on offer, you have to be Amazon Prime Member. Try the 30-Day Free Trial. After you take advantage of the deals and you are considering cancelling it. Then continue reading to the end.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime After the Shopping Bonanza.

At the end of 30 day trial your membership will renew automatically for another year if you are a paid member. Free members will also be upgraded automatically to paid membership at an annual fee of £79 .

However, if you cancel it at any time before the renewal date or end of the trial you will not be charged. If you are unhappy with the service for whatever reason, then it is important to cancel before the end of the trial period.

 To cancel It , just do the following:

Go to ‘Manage Amazon Prime Membership’ and click cancel membership if you are a paid member. You will be entitled a refund incase you and your invited guest have not made any eligible purchase.

The same applies to free members.  To cancel Amazon Free Trial just go to ‘Manage Membership’ and instead of clicking cancel membership, click ‘Do not upgrade’. The Great thing about being a free member is that despite cancelling it; you will continue receiving delivery benefits for free until the end of the free trial. 

In case you are happy with the service you given and want to continue membership, just go back to ‘Manage Membership’ and click ‘Continue Membership’.  Be sure to cancel before expiry of the trial period if you are unhappy to avoid any awkward arguments regarding refund.

Being Amazon prime member is convenient and a good way to save money on shipping especially if you frequently buy from Amazon. There is a 30 day trial period, to give you enough grace period to ‘test drive’ their service. Make sure to mark the day you join in a calendar somewhere so that you don’t forget to cancel. You don’t want to be charged for a service you don’t like or start back and forth email conversations trying to get a refund. Cancelling should be easy and simple.

How to Find Amazon Prime Day Deals

I was searching for Cyber Monday electric toothbrush deals when I found myself clicking one button after the other, what a waste of time! Before I realize a quick way of finding the best deal of anything I want in seconds. And here is how you can search Amazon faster and easier to get the best deal today.

  1. First login into your Amazon account presumably you are Amazon Prime member already
  2. After signing in into your account, you will immediately see a big “prime day banner”, click it.
  3. After clicking the banner, check the search bar, you will see it written ‘prime day’
  4. On the search bar, type anything you want to buy or see if it has a deal yet, for instance ‘electric toothbrush for kids or water flosser or kids toys’ and click search.
  5. You will be populated with a lot of deals on what you have searched eg a lot of kids toys deals. Some deals end in 1 hour, others in 20 hours and so forth
  6. Choose the product you want, right click to open it in a new tab, and see if you want to buy it or not
  7. Repeat these 7 steps in everything you want to buy today.


Another quick way to search for  deals is to:

  1. Add all the product you want or wish to buy on the shopping cart
  2. Then download the Amazon mobile app (you get $10 if you do so)
  3. Amazon will alert you through the app when the product you have added has got a deal
  4. When you get the alert, go check it and decide to buy or not. Hope the alert will not find you on the bed tired asleep or busy on work as other deals ends in less than 4 hours.

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