When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

When is Amazon Prime Day? It is expected that the Amazon prime day 2024 will be from the 11th to 12th July 2024, 48 hours of non-stop deals. Last year’s it was massive; it scaled stellar highs and lows. That is why we are eagerly waiting for it. Last year’s online sales came just a few days before the World cup and smashed all records held by the company for the last 24 years. Over a million products were sold with shoppers spending a whopping 3.3 billion dollars in 36 hours according to estimates from Webush Securities Inc analyst Michael Patcher.

With the phenomenal popularity, you cannot afford to ignore it. There is a reason why over 100 million shoppers clicked through to shop on the deals. There are massive bargains to be snapped. If you are a bit organised you could use the discounts to get your early Christmas shopping sorted in time at half the cost it will cost you to shop towards the end of the year.

So if you missed out last year’s Prime Day, here is the low down to keep you updated so that you will make the most of it. All indications point to the fact that this year’s deals by Amazon will be massive and likely to thrash last year’s record.

When is It?

Prices are reduced across a wide range of products especially electronic goods. This day is also used to popularise Amazon prime subscription. In last year’s, over 30,000 new people in the UK subscribed to be members.

Prime Day started in 2015 when Amazon decided to celebrate its 20 years of existence that was punctuated with massive growth.

In theory, you need to have an Amazon Prime account that is active to participate. However, there are a number of deals that are also available to non-subscribers.

Free Trial

If you are not already subscribed, Amazon has a 30 day free trial that offers all the privileges available to paid members. Membership costs £79 a year. They also have monthly subscription which goes for £7.99 a month. If you shop frequently it is worthwhile to be subscribed, there a number of perks that come with it. This includes free shipping or instant shipping for some designated cities, access to Prime videos and many more which you can read about here.

Best Deals

The best deals as already mentioned are in electronic goods especially Amazon products like Echo dot, Kindle, Fire TV, electric toothbrush etc.

Buying Guide.

  1. To make the most of these deals, you, of course, have to save some money for the sales extravaganza.
  2. Make a list of what you really want. This will help you avoid impulse buying of things you really don’t need.
  3. Research the things you intend to buy by reading online reviews by customers and review sites.
  4. Use comparison app and sites like CamelCamelCamel to be sure what you are getting is a real deal.
  5. Sign up for Amazon Prime so that you can get access to lightning deals that are seen by subscribed members 30 minutes before anyone sees them. You also get premium shipping among many other benefits.

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