Best Teeth Whitening Trays Reviews (2024)

Best Teeth Whitening Trays: Teeth whitening trays is another method of teeth whitening. This is where you are given a mouth guard, tray like and gel with peroxide solution to fill it and apply the tray on your teeth. You apply it over night for three or more days depending on the instruction given by the manufacturer. Check Black Friday Teeth Whitening Kit and Cyber Monday deals.

Some trays though come with already filled gels, ready to use. But some come with syringes of gel for you to fill and some instruction to follow. You fill 2 trays per day, one for upper teeth and another one for lower teeth.

Depending on the maker instructions, you can either wear them overnight or for up to 6 hours. No eating or drinking anything while wearing the trays.

Best Selling Teeth Whitening Trays:

Best Teeth Whitening Trays

Best Teeth Whitening Trays Reviews

1. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

Preview Product Price
AuraGlow whitening kit AuraGlow whitening kit $21
AuraGlow whitening kit it by first washing the tray with warm water, attach it to the led light, add 0.5 milimeter of whitening material to the top and lower part of the mouthguard and then fix the tray on your teeth, put the light on and stay with it for 30 minutes daily.

After treatment, you are advised to:

•             If swelling or redness occurs, contact your dentist.

•             Stay away with food and drinks that cause stains for one hour.

•             For safety reasons, do not wash the accelerator and its batteries with water. Detach it from tray, wash the mouth guard only.

Beside that majority of the people are impressed with this product, seeing great results with no sensitivity on their teeth. While other few are struggling on how to use the product, this leads to no whitening effect on their side on top of teeth sensitivity.

Remember to always follow given instructions by the manufacturer for you to see any noticeable whitening results.

2. M3 Dental Teeth Whitening Kit

The M3 Dental teeth whitening kit is also moreless the same as AuraGlow and Active Wow. It is designed to whiten teeth stained by medicines, coffee, tea, wine and smoking

The [amazon link=”B075WX47MV”title=”M3 Dental teeth whitening kit” comes with:

  • 5 moldable mouth trays
  • 3 syringes with bleaching solution, carbamide and hydrogen peroxide
  • One Remineralization and Desensitization gel for restoring lost minerals and controlling sensitivity
  • Accelerator light for speeding up the whitening treatment
  • Tray case for storage and
  • An instruction manual.

At Home Teeth Whitening Trays

You can purchase the whitening trays online, at the local drug store or from the dentist. From the dentist you get a customized tray that fits your teeth while over the counter you get a one size fits all trays that if not used properly may cause gel leaking into your gums. However, some kits come with flexible trays that can be molded to fit your teeth. Consider checking this while buying.

If you have sensitive gums, gel leaking or touching your gums may cause increased gums sensitivity. In this case, Sensodyne toothpaste must be of great help.

How to use at Home Teeth Whitening Tray?

  1. Brush and floss your teeth before using it
  2. Then fill the gel on the tray as per instruction given by the manufacturer but do not over fill it. Over filling may cause it to leak on your gums causing sensitivity.
  3. Fit the tray on your teeth
  4. Do not smoke, eat, drink anything while wearing them
  5. Use clean tissue to clean any leaked gel
  6. After hours or overnight of using trays, remove them and cleanse your mouth with warm water removing all the gels out of your mouth.
  7. If the trays are reusable, wash them with cold water and dry them to be used next day.
  8. Continue using the trays until you are happy with the color of your teeth
  9. Stop smoking and drinking drinks that cause increased teeth stains such as red wine, tea and coffee help whitening effect last longer.
  10. In case you swallowed some gels, drink some milk or a lot of water. Consulting the emergence unit might also be necessary,  trust your guts and if swelling happens, consult your dentist.

Customized Teeth Whitening Trays

The most recommended whitening method on trays and gels is using dentist custom made trays. First the dentist examines your teeth conditions, get a clear picture of your teeth, clean them and treat any underlying condition before making trays for you.

Custom see through mouth guards, tray like will be made for you after initial process that fits your teeth perfectly. After few days, you will be asked to come pick them.

The trays come with gels that you will be instructed on how to fill the gels on the trays and fit them on your teeth. You will use them for few hours a day up to two weeks depending on the instruction given by your dentist.

This helps to avoid problems such as gel leaking to the gums and other sensitive areas causing them to hurt.

You might experience some sensitivity however, during the whitening process that will clear out once the process is finished. Try to use Sensodyne toothpaste in case it happens and do not hesitate to consult your dentist if it s more unbearable.

Do not forget to brush and floss your teeth daily as usual.

Adding a lot of gel on the tray will burn your mouth, always follow the instructions of your best teeth whitening tray.

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