Waterpik Cordless Advanced 560 vs 562 vs 563 vs 567 vs 569 Water Flosser

Waterpik Cordless Advanced 560 vs 562 vs 563 vs 567 vs 569 The Key difference between these different Waterpik Cordless Advanced model variants is the colour. Everything else is more or less similar.

In this article, I will identify the different colours that correspond to their respective models then give a general review of the Waterpik Cordless Advanced. By the way, you can get the WP 560 at a highly discounted price, sometimes up to 40% off during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Waterpik deals.

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Waterpik Cordless Advanced 560 vs 562

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As already mentioned the colour is what separates the Waterpik Advanced models from the other. The WP 560 comes in white colour while the WP 562 comes in Black. Otherwise most features like the 360-degree rotating tip and LED battery indicator are in both models. Other similar features are 3 pressure settings ranging from low to high, a water tank that can last up to 45 seconds and magnetic charging. Detailed review is explored in the general review below.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced 563 vs 569 vs 567

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Wp-563 comes in Classic Blue colour while the WP 569 is Rose- gold. It is also worth mentioning that the Rose Gold and grey are more pricey than other versions. This is due to the fact that it appeals to the stylish. The WP-567 comes in Modern, Gray.

Other Features are similar: 3 pressure settings: high, moderate, along with low. Pressure range between forty-five to seventy-five psi Four flossing tips and more as discussed in the review below.

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General Review of Waterpik Cordless Advanced 560 vs 562 vs 563 vs 567 vs 569

The WP 560 and its variants is a cordless innovative water flosser with a lightweight design made for space that is small or travel. It has a self contained water tank and also a rechargeable battery which keeps it operating even in the lack of electrical energy. This device is safe wear on dental works like crowns, implants, braces, and veneers. Besides, it has customized flossing ideas and modes that provide you the very best clean you want.

The WP 560 runs a lot tougher compared to the conventional flosser and also certainly will eliminate as much as 99.9 % of plaque from the medicated areas. Because of the amazing performance of its, this particular water flosser has got the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. The ADA’s seal provides the assurance of quality that is superb, safety, and purpose.

The WP 560 VS 563 VS567 VS 569 range includes an extra quiet technological innovation which suits its sleek design. Additionally, it utilizes a 4 hour rapid magnetic charger which guarantees the rechargeable battery is readily refilled.

Main Features

  • Transportable design
  • 3 stress modes
  • 4 water flossing tips
  • 360 degrees rotatable nozzle
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic power cable
  • Electric battery operated
  • Travel bag it is available in 5 different color choices that provide you the luxury of selecting your preferred color option.

As expected, the Black and white choices would be the most well-known among the color choices. Usually, these 2 color options are a little cheaper.


The water tank provides just forty-five seconds of use time which falls short of the necessary sixty seconds. Although refilling the gas tank to keep on flossing can be inconvenient,

The detachable nozzle stays in addition to the unit. As we mentioned previously, the WP 560’s package features 4 nozzles you are able to quickly clean and replace. All of the suggestions may be turned 360 degrees to enable you to get the highest benefit out of the water flosser. The unit’s box has a storage package for the nozzles, therefore offering a neat place to keep the tips when not used. In general, the classic tips provide the best performance.

The WP 560 cordless water flosser offers 3 pressure settings. The unit still provides you with up to 3 distinct intensities at which water moves from the container. You are able to get soft clean and much more invigorating people based on the pressure environment you choose. Users generally choose the most effective choice due to the energy it makes use of to clear between the tooth and below the gum line. But drivers with sensitive gums are likely to favour probably the lowest pressure setting due to its lesser power. The water pressure ranges from forty-five to seventy-five PSI.

The Waterpik WP 560 cordless flosser is water-resistant, making it appropriate for use in the bathtub should you decide to.

Furthermore, the device comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which provides about 7 days of usage after following a full charge, according to a one minute clean every day. The battery power attains complete cost in just 4 hours using the magnetic charging cable.

Waterpik WP 560 cordless water flosser is the most perfect choice for travelling. The travel pouch and plastic material travelling plug in the package further build that fact. The travel plug helps you to end leaks from the nozzle when travelling.

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