Oral B iO4 VS iO5: Key Differences

Oral B iO Series 4 vs Series 5? The iO series is getting expanded at its cheaper end, with the brand new additions of the iO4 and iO5. The iO4 along with five are specially created to be less expensive choices usually going for less than a hundred dollars. They both have a similar handle and brush motor as the other iO models, though they won’t have a screen within the handle as the others. So what exactly differentiates between these IO budget options?

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Key Differences Between Oral B IO4 VS IO5

Review of the iO4 VS iO5

Although both brushes are going to have Bluetooth connectivity, but it’s just that iO5 which will feature real time coverage tracking.

The two brush handles are being released in a variety of different color choices:

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(White,Icy blue, Lavender,Blush pink and Matte black). You receive several cleaning modes on each brush. The Oral-B iO5 Electric Toothbrush With Artificial Intelligence, Gifts For Women / Men, 1 Toothbrush Head & Travel Case, 5 Modes With Teeth Whitening, UK 2 Pin Plug, Pink is going to have cleaning mode icons built in to the brush handle. These’re positioned between the energy and mode button. Each icon is going to be backlit with a white light when the method is selected. The iO4 on the flip side does not have any icons on the handle showing which mode have been selected.

When you finish a two minute brushing session there is going to be what Oral B calls’ rainbow celebration lights’ that will be produced from the LED light band which rests below the brush head. There is in addition an LED on the brush handle which will be lit yellow to remind you to change the brush head at the appropriate intervals (every three months). This LED is in the center of the function/mode button.

  • The refill reminder is created after ninety days or even an elapsed brushing time of two minutes/twice one day for ninety days (21,600 seconds).
  • Just like the other iO models, they both have a visible pressure sensor that illuminates when triggered.
  • When you do not brush with  enough pressure, the gentle ring (beneath the brush head) is lit white. However, when you brush with the proper pressure and it’ll be lit green. In the case that you use excessive amount of pressure, it is going to emit light that is red. 
  • The iO Series thus far continues to be the sole toothbrush to inform you when the right level of stress has been used.
  • Unlike theSeries seven, eight, nine & iO10, you will not obtain a magnetic charger included. Rather, it is going to be a normal Oral B charging stand which requires aproximatelly twelve hours to charge the electric battery, instead of the ~3 of the magnetic option.


Does the iO5 and four use a pressure sensor?

  • Indeed, they do. Both will illuminate red when in excess of pressure is put on, green when the correct amount of force is utilized and white when inadequate pressure is utilized.

Does the iO4 and five have Bluetooth?

  • Indeed, they each have Bluetooth.
  • It’s just the iO5 that has real time tracking through the app.

Does the iO4 and five come with a traveling case?


Both these two models offer you the ability to clean your teeth with precision given the two minute timers and ability to connect then to Bluetooth. However, between the two iO5 gives you better functionalities and options. You get an extra intense clean cleaning mode that you can use for an invigorating clean. You also get LED display on the handle of the different icons which makes it easier to use in addition to the ability to track your daily cleaning with a view to improve your overal oral hygiene.

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