How to Get and Cancel Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial

What is the Amazon Prime 30 day free trial? How to get it and how to cancel it before being charged? Keep reading to find out.

What Is the Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial?

The Amazon Prime 30 day free trial is a membership program that gives you a chance to test the Amazon prime benefits for free.

Within a period of 30 days while you are exploring its benefits, you get a chance to decide whether to keep it at the end of thirty days or to cancel it before 30 day free trial is over.

If you decide to keep it after thirty days, you will be subscribed automatically into a monthly paid membership.  You pay 7.99 monthly or £79 annually.

The best part of the monthly subscription is that you can cancel it any time. You can decide to subscribe this month and cancel it the next month and subscribe once again when you need it. This gives you an opportunity to subscribe for instance during holiday season when there are big discounts and cancel all other months when you do not buy a lot to justify the price.

However, if you are going to be a member for the whole year, better go for an annual membership, you save much this way.

Now here is what you get when you subscribe today for Amazon prime 30 day trial. It is the same benefits you will continue to get when you decide to subscribe for the paid membership after 30 day time free trial is over.

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership?

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial
  1. Unlimited one day delivery for all items market ‘Prime’ at the time of purchasing. When you search for products on Amazon site, you will see some marked ‘prime’ and others not. Those labeled ‘Prime’ are the one qualified for one day delivery. You buy today, you get it tomorrow.
  2. Access to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can watch straight on Amazon by just choosing the movie or TV episode you want to watch and click watch. It is a mixture of adult and kids movies so your kids will also have fun too watching videos like ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’.
  3. Unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive same as Google Drive. However, the difference is that while on Google Drive you have limited storage with Amazon you can upload as many photos as you want and access them anywhere anytime.
  4. Access to Amazon Prime Music where you can listen up to 2 million song with no extra charges
  5. You also get access to early deals and Amazon Prime special deals like Amazon prime day deals.

If you are looking forward to snap great Amazon Prime Day Deals; you must be an Amazon Prime Member. Whether you are a free or paid member that does not matter; you will all get equal benefits at the time of buying discounted products.

Now that you know the benefits of Amazon free trial, here is how to get it.

How to Get Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial?

You can get Amazon prime 30 day free trial by simply:

  1. Follow this link, that will take you to the subscription page
  2. Click start my free trial and then
  3. Fill in required details including your bank details. You will not be charged during trial time, however you will be charged in case you forget to cancel it after 30 days free trial is over and turned into a monthly paid member. It is nothing to worry about though  in case you forgot to cancel it on time as you can ask for a refund and get your money back as far you did not keep claiming the benefits when the trial is over.

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial?

  • Login into your Amazon account
  • Where your name appears on the menu bar, hover over it, you will see a list of things like your account, your orders etc, click ‘Your Prime Membership’ then
  • On the left hand side bar , click end membership. When you click this button Amazon will try to convince you to remain by telling you are going to lose all the benefits and give you option to continue or click cancel
  • Click cancel
  • You will see a confirmation that says “Your membership will end on for instance on 23 April this year. At that time you will lose your benefits and your card will not be charged.
  • After cancelling it you will see another option of wanting you to click ‘continue membership’. Do not click it unless you are sure you want to be subscribed to a paid membership automatically when the trial is over.

Notice, it is a good idea to cancel Amazon prime free trial few days or even immediately after sign up. This is to remove un-necessary worries of being charged later in case you forgot to do within 30 day time. And it will also give you ample time to assess whether the program is worth it or not.

Even after cancelling it you will continue getting all the benefits for thirty days. After trial period if you like to opt for the paid membership., you can just login into your Amazon account, locate the subscription button and clicks continue.

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