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Oral B Vitality vs Vitality Plus Electric Toothbrush Reviews

The only defining difference between the Oral B Vitality and Vitality Plus is the number of brush heads you get and the price. Vitality comes with only one brush head and is cheaper than the vitality plus that comes with 2.

Price Comparison

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  • Both Oral B Vitality and Vitality Plus come with one brushing mode, the daily clean for everyday teeth cleaning. If you have issues with tooth pain, you might want to consider an electric toothbrush with sensitive mode too like pro-2500.
  • Both have a built-in timer with quadrapacer that buzzes after every 30 seconds to alert you to move into cleaning another mouth section
  • They use Nitrogen Hydride Metal battery that when fully charged goes up to 7 days time compared to 14 of those electric toothbrushes that use lithium-ion like pr 2000 (compared below)
  • They both do not have a battery status indicator. The brush just stops working when the charger goes off until you recharge it once again
  • Both come with one small round brush head to offer tooth to tooth cleaning action
  • They employ 2D cleaning action (oscillates and pulsates) to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush but in a less superior way when compared to electric toothbrushes that employ 3D cleaning action like Oral B Pro 600 (compared below)
  • They lack a visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing hard but rather they slow down the brush speed to alert you to not brush your teeth too hard. You just need to guide the brush to do its work, no scrubbing or any external pressure is allowed.
  • Both come in black, white, pink and blue colours to choose from.
  • You get 2 pin plug charger and 2 years warranty which can be extended to three if you register it online
  • If you are in a position to add £10, better go for Oral B Pro 2 2500 (compared below). It is the best budget electric toothbrush under £50 so far. Otherwise, the Oral B Vitality is still the best option when compared t using a manual toothbrush.

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Oral B Vitality Plus Review

The Oral B Vitality Plus is an entry-level best budget Oral B electric toothbrush. It lacks all the bells and whistles of the current premium Oral B models like the Oral B 6500 and 9000. However, this toothbrush consists of the basic features of all the Oral B electric toothbrushes that make it clear away more dental plaque than the manual toothbrush.

Its name varies depending on the brush head that comes with it: CrossAction, Trizone or 3D white. When buying, you can decide to go with Oral-B Vitality Plus CrossAction rechargeable electric toothbrush or Trizone or 3D white.

  • One cleaning mode, the daily clean mode
  • On handler timer
  • 2D cleaning action
  • 5-day battery life
  • You get 3 years warranty if you remember to register it on the Oral-B website immediately after buying it.

One Cleaning Mode

The Oral B Vitality Plus just like the Oral B pro 600 include only one cleaning mode, the daily clean. The daily clean is the default mode for all Oral B electric toothbrushes. It the one you need for regular teeth cleaning.  Other Oral-B models come with more than one cleaning mode such as whitening mode, gum care, tongue cleaner and more.

On Handler Timer

The Vitality Plus comes with on handler timer. This is a 2-minute timer that buzzes after every 30 seconds to help you move to another mouth area. It also alerts you when two minutes brushing is over. This helps you achieve 2 minutes dentist-recommended brushing time easily.

2D Cleaning Action

The Vitality plus offers 2D cleaning motions: oscillation and rotation. While this cleaning action helps it remove more tooth plaque than the manual toothbrush; it is quite inferior to the 3D action toothbrushes. The Oral-b toothbrushes that offer 3D movement like the Oral B Pro 600, 2000, 3000 and all other premium models have the ability to remove up to 100% dental plaque when compared to the 2D.


  • No pressure sensor to alert you when brushing too hard
  • Does not include a  travel case
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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