Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 vs 9400 Electric Toothbrush (What’s the Difference?)

The key difference between the Philips DiamondClean 9000 and the DiamondClean 9400 lies in their advanced features, battery life, and user feedback.

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7 Key Difference between Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 and 9400

Philips DiamondClean 9000 vs 9400 Electric Toothbrush
  1. Advanced Features: While the DiamondClean 9000 comes packed with essential features, the 9400 takes a step further with advanced sensors and personalized cleaning modes. If you’re someone with sensitive gums, the 9400 might be a more fitting choice.
  2. Battery Life: The 9400 boasts a slightly longer battery life compared to the 9000. This might be beneficial for you if you’re someone who travels frequently.
  3. Brush Head Variations: The DiamondClean 9400 offers a wider variety of brush heads tailored to different needs. If you have specific oral concerns, this might matter to you.
  4. Price Point: The 9400, with its advanced features, comes at a steeper price compared to the 9000. If you’re on a budget, this difference could be crucial.
  5. User Feedback: From various reviews, users have pointed out that the 9400 provides a more refined user experience, especially with its user interface.
  6. Connectivity: While both models connect seamlessly with their apps, the 9400 offers a more intuitive and detailed feedback system.
  7. Design Aesthetic: While both models maintain a sleek design, the 9400 has slight design modifications that might appeal to users looking for that extra touch of elegance.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesDiamondClean 9000DiamondClean 9400
Battery Life2 weeks3 weeks
Number of Modes46
Brush Head Options24
App FeedbackBasicDetailed
Advanced SensorsNoYes
DesignSleekSleek with refined touches

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 Review


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The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 might not possess all the bells and whistles of Philips’ flagship models, but its cleaning capabilities remain unparalleled.


  • Stellar cleaning performance.
  • Efficient tracking of duration and pressure via the app.
  • Impressive battery longevity.


  • Basic charging unit and casing.
  • Lacks a comprehensive set of smart app functionalities.

While the DiamondClean 9000-series ranks near the pinnacle of the Sonicare lineup, it’s positioned slightly below the Prestige and DiamondClean Smart editions. This model, the DiamondClean 9000 Special Edition (HX9911/88), is essentially an updated version. Even though it might not showcase the luxurious features of the top-tier models, it integrates vital functions and boasts a refined design and controls, presenting an advanced toothbrush at a more budget-friendly price. But does it match the performance of a premium brush?

What’s in the box?
For a price range between £250 to £300, you receive the 9000-series brush with one brush head. Add £20, and you get three brush heads. The package also includes a Premium Plaque Control head, a travel case, and a dual-component USB charger. This charging method is not as sleek as the Prestige models. If lavish accessories are your goal, consider the Philips flagship models.

Design and Features:
Our review unit featured an appealing ombre Aquamarine finish, transitioning from dark blue to black towards the handle. A pink variant that fades into white is also available. Front indicators display the current mode and intensity. The brush is compatible with the Sonicare app but lacks a comprehensive suite of sensors for an all-encompassing app experience. Notably, there’s no real-time feedback for brushing techniques; for this, the Prestige or DiamondClean Smart series would be ideal.

While Philips brush heads can be pricier, they offer a variety to meet different oral needs, from basic cleaning to gum care and whitening. Notably, competitors like Oral-B’s iO brush heads aren’t significantly cheaper.

Despite missing advanced displays found in competitors, the DiamondClean 9000’s indicators and tactile buttons make usage straightforward. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and cleanliness. The app syncs effortlessly with the brush, and even if you leave your phone behind during brushing sessions, the app updates itself later.

With the integrated BrushSync technology, the brush adjusts its mode based on the fitted head. For a more personalized experience, users can manually shift between various modes depending on oral care needs.

Cleaning Performance:
The DiamondClean 9000 offers a top-tier cleaning experience. It’s customizable with its range of modes and intensities. The design of the handle coupled with the compact brush head enhances cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. Comparatively, it outperforms even the ExpertClean 7300, although it’s pricier.

Battery Performance:
Testing revealed that it could run continuously for nearly two hours. This duration translates to over 50 two-minute brushing sessions, requiring only a couple of recharges per month. However, the brush takes an extended time to fully charge.

The DiamondClean 9000 Special Edition is hard to critique. It might lack some premium add-ons or the exhaustive smart app features, but it excels where it truly matters: delivering an unmatched cleaning experience. If you seek an efficient, high-quality brush, this is a worthy contender.

Key Features:

  • Modes: Offers 4 cleaning modes.
  • Battery Life: Lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Brush Heads: Provides 2 different head options.


  • Affordable in comparison.
  • Reliable battery life.
  • Efficient cleaning.


  • Fewer advanced features.
  • Limited brush head options.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9400 Review

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Philips Sonicare’s premium DiamondClean 9400, is an elegant sonic electric toothbrush renowned for its stain-removing prowess. With its chic and functional design, this toothbrush not only promises efficient cleaning but also brings style to your oral care routine.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Cleaning: Removes up to 20x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, providing a deep clean, and ensuring up to 15x healthier gums in just six weeks.
  • Always Get it Right: Boasting a precision balanced design, the DiamondClean 9400 smoothly glides along the gum line, offering both gentleness and efficacy. Every paired brush-head undergoes rigorous clinical testing to ensure consistent performance.
  • Sonic Technology: The toothbrush operates with 62,000 gentle movements per minute, utilizing innovative sonic technology that removes plaque by gently directing fluid between the teeth and along the gum line.
  • Premium All-in-One Brush Head: Designed with angled bristles, it effectively removes hard-to-reach plaque. Its triangular tips can eliminate 100% more stains in less than two days, while the elongated bristles ensure deep cleaning for healthier gums.
  • Premium Gum Care Brush Head: The G3 Premium Gum Care brush head is specialized for gum health, targeting the gum line with its compact size and specific bristles, ensuring up to 100% less gum inflammation and up to 7x healthier gums within two weeks.
  • Smart Features: The BrushSync Mode Pairing and built-in pressure sensor provide an optimized and gentle cleaning experience. If you brush too hard, a pulsing sound alerts you.
  • Customized Brushing: Offers 4 modes (Clean, White+, Gum Health, Deep Clean+) and 3 intensities to cater to diverse oral care needs.
  • BrushSync Replacement Reminder: This feature tracks your brush head’s usage, reminding you when it’s time for a replacement.
  • Long-lasting Battery: On regular use, a single charge can last up to two weeks.
  • USB Charging Travel Case: A deluxe case that not only protects your toothbrush but also charges it, ensuring you’re always powered up.
  • Progress Report: Provides a personalized report, allowing you to monitor and celebrate your oral health improvements over time.

Money-Back Guarantee:
Not satisfied? No worries. Simply return the product within 28 days of purchase with the original receipt via the Philips website to get a full refund.

Key Features:

  • Modes: Comes with 6 diverse cleaning modes.
  • Battery Life: Runs up to 3 weeks.
  • Brush Heads: Boasts 4 distinct head choices.


  • Advanced cleaning options.
  • Longer battery life.
  • More intuitive user feedback.


  • Pricier than the 9000.
  • Might be overwhelming for tech-averse users.

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If you’re someone who values the latest tech and wants the best features in a toothbrush, the 9400 might be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you need a reliable toothbrush that does the job without the added bells and whistles, the 9000 might be your go-to. Always consider what you truly need before making a choice!


  1. Which model is more budget-friendly?
  • The DiamondClean 9000 is more budget-friendly compared to the 9400.
  1. Do both models come with a warranty?
  • Yes, both models come with a warranty, though the length and terms might vary.
  1. Can I use the 9400 brush heads on the 9000 model?
  • Yes, the brush heads are interchangeable between the models.
  1. Which model is better for sensitive gums?
  • The DiamondClean 9400 with its advanced sensors and modes might be more suitable.
  1. How often should I replace the brush heads?
  • It’s advisable to replace the brush heads every 3-4 months or as advised by your dentist.


Choosing between the Philips DiamondClean 9000 and 9400 boils down to your personal needs and budget. Both models are exceptional in their own right. Whether you prioritize advanced features or value-for-money, ensure you pick the one that aligns best with your oral health goals. Remember, it’s not just about the gadget; it’s about your smile!

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