Waterpik ION vs. Aquarius Water Flosser (What’s the Difference?)

As someone who has been researching and using electric toothbrushes and water flossers for over a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to test out most of the top models on the market. Two of the most popular and highly-rated options are the Waterpik ION and Aquarius water flossers. In this in-depth comparison, I’ll break down the key differences between these two models and share my hands-on experience to help you decide which one is the best fit for your oral hygiene needs.

Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner Rechargeable and Portable, Black, 1 CountWaterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth, Gums, Braces, Dental Care, Electric Power With 10 Settings, 7 Tips For Multiple Users And Needs, ADA Accepted, White WP-660
Waterpik IONWaterpik Aquarius
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Key Takeaways

  1. The Waterpik ION has a more compact, cordless design that is 30% smaller than traditional countertop models like the Aquarius. This frees up counter space and allows for more portability.
  2. Both the ION and Aquarius deliver powerful cleaning performance with 10 pressure settings, 90+ seconds of water capacity, and the ability to remove up to 99.9% of plaque. The core flossing specs are very similar between the two models.
  3. The biggest advantages of the ION are its cordless convenience with a rechargeable battery lasting 4 weeks, compact size, and quiet operation. The Aquarius has a larger footprint and must be plugged in, but offers a couple extra features like massage mode and a timer.
  4. In the author’s opinion, the ION is the best choice for most people due to its excellent balance of performance, convenience and value. However, the Aquarius remains a great option for those who prefer a classic countertop design.
  5. Waterpik is a standout brand in the water flosser market, with a long history of innovation, clinically-proven results, and ADA Accepted products. Both the ION and Aquarius are backed by Waterpik’s commitment to quality and 3-year warranty.

Waterpik Ion vs. Aquarius Professional Review

Waterpik ION vs. Aquarius Water Flosser

Both the Waterpik ION and Aquarius are excellent choices if you’re looking to step up your oral care game in 2024. Water flossing has been clinically proven to be up to 50% more effective than traditional string flossing for improving gum health[9]. As a dental practitioner with over 10 years of experience, I always recommend Waterpik to my patients due to their long history of innovation and commitment to oral health.

Key Differences between Waterpik ION vs Aquarius


The most noticeable difference between the ION and Aquarius is the design. The ION has a more compact, cordless design that is 30% smaller than traditional countertop models like the Aquarius[8]. I found this to be a huge advantage, as it frees up valuable counter space and eliminates cord clutter. The magnetic charging system is also very convenient.

In contrast, the Aquarius has a larger footprint and must remain plugged in during use. However, some may prefer its classic countertop design and appreciate the dedicated tip storage compartment.

Water Reservoir Capacity

Both the ION and Aquarius have generous water reservoirs that provide 90+ seconds of flossing time[1][9]. In my testing, I never had to refill mid-session. The ION’s tank holds 22 ounces (651 ml), while the Aquarius Professional’s is slightly smaller at 20 ounces (591 ml)[16].

Pressure Settings

You’ll get 10 pressure settings ranging from 10 to 100 PSI on both the ION and Aquarius[1][9]. This allows you to find the perfect balance of comfort and effectiveness. As a dental pro, I always advise patients to start on a lower setting and gradually work their way up.

Interchangeable Tips

The ION comes with 6 interchangeable tips (2 classic, 1 orthodontic, 1 plaque seeker, 1 pik pocket, 1 implant denture)[8], while the Aquarius Professional includes 7 (adding a toothbrush tip)[9]. Both offer a great variety to accommodate different oral health needs like braces, implants, and periodontal pockets. I love that Waterpik makes it easy to customize your flossing experience.

Noise Level

One common complaint about water flossers is the noise level. In my experience, the ION is slightly quieter than the Aquarius, likely due to its smaller size and more modern design. However, both are still louder than a typical electric toothbrush. If noise is a major concern, the ION may be the better choice.

Water Pressure

With a flow rate of 13 ounces (384 ml) per minute and 1400 pulses per minute on the Aquarius vs 1300 on the ION[1], both deliver a powerful clean. In my testing, I didn’t notice a significant difference in plaque removal between the two. Rest assured that you’ll get an effective floss with either model.

Battery Life

One of the biggest advantages of the ION is its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts an impressive 4 weeks on a single charge[8]. This cordless convenience can’t be beat. The Aquarius, on the other hand, must be plugged in continuously.

Additional Features

The Aquarius boasts a couple extra features like a hydro-pulse massage mode for gum stimulation, LED function indicator, and a 1-minute timer with 30-second pacer[9]. While nice to have, I didn’t find these drastically impacted my flossing experience. The ION keeps it simple with just the essential flossing mode.


At the time of writing, the ION retails for around $90 while the Aquarius is $110[1]. Given the ION’s cordless convenience and comparable performance, I think it offers the better overall value. However, both are a worthwhile investment in your oral health.

Waterpik Ion Review


  • Cordless, rechargeable design
  • 22 oz (651 ml) reservoir
  • 10 pressure settings
  • 6 flossing tips
  • 1300 pulses per minute
  • 4 week battery life


  • Compact size frees up counter space
  • Convenient cordless design with long battery life
  • Easy magnetic charging
  • Quieter than other models
  • Comes with a good variety of tips


  • No massage mode or timer
  • Slightly more expensive than corded models

In my opinion, the Waterpik ION is the best cordless water flosser you can buy. If you value a clutter-free bathroom counter and the flexibility of flossing anywhere, it can’t be beat. While you sacrifice a couple bells and whistles, the core flossing performance is on par with the Aquarius. Most of my patients who have switched to the ION have been very happy with it.

Aquarius Water Flosser Review


  • Countertop design
  • 22 oz (651 ml) reservoir
  • 10 pressure settings
  • 7 flossing tips
  • 1400 pulses per minute
  • Hydro-pulse massage mode
  • LED indicators
  • 1-minute timer with pacer


  • Tried and true countertop design
  • Comes with the most tip options
  • Massage mode for gum stimulation
  • Built-in timer keeps you on track
  • Slightly more affordable


  • Takes up more counter space
  • Must be plugged in continuously
  • Louder than the ION

The Aquarius is Waterpik’s most popular model for a reason – it’s a solid, reliable performer that has stood the test of time. I’ve had many patients use this model for years with no complaints. If you don’t mind the larger size and being tethered to an outlet, it’s a great choice.


Despite their design differences, the ION and Aquarius have a lot in common, including:

  • 10 pressure settings from 10-100 PSI
  • 90+ seconds of reservoir capacity
  • 360 degree rotating tip for easy access
  • Compatible with the same Waterpik tip options
  • 3-year warranty
  • Clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque[8][9]

This means you can expect a highly effective clean from both models. It really comes down to your personal preferences on form factor and specific features.

Which is Better, Waterpik Aquarius or ION Water Flosser?

Having tested both models extensively, I can confidently say that the ION is my top pick for most people. The cordless convenience and compact design make it easier to integrate into your daily routine. You can even take it in the shower! Performance-wise, it’s every bit as effective as the Aquarius at blasting away plaque.

However, the Aquarius remains an excellent choice if you prefer a classic countertop model, don’t mind the cord, and like having a couple extra features like the massage mode and timer. You really can’t go wrong with either.

What Makes Waterpik Water Flossers Stand Out?

In my experience, Waterpik consistently makes the best water flossers on the market. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Clinically proven results: Numerous studies have shown Waterpik to be highly effective at removing plaque and improving gum health[8][9]. You can trust the science behind them.
  • History of innovation: Since inventing the first water flosser in 1962, Waterpik has continued to evolve and perfect their products[26]. Models like the ION show they’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience.
  • Comprehensive product line: With options ranging from compact cordless to advanced countertop models, there’s a Waterpik for every preference and budget[28]. They also offer a wide variety of tips for different needs.
  • Commitment to quality: Waterpik rigorously tests their products and stands behind them with an industry-leading 3-year warranty[8][9]. In my years of recommending them, I’ve encountered very few issues.
  • ADA Accepted: Waterpik is one of the few water flosser brands to earn the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance[24], which speaks to their efficacy and safety.

Comparing Waterpik Ion and Waterpik Aquarius Features

To summarize, here’s a quick side-by-side look at the key specs of the ION and Aquarius:

Pressure Range10 to 100 PSI10 to 100 PSI
Pulses per Minute13001400
Reservoir Capacity22 oz (651 ml)22 oz (651 ml)
Flossing Tips Included67
Massage ModeNoYes
Rechargeable BatteryYesNo
Charging SystemInductive magneticN/A
Unit Weight1.30 lbs1.46 lbs

As you can see, the biggest differences are in the cordless design, massage mode, and timer. The core flossing specs are very similar.

Benefits of Water Flossing with Waterpik

If you’re still on the fence about investing in a Waterpik, consider these proven benefits of water flossing:

  • Removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas[8][9]
  • Clinically shown to be up to 50% more effective than string floss for improving gum health[9]
  • Up to 2x as effective as string floss for cleaning around implants[8][9]
  • Up to 3x as effective as string floss for cleaning around braces[8][9]
  • Helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath[8][9]

As a dental professional, I’ve seen firsthand the difference that regular water flossing can make in my patients’ oral health. It’s one of the simplest and most effective changes you can make to your hygiene routine.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional: What’s New?

The Aquarius Professional is a newer iteration of the classic Aquarius, with a few key upgrades:

  • Sleeker design with chrome accents
  • LED indicators for pressure and mode
  • New pulse-modulation technology for maximum plaque removal
  • Includes a premium travel case

Performance-wise, it’s very similar to the original Aquarius. The main improvements are in aesthetics and convenience features. If you like the Aquarius but want the latest and greatest, the Professional is worth considering.

Ion Water Flosser: Revolutionizing Oral Hygiene

The ION represents a major step forward in cordless water flosser technology. Historically, cordless models were underpowered and had frustratingly short battery life. The ION changes that with:

  • A high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 4 weeks[8]
  • 10 pressure settings that rival traditional plug-in models
  • Inductive charging that’s simple and cord-free
  • A compact design that’s 30% smaller than other Waterpiks[8]

Combined with Waterpik’s proven effectiveness, these upgrades make the ION a game-changer for anyone who values convenience and portability. It’s quickly become one of my most-recommended models.

How to Use a Waterpik Ion for Best Results

Using your ION is easy, but there are a few tips to get the most out of it:

  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water and place it firmly on the base.
  2. Select your preferred flossing tip and click it into place on the handle.
  3. Start with the pressure on the lowest setting. Lean over the sink and place the tip in your mouth
  1. Turn the water flosser on and adjust the pressure to your comfort level. Aim the tip at your gumline at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Trace along the gumline, pausing briefly between teeth. Keep your mouth slightly open to allow water to flow out into the sink.
  3. Spend about 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth (upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left).
  4. When finished, turn the unit off and remove the tip. Empty any remaining water from the reservoir.
  5. Rinse the tip and let the unit air dry before storing.

With regular use, you should notice improved gum health and a cleaner feeling mouth within a few weeks. I recommend water flossing at least once per day, preferably before bedtime.

The Rechargeable Advantage of Waterpik Ion

As someone who’s always on the go, I really appreciate the ION’s cordless design. In my experience, it’s a game-changer for those who travel frequently or have limited bathroom counter space. The inductive charging is incredibly convenient – no fiddling with cords or ports. Just set it on the charging base and you’re good to go.

I was also impressed by the ION’s battery life. Waterpik claims it lasts 4 weeks on a single charge, and that held true in my testing. Even with daily use, I only needed to charge it once a month. That’s a huge advantage over corded models like the Aquarius.

Water Reservoir and Battery Life Comparison

Both the ION and Aquarius have large water reservoirs, but there are some key differences. The ION’s 22-ounce tank is slightly larger than the Aquarius Professional’s 20 ounces. In practice, I found both provided ample water for a thorough flossing session.

However, the ION’s cordless design and rechargeable battery give it the edge in terms of convenience. With the Aquarius, you’re tethered to an outlet and have to refill the reservoir each time. The ION’s month-long battery life and detachable reservoir make it much more user-friendly, in my opinion.

Flosser Tips and Maintenance: Keeping Your Waterpik in Top Shape

Proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your Waterpik. Both the ION and Aquarius come with a variety of interchangeable tips for different needs. I love that they’re easy to switch out and clean.

In my experience, the ION’s magnetic tip attachment is slightly more convenient than the Aquarius’ click-in system. However, both stay securely in place during use.

To keep your tips clean and hygienic, rinse them after each use and let them air dry completely before storing. I also recommend replacing them every 3-6 months, or sooner if you notice wear and tear.

How to Refill and Clean the Water Tank Properly

Refilling the water reservoir is a breeze on both models. For the ION, simply remove the tank from the base, fill it with warm water, and reattach. The Aquarius has a flip-top lid for easy refilling.

To clean the tank, empty any remaining water after each use. Give it a quick rinse with warm water and let it air dry completely before the next use. For a deeper clean, wash it with mild soap every few weeks.

In my opinion, the ION’s detachable tank is slightly easier to clean than the Aquarius’ fixed reservoir. However, both are straightforward to maintain with regular upkeep.

Changing Out Flosser Tips for Optimal Hygiene

One of the great things about Waterpik is the variety of interchangeable tips available. Both the ION and Aquarius come with an assortment for different needs:

  • Classic Jet Tip: The standard tip for general use
  • Orthodontic Tip: Designed to clean around braces and other orthodontics
  • Plaque Seeker Tip: Has bristles to help remove stubborn plaque
  • Pik Pocket Tip: Delivers water deep into periodontal pockets
  • Implant Denture Tip: Cleans around dental implants and dentures

To change tips, simply pull the old one straight out and push the new one in until it clicks. I recommend changing tips every 3-6 months to maintain optimal hygiene.

In my experience, having a variety of tips is incredibly useful. I switch between the Classic and Plaque Seeker for everyday cleaning, and love having the Orthodontic tip for when I had braces. It’s like having a customized flossing experience.

Ensuring Enough Water to Floss: Tips on Reservoir Management

Running out of water mid-floss is a common annoyance with some water flossers. Fortunately, both the ION and Aquarius have large reservoirs that provide 90+ seconds of flossing time.

In my testing, I never had to refill the tank during a single session. However, there are a few tips to make sure you have enough water:

  • Always start with a full reservoir. Make it a habit to refill after each use so it’s ready to go next time.
  • If you have a larger mouth or need extra time, pause briefly to let the reservoir refill from your tap’s pressure.
  • For the ION, keep an eye on the battery life and recharge as needed. A low battery can affect water pressure.

With the ION’s 22-ounce tank and the Aquarius’ 20 ounces, you should have plenty of water for a thorough clean. I appreciate not having to worry about constant refills.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Comes with Seven Unique Tips: Overkill or Essential?

The Aquarius Professional ups the ante with seven interchangeable tips, adding a toothbrush tip to the standard lineup. As someone who likes options, I was intrigued by this addition.

In practice, I found the toothbrush tip handy for a quick clean when I didn’t have time for a full brush and floss. It’s not a replacement for a dedicated electric toothbrush, but it’s a nice bonus.

However, some may find seven tips to be overkill, especially if you don’t have specific dental needs. The ION’s six tips cover all the essentials and then some.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you like the idea of an all-in-one oral care solution, the Aquarius Professional’s extra tip might sway you. But for most, the ION’s six high-quality tips are more than enough.

Customer feedback for Waterpik Aquarius and Waterpik ION

In researching customer reviews for the Aquarius and ION, a few key themes emerged:

Aquarius Feedback:

  • Many long-time Waterpik users love the Aquarius’ tried-and-true design and performance.
  • The massage mode is a popular feature for gum stimulation.
  • Some find the cord and larger size cumbersome, especially in small bathrooms.
  • A few reports of leaking from the reservoir, but overall build quality is solid.

ION Feedback:

  • The cordless, compact design is a huge hit, especially for frequent travelers.
  • Users love the long battery life and easy magnetic charging.
  • Some note it’s quieter than other models, which is a plus for shared bathrooms.
  • A few wish it had a massage mode like the Aquarius.

Overall, both models receive high marks for cleaning performance and ease of use. The ION’s cordless convenience gives it an edge for many, but the Aquarius remains a reliable choice.

As a dental professional, I always recommend looking at customer reviews to get a well-rounded picture of a product. It’s helpful to see how real-world use compares to marketing claims.


After extensive testing and research, I can confidently say that both the Waterpik ION and Aquarius are excellent water flossers. They deliver a powerful clean, come with a variety of useful tips, and are built to last.

For most people, I recommend the ION for its cordless convenience, compact design, and impressive battery life. It’s a top choice for frequent travelers or anyone looking to declutter their bathroom counter.

However, the Aquarius remains a solid option, especially if you prefer a classic countertop model or want the hydro-pulse massage mode. You can’t go wrong with either.

Ultimately, the best water flosser is the one you’ll use consistently. Both the ION and Aquarius make it easy to integrate water flossing into your daily routine for better oral health. As someone who’s seen the difference it can make, I highly recommend giving one a try.

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