Oral B IO Series 6 vs 7 vs 8 vs 9 Electric Toothbrush (What’s the Difference?)

Oral B IO Series launched in August 2020 is the latest model in the Braun Oral B range. The new model Braun model comes many versions: Oral B io 6 vs 7 vs 8 vs 9 vs 10. The number of distinctions between these io electric toothbrushes isn’t as substantial as you may well assume: Here are the key differences among them.

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Difference between Oral B IO Series 6 vs 7 vs 8 vs 9 Specs


The key difference is that the Oral B io series 6 and 7 have five modes, io 8 six while io9 has seven. The additional cleaning modes have somewhat different auto-stop times as well as settings which might make them practical or customizable to suit your needs.

  • In May 2021 Oral B io6 was introduced to the io range. It is the cheapest of the io models because it doesn’t have magnetic charging. This means that it will take at least 12 hours to recharge, unlike io7,8,9 which will take only 3 hours to fully recharge, thanks to the magnetic charging technique.
  • Oral B IO Series 6 is more or less like the io 7. The major difference is the new IO6 does not have a magnetic charging base. This implies that it will take longer to charge io6 in comparison to the IO7, 8, and 9.
  • While the IO 7,8,9 take only 3-4 hours to recharge, the IO6 takes 12 hours. Yet, most other features of the IO7,8,9 are still in the series io6.
  • Oral B IO Series 9 comes with seven cleaning modes, io 8 comes with six and the Series 7 comes with five.
  • The additional cleaning modes have somewhat different auto-stop times as well as settings which might make them practical or customizable to suit your needs.
  • The amount of brush heads included in the package with each unit differs.
  • Oral B IO Series 7 comes with two brush heads while IO 8 comes with three and io 9 comes with four brush heads.
  • With the IO Series 8 and 9, there’s the option of a third color (on the handle). The option is actually violet ametrine in Series 8 & rose quartz in the Series 9.
  • Oral B IO Series 7 and 8 travel case keeps the brush handle and up to two brush heads. Still, the traveling case with the 9 Series holds the brush handle and one brush head.
  • The Oral B IO Series 9 has an extra element not offered on the io 7 and 8 called’ power2go’. The Power2go enables io9 to charge in its travel case via a detachable power adapter.


  • They all run on an Artificial intelligence algorithm developed following six years of research that tracked multiple users brushing habits to identify zones that are easily missed.
  • They all have standard two minutes timer as recommended by dentists.
  • All the Series IO versions can fully charge in less than 3 hours. The battery can last for over three weeks.
  • All Series IO models are less noisy thanks to the micro-vibrations generated by the frictionless magnetic drive.
  • They all have stylish and sleek makeup.
  • All three of the variants have an active OLED display, however exactly where the eight and nine series have a color display, while the series seven has a white and black display.
  • All designs make use of the iO Ultimate Clean brush heads.
  • All models are available in each a black onyx as well as white alabaster style choice Here’s a summary of ways in which all three series of the iO are actually the same. All of the designs have:
  • Built-in pacer (thirty seconds/quadrants)
  • Built In stress sensor – lit reddish when pressure is simply too great, green when it’s simply right.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery presenting 14+ days of use between charges.
  • Bluetooth technology to hook up to a smartphone.
  • Frictionless magnetic drive system
  • Oscillating rotating cleaning action with micro-vibrations
  • Magnetic charging stand
  • Technically, however, the number of similarities outweighs the variations. It’s mainly the package contents, selection of cleaning cost, and modes that differ.

Oral B IO 7 vs 8 Series

  • The difference is that the Oral B IO 7 Series offers 5 cleaning modes (daily clean, intense, sensitive, whiten, and gum care) compared to six of IO 8 Series
  • IO8 modes have all of the io7 modes plus a very sensitive mode.
  • IO7 has a black as well as white active display when compared with the color display on the IO8.
  • There is also a difference in the number of brush heads in which Oral B IO 8 Series comes with three compared to two of io7
  • IO 7 is actually readily available in two colors (black onyx & grey alabaster,) while IO 8 has white-colored alabaster & violet ametrine and black onyx.
  • IO8 costs roughly 50 dollars more than IO7.

Oral B IO 8 vs 9 Series

  • The main difference is that the Oral B IO 8 Series comes with a regular traveling case versus IO 9 series comes with a power2go. The power2go charging station enables the iO9 to charge on the travel case.
  • IO8 offers six cleaning modes (daily pristine, very sensitive, very whiten, intense, sensitive, and gum care) compared to seven of the IO 9 Series.
  • IO9 has all of the io8 modes plus a tongue-clean mode.
  • Oral B IO 9 Series has a 3D tracker that tracks the performance of up to 16 zones that are easy to miss but IO 8 series doesn’t.
  • IO9 comes with four brush heads as compared to the three of the IO8.
  • Both models are made in onyx which is black-and-white alabaster style options. The Nine Series is also available in rose quartz colour too whereas the eight Series can be purchased in violet ametrine.
  • The Oral B IO9 is 50 dollars more expensive than the IO8.

Oral B IO 7 vs 9 Series

  • The key difference is that the Oral B io 7 series has 5 cleaning modes (daily clean, intense, sensitive, whiten, and gum treatment) compared to seven of the IO 9 series.
  • The IO Series 9 has all of the io Series 7 modes plus very sensitive and tongue-clean modes
  • IO9 has full 3D tracking for the cleaning performance. This feature is unavailable in the IO7 Series
  • IO 9 comes with four brush heads as compared to two of IO7.
  • Oral B IO9 Series comes with a power2go charging station but IO7 comes with a regular one. The power2go enables io9 to charge inside the traveling case
  • Oral B IO Series 7 comes in black onyx and grey alabaster compared to IO9 which comes in three colors (black onyx, white-colored alabaster & rose quartz)
  • The difference in price between Oral B IO 9 and IO7 Series is roughly a hundred dollars.

New IO Series model vs old Oral B versions

Some of the drawbacks regarding Oral B brushes are that they are actually loud and have a noisy motor, short battery life as well as extended charging time. The majority of Oral B various other models take 14+ long hours to charge as well as last for a week or perhaps 2 at most. The brand new style of the iO improves on these issues, making it feel a lot more contemporary and handy to use.

Curiously unlike the majority of other Oral B versions, the IO toothbrush heads aren’t compatible with some other versions.

As you can see, the eight and nine Series have additional cleaning modes compared to the seven. Ideally cleaning modes help you customize the toothbrush to your specific condition or area you want to focus on. At the core, the cleaning capabilities of all the series 7,8 and 9 are more or less the same. It the inclusion of cleaning modes that extends the functionality of the 9 and io series 8. However, but these modes do not always change the real cleaning results. Rather the modes alter an owner’s experience as well as comfort with the toothbrush.

Two more brushing modes as available in the io 9 Series are actually great though you will most likely never actually use them as often as you may like. The Tongue Cleaner function is simply programmed to switch off after twenty seconds, though you can do the very same thing by hand with any additional function.

  • A choice of colors can also be good to have because they give choice to choose what color suits your taste, but they are no deal-breaker. The Series 7 that only has two colours (Black and grey) can be argued to be a colour most people will accommodate because these are conservative colours.
  • 3D teeth tracking is perhaps the best-added element, but only in case, you are dedicated to using the app each day.
  • A charging traveling case is actually an excellent concept but, unlike a number of other manufacturers which supply a USB cord, the Oral B case has a unique mains charger. This can make it a lot less small, taking up almost as much room as the normal charging base.

Here are the general key take aways of the IO 7,8 and 9)


  • Sleek and fashionable design
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Encourages better brushing habits.
  • Interactive display (Inbuilt LED Interactive display)
  • AI tracking provides detailed feedback.
  • Apart from Series 6 io, Charges quickly (3 hour) charging time for the battery to fully charge. No more waiting for 13 hours for the battery to fully charge. Series 6 io takes 12 hours to fully charge.
  • Good battery life (Battery charge lasts for long (up to 21-28 days on a single charge)
  • Quiet motor (A smooth motor that is less noisy than most conventional Oral B models)
  • An intuitive magnetic drive charging base
  • An improved brush head that improves gum health


  •  Cost of the brush as well as replacement heads
  • Only one head included
  • Charging traveling case not so convenient
  • The built-in display might show more details
  • The app requires some dedication and can really feel gimmicky


After six years research the iO toothbrush offers exceptional results. It leaves your tooth feeling really clean. These results have been established in clinical trials. It has been proven to remove 6 times more plaque along the gumline than a mechanical brush. This can help reverse gingivitis (gum disease). After 8 weeks of use, eighty-two % of individuals with the iO had healthy gums, compared to only twenty four % that utilized a mechanical brush.

Timer and pressure sensor

As has become very common in most electric toothbrushes right now, a built in timer signals whenever your brushing time is actually up and a quad pacer tells you when it is some time to move to a new segment of the mouth. For the regular Daily Clean mode, this’s set to 2 minutes broken into 4 30 second intervals. You may change these adjustments via the app in case you want.

The pressure sensor is usually not a particularly fresh element, though the iO brings a brand new twist to it. Using the light band around the handle, it not just tells you in case you are applying a lot of strain (red) but additionally in case you are not using adequate pressure then the light turns white. You should be aiming for green, which shows you are doing it perfect. The white light comes with a small decrease in the motor speed.

You can change the colours to customise the colour displayed on the LED band when the brush is actually on although not in use; an enjoyable but totally unnecessary feature.

A timer, quad pacer as well as stress sensor are actually all extremely handy electric toothbrush features.

App and built in screen

The display screen on the brand new Oral B toothbrush is actually a huge step up from having one or perhaps 2 small lights communicating info to you. It says’ Hello’ whenever you choose it up as well as lets you choose your cleaning mode and examine the battery life. A timer shows just how long you have been brushing for, though it is tough to see this without stopping as well as taking the brush out of the mouth of yours.

When you’ve completed, you get sometimes a happy face or maybe a sad face based on how efficiently you brushed. That is fine, though it will be beneficial to understand especially what you might improve. Did you brush way too hard? Quit too soon? Or perhaps did you become distracted and just clean one side of your mouth? You will have to examine the app to discover.

Oral-B have created a brand new app to go along with this particular brush, with a modified design including the Brushing Recognition AI. If you’ve it available as you brush, it displays the progress of yours in real time. When you complete, it provides you with an entire score based on your brushing time, pressure and coverage.

The thought is the fact that many of this technology within the iO trains one to brush your teeth better. With time, you need to read your score improve. In addition, you get awarded medals for particular milestones, like scoring ninety % or even much more for 3 consecutive days. This gamification of tooth brushing may appeal to a few, while for other people it comes across as a little gimmicky and childish.

In case you are guilty of scrolling on the phone of yours when you are brushing and not truly paying attention to what you are doing, the app will surely help you focus. Though one does need to be dedicated to making use of it to get by far the most out of it. When you do not have the app open as you brush, a bit of info will still be kept in the brush and transmitted to the app the next time you open it.

Charging and battery life

The new IO series model has addressed some of the weak    points in other Oral B models (batteries lasting only 10-14 days and also batteries taking up to 12 hours to fully charge). The new model batteries last longer than two weeks (some say it can last up to a month on a full charge.). Other models by this manufacturer last only 7-10 days after a full charge. This is better than Sonicare models that last up to 14 days after a full charge.

Charging takes just 3 hours with the magnetic charging stand. Once again, this’s an enormous enhancement on having to charge the toothbrush of yours for the very best part of one day. In addition, you are able to check out via the display just how much battery life is actually left.


They might have made room for one more The iO is very slim on accessories. In the package you get:

  • Power2Go Charging traveling case (black) or white
  • iO Toothbrush handle
  • one x iO Ultimate Clean brush head
  • Magnetic charging stand
  • Travel case power adaptor

However, the real charging cord for the travel case is pretty bulky. Instead of a basic USB cable, which various other toothbrush charging cases have, this one utilizes an adaptor that is virtually as bulky as the normal charging stand.

The very good battery life means you may not have to charge it while you are away. But given that the charging travel case is actually among the premium features of the io 9 Series, it does not actually add a lot to the item.

IO Series vs Oral B Genius

Both the IO series and the Genius models give you feedback on your brushing via the app. What marks the IO Series out is the AI technology which monitors exactly how you’re brushing and also will help you improve your cleaning technique. This is especially effective when you are regularly missing a part of the mouth when you brush, or perhaps using a lot of pressure, the AI feature has the ability to show you zones you have missed from 16 different angles so that you can go over them again. In this regard, the feedback of the IO Series is more precise than the one offered by the Genius models.

In the IO series, the brush hooks up via Bluetooth to an app on the smartphone. Sensors inside the brush track exactly where you’ve brushed and for just how long. At the end, you will get a score along with feedback to allow you to make progressive adjustments for next time. The pressure sensor additionally displays a red-coloured warning light in case you brush way too hard.

This’s not a totally novel idea; the Oral B Genius X and Sonicare Diamondclean Smart both provide related technology. What is different about the iO is it includes 3D tracking technology to track sixteen different zones; the three surfaces of every one of the four quadrants. So, it is able to tell you especially where you have to concentrate on the biting surface area of your left top molars, for instance. Nevertheless, the 3D teeth tracking is solely offered on the , the top-of-the-range version.

Oral B IO Series 6 Review

The Oral B io Series 6 was launched one year after launching the iO7, eight and nine. It offers an even less expensive model but retains several of the most desired components of the iO range. The crucial difference here’s the charging stand.

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The iO six doesn’t include a magnetic charging stand. Rather, it has a charging stand generally offered with a lot more economical Oral B brushes.

Therefore you are able to count on a complete charge of the iO6 to take around twelve hours, compared to the three hours of the io 7, 8 and 9.

A subtle variation with the charging of the iO6, in comparison to the various other designs, would be that the io6 shows an accurate battery portion on the display. For instance, forty-two % unlike the iO seven, eight and nine which just showed the battery charge in ten % increments.

The Oral B io6 comes fitted with five cleaning modes and a white and black display, just like the Series seven. It also has sensors and bluetooth connectivity for real-time tracking when you are brushing your teeth.

It retains the iO design in which only compatible iO particular brush heads work with the six Series. The two types of brush heads compatible with the Series six are actually the Ultimate Clean as well as Gentle Care heads.

The Series six is actually offered with two various coloured brush handles (Lava black and Opal grey). 

The contents of the box are as follows:

  • One x Oral B iO 6 brush handle
  • Two x Ultimate Clean brush head
  • One x Charging stand

You also get one travelling case (a tough plastic case) which is going to hold the brush handle and up to two brush heads. Unlike the io 9 Series the io6 travelling case does not have a USB charging port and therefore you cannot recharge the brush via the travelling case.

As stated earlier, the o6 is the cheapest of the io ranges partly due to the lack of auxiliary features like no magnetic charging or USB charging with the travelling case.

Is Oral B IO Series Worth It ?

In general, the Oral B IO Series is markedly completely different from many other Oral B toothbrush versions that have primarily relied on the patented 3D technology of vibrations, pulsations, and oscillations.

IO uses artificial intelligence (AI) run by a frictionless magnetic drive which effectively delivers micro-vibrations through the tips and hints of the bristles to improve your brushing technique for effective brushing. This new technology is a result of six years of research hence why the Series naming starts from Series 6, 7, 8, and 9.

  • The iO is really extraordinary for a variety of distinct reasons, but particularly, it marked quite a major redesign for Oral B powered toothbrushes. Oral-B implemented an innovative frictionless linear magnetic drive feature. They created a new engine to assist the bristles with a view of increasing the effectiveness of teeth cleaning.
  • Another new feature in the IO range is that the backlit cleaning mode is now displayed in an LED screen that is positioned right under the neck of the handle.
  • Charging the toothbrush was made quicker because of a brand new magnetic charger. It’s effective at charging the brush in only three hours, compared to the considerably more regular 12-15 hours for most other Oral B brushes.
  • And one other important change was the brand new pressure sensor. Unlike in older Oral B models where the pressure sensor flashed reddish illumination when an excessive amount of pressure is actually recognized, this one illuminates green, when the proper pressure is now being applied.


The IO series is a compelling model. Some of the key things are micro vibration engineering, the smoother exceptional clean, the peaceful motor, good battery, LED display… you wind up with a toothbrush that is fun to use as well as leaves your tooth feeling like one coming out of the dentist chair. When comparing the Oral B io 7, eight and nine, it appears to be really worth paying the increased for the best model, so long as you have discovered it with a good discount.

Price Comparison

Oral B iO10£286.62
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Oral B iO9£249.99
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Oral B iO8
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Oral B iO7
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Oral B iO6
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Check the Oral B IO (Series 9, 8, 7) Black Friday UK Deals.

In the event that you are still undecided, check Amazon customer reviews? You can also check our Oral B vs Sonicare page for more options.

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