Flossing Toothbrush Review

After using your manual toothbrush for a while, you might get the feeling that perhaps your toothbrush is not doing a proper job of keeping your teeth clean. Before you give up on your manual toothbrush, consider using a flossing toothbrush. Check for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals by clicking here.

A flossing toothbrush looks more or less like a manual toothbrush, the only difference being that it has longer and slimmer bristles than the manual one.
The slim and long bristles make the flossing toothbrush to be effective in removing plaque in hidden areas and under the gums.
This provides protection for your teeth. You don’t want plaque accumulating under your gum line because they weaken the root of your teeth. If plaque is not dealt with in good time, it can lead to bacteria depositing around the root of your tooth and cause gingivitis (receding gums) and even loss of teeth.


If you have never seen a flossing toothbrush, you might mistake for a manual brush because they look similar. The key difference as already noted is the long and slim bristles. The bristles are round in shape and soft. This makes them quite gentle on the gums while being effective at dislodging hidden food residue in between your teeth. Some of them have two tiers of bristles to increase their effectiveness in reaching deeply hidden areas, especially in the gum area.

Advantages of Using a flossing Toothbrush:

As with any form of flossing, this brush will improve the health of your gums and teeth by enhancing blood circulation through stimulation of the gums. It also removes plaque in between crevices where ordinary brushes cannot reach.
This is key even to your overall health because recent research indicates that there is a correlation between infected gums and serious diseases like stroke, diabetes, and dementia. This is alone should inspire you to take your oral care seriously. There is need to floss your teeth regularly. Flossing also eliminates bad breath. This brush is preferable to flossing using a sharp prick that may make you bleed. With this brush, thanks to the soft and long bristles your gums will be cleaned and stimulated without the risk of bruising your gums.

Points to Consider.

You should integrate flossing into your daily routine. The advantages outstrip the effort. The gums of your health will improve. Your breath will be fresh. The plaque will be removed. Flossing doesn’t take much time and is not costly, so you have no excuse not to floss your teeth to notch up your oral hygiene. Flossing will reduce visits to the dentists which ultimately cut your cost. For this reason getting a flossing toothbrush becomes appealing.

There are several products in the market; you can get one that suits you. There are different shapes and sizes. They are handy to carry on journeys and you can always take them whenever you travel. They don’t cost a lot too much either so do not hesitate to get one and get flossing.

Sofresh Flossing Toothbrush

This is the most recommended flossing toothbrush by dentists for periodontal disease and gum recession.. It has soft bristles that are arranged in two high “double-tiered bristle design”. The short soft bristles do the task a normal toothbrush would do while the long bristles do the flossing. This helps that bristles reach hidden areas and below the gumline. It is also recommended for braces. The long bristles don’t easily get splayed or flattened, that is why they are so effective in deep cleaning between teeth and under the gumline. This is unlike ordinary toothbrush which usually flattens with use and can be damaging to your gums.

It comes in 6 different colors:  Yellow, Seafoam, Grey, Purple, Orange or Blue.

Sofresh Flossing Toothbrush Adult Soft Purple, Choose Quantity & Color, Bundle with Xylitol Dental Floss

The Manufacturer says that Sofresh toothbrush for flossing can last up to 4 months plus unlike electric toothbrushes that usually wear out in three months. The bristles are durable and are made from” Poly Buthyl Teleputalate” that are elastic, durable and soft. When in use, it feels like you are massaging your teeth. Check it out here.

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