Causes of Receding Gums

What are the causes of receding gums? This is a condition that makes the edge of tissue/gums surrounding your teeth to wear off and exposing the tooth’s root. This makes the root of the tooth to be exposed and can cause all sorts of dental medical conditions raging from tooth sensitivity, pain and even loss of teeth if not treated early. Gum recession creates pockets and gaps in the region between the gum line and your tooth that can be a breeding ground for destructive bacteria. Built up bacteria can cause tartar, decay and ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Signs of Receding Gums

Unless you are alert, you may not notice the development of receding gums because in most times it is painless and occurs gradually over a number of years. Below are some of the signs of the oncoming of receing gums or gingivitis as it is generally called.

Symptoms of receding gums

  • Bleeding when brushing your teeth
  • Reddening of gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Teeth getting loose.
  • Strange taste in the mouth
  • Signs of pus around you gum and teeth

What are the causes of gum recession?

The main causes of receding teeth can be broadly categorized as poor alignment of teeth (malocclusion in dentistry terminology); the kind of food we eat and lack of attention o the hygiene of your teeth.

  1. Periodontal disease: This occurs when gum tissues around your teeth have been eroded such that the teeth end up with minimal or even no support. When periodontal disease sets in, the chances of losing teeth are very high. Care should be taken to clean under the gumline to prevent further decline.
  2. Use of Tobacco
  3. Tobacco is not good for your teeth because it creates the necessary environment for plaque that is clammy and hard to remove. Because it is difficult to remove, the plaque cased by tobacco build up and causes gum recession.
  4. Aggressive use of toothbrush
  5. Aggressively brushing your teeth especially with a manual toothbrush can erode your gums and expose the delicate root of your teeth.
  6. Neglecting dental care: If you neglect brushing or flossing your teeth, you are inviting trouble. Over time food residue on your teeth will form a breeding ground for harmful bacteria on your teeth that will erode the gums of your teeth. Plaque will build up and eat into your gums cause the root of your tooth to be exposed.
  7. Genetic conditions: Research indicates that some people 30% of North Americans are susceptible to gum recession in spite of a good dental hygiene lifestyle due to their genetic makeup.
  8. Teeth Grinding. This is called bruxism in dentistry. Grinding your teeth can cause undue pressure on your teeth and tear the soft tissues under your gums. This can make teeth to loosen.
  9. Lip of tongue piercing: Research conducted by Ohio University in USA revealed that 41% of the people in the study who had pieced their lips had receding gums and a host of other conditions like nerve damage and cracked teeth.
  10. Gum Tissue trauma: gum tissue are tender and soft and can be injured and damaged by physical trauma accidents and sports abrasion.

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