Oral B IO Series 9 vs 10 Electric Toothbrush (Key Differences and Reviews)

The Oral B iO 10 Series is the latest Oral B electric toothbrush. It closely follows the iO series nine which has been the flagship design prior to the introduction of the iO10. And here are the difference and similarities between them.

Oral-B iO Series 10 Electric Toothbrush, 7 Cleaning Modes for Dental Care, iOSense, Magnetic Technology & 3D Analysis, Colour Display & Charging Travel Case, Designed by Braun, Stardust WhiteOral-B iO9 Electric Toothbrushes For Adults, Gifts For Women / Men, App Connected Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head & Charging Travel Case, 7 Modes with Teeth Whitening, 2 Pin UK Plug, Black

Oral B iO10
Oral B iO9
Has a magnetic charger with iO Sense technology-Has a magnetic charger without iSense

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Difference between Oral B IO Series 9 and10 Specs


The key difference is that the Oral B iO Series 10 has a magnetic charger with iO Sense technology, but iO 9 Series only has a magnetic charger without iSense.

Sense technology is the ability to provide visual signals and responses on how you are brushing via the different LED screens on the charging base.

  • Sense is what Oral-B has christened iOSense, a brand new virtual brushing mentor that is going to deliver real-time brushing help, and feedback. The huge change is definitely the incorporation of the charging platform into the coaching area of the brush. What this means is that, though the iO10 is app compatible, you will not have to start the app to obtain that feedback.
  • The charging base – which features a digital screen and light bar display – can have the brushing countdown, pressure sensor info and feedback on aspects of your brushing you ought to be concentrating on.
  • The other difference between Oral B io 9 vs 10 is that the io 9 Series comes in 4 colors (White Alabaster, Onyx Black, Aqua Marine Rose Quartz while the 10 iO comes in two colors (Cosmic Black / Stardust White). Besides these differences, there are more similarities than there are differences.
  • Price is bound to be another difference between oral b io 10 vs 9 but there are always deals and discounts that could level the difference


  • They both have 7 cleaning modes
  • They both have Real-Time Zone Tracking with AI tracking sixteen zones with 3D.
  • They both come with 4 brush heads (Brush Head Replacement Reminder)
  • They both have Power2go Charging Travel Case which enables you to keep charging the brush while in its casing
Oral B iO9 VS iO10: What Are The Key Differences and Reviews


As you have seen these two models (9 and 10) have quite a bit of similarities between them. However, the key difference is the charging port which has been fitted with quite some technology which Oral B has called iOSense. The Sense technology that is stationed at the charging port base has nifty features like an LED screen to give feedback on your brushing, a pressure signal and a count-down timer that improves your brushing technique and general experience.

The iO10 also offers a smart pressure sensor, with extra grey and purple options to allow you to recognize whether your brushing contact is just too light and just right (as well as white to show you are brushing too hard). It is also one-upping the iO9 with 7 brushing modes.

Oral B iO 10 Review

The Oral B iO 10 Series with iO Sense is the latest electrical toothbrush to be put into the Oral B range of products. It will closely follow the iO nine which has been the flagship design prior to the introduction of the iO10.


  • What marks the iO ten from the previous other iO series is the charging stand/station. The sizable magnetic charging station has iO Sense technology included in it, plus an LED clock over the front.
  • It also has a screen included in the brush handle which makes it have a far more premium and minimalist design than many other Oral B brush handles. 
  • Additionally, the motor inside was totally redesigned to give it a quieter yet more effective complete clean of the teeth. 
  • The iO10 remains similar in looks and feel to the existing models and also retains all of the characteristics seen previously in the iO range. 


The only downside as I see it is that you have to have the charging base plugged into a socket which might not always be ideal especially if you do not have an electric plug in your bathroom. It would have been even better if the LED zones were placed in the handle so that you don’t have to be depended on a power cord connected to an electric socket.

Key Features

  • What causes it to stand out from the other models available, as I have already hinted is the new iO Sense technology. 
  • Unlike a typical charging stand that only energizes the toothbrush, this particular charging base is a visual aid in your dental care routine .iO Sense provides real-time feedback on your brush via the LEDs included in the charging station.
  • On the pinnacle of the charging station are six LED panels that illuminate independently based on just how you’re making use of the toothbrush. Each LED pertains to a zone or maybe the section of teeth you clean during your two-minute brushing cycle. There are six zones that the Sense technology focuses on (Upper back teeth, Top entrance teeth, Upper left back teeth, Lower left back teeth, Lower face teeth, and Lower back tooth).
  • During a typical two-minute clean you should ideally spend twenty seconds cleaning all of the six zones.
  • As you go from one zone to the other, the LED board is lit, until all six lights are lit to indicate you’ve finished your brushing. The LEDs really are a guide to enable you to finish comprehensive and completely clean teeth. The iO10 works with the app. You are able to obtain real-time visual details on the phone display in case you wish, but the charging station assists you at the times your phone might not be with you. 

The iO 10 comes in two colour choices (Cosmic Black, and Stardust White). Whilst previous iO series were made in black and white colour choices, these’re different as the iO ten handle features a speckled overall tone to it. It has seven cleaning modes, a colour screen along with a visible pressure sensor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iO ten come with a traveling case? Yes Indeed, it has a Power2go traveling case. This keeps the handle and two brush heads. Additionally, it allows the brush to be charged in the case utilising the Oral B charging cable.

What cleaning modes does the iO ten have? It’s seven modes, they are: Sensitive, Daily Clean, Gum care, Tongue clean, Intense, Very sensitive, and Whitening

Does the iO ten have AI? Indeed, it does.

Is the display of the iO ten touch sensitive? No, it’s managed via the big buttons on the handle.

Does the iO10 possess a pressure sensor? Yes, it’s a noticeable pressure sensor. It’s lit green when the right level of stress is put on, red when in excess of pressure is exerted and white when not sufficient pressure is applied.

Oral B iO 9 Series Review

The iO9 has full 3D tracking for your cleaning and a power2go charging situation which enables the iO to be recharged inside the casing. It comes in three color options (black onyx, white alabaster and rose quartz) seven cleaning modes and four x brush heads.

Accessories in the box include (One x Travel case power adapter, One x Magnetic charging stand, One x Power2go charging travel case, Four x iO Ultimate Clean brush heads and One x Oral-B iO Series nine toothbrush handle).

Main Features

  • The iO Series has a pressure sensor, Magnetic charging stand, Seven cleaning modes, OLED display, Built-in timer and pacer
  • Its battery can last up to two weeks on a full charge. It is fitted with AI that provides real-time 3D tracking
  • You get four of the iO Ultimate Clean brush heads included. Many of these’re dark in color to complement the handle. As you probably know iO brush heads are not compatible with other Oral B model brush heads.
  • There are two kinds of iO brush heads, generally known as the Ultimate Clean and Gentle Care. As a departure from the old brush heads there are no colored rings on the io brush heads but rather each head has various symbols printed on them to be a means of differentiating between them. This’s required in case you’ve numerous owners of just one brush handle. Just like the earlier brush heads, these do keep sign bristles to enable you to monitor if you have to change the brush head. 
  • There’s an in-app reminder as well whenever brush heads need replacing. 
  • Because of a frictionless magnetic drive process, the effect is a toothbrush that’s significantly more silent when in use than every other Oral B toothbrush. 
  • This system is driven by the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The iO timer memorizes the elapsed brushing time, no matter if the handle is briefly turned off during brushing. 

When the brush is in use, there’s a timer shown on the screen which ties in together with the integrated pacer plus a great graphic that gradually turns blue as you finish the clean. There aren’t any icons for cleaning battery power or modes on the brush handle, rather you simply see them over the display screen. Through the display screen, you are able to change between the brushing modes and modify key settings like the language, colour of the LED ring and also flip the Bluetooth on and off.


The screen is going to show the battery life in ten % increments after the cleansing mode has finished. When the brush is productive, there’s a timer shown on the screen which ties in together with the integrated pacer plus a great graphic of a group which gradually turns blue as you finish the clean.

There aren’t any icons for cleaning battery power or modes on the brush handle, rather you simply see them over the display screen.

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Cleaning Modes

The iO nine Series has seven cleaning modes in total. They are:

  • Daily Clean – Standard method for daily cleaning
  • Sensitive – Gentle, but complete cleaning for sensitive areas
  • Gum Care – massages the gums
  • Whiten – Polishing for everyday or occasional use
  • Intense – For an exceptional pristine feeling (operated with a greater speed)
  • Very Sensitive – Super mild cleaning for extra sensitive areas
  • Tongue Clean – Tongue cleaning for everyday or occasional use 

Each cleaning mode differs somewhat in the level of electricity from the motor which they work with to attain outcomes that are different. With the iO, although the default set time is 2 minutes, you determine just how long you wish to clean for.

The pacer is actually by default set to two minutes, however, the brush consistently features past this moment. It doesn’t instantly turn itself off. You are able to alter the brushing time inside the app. 

Pressure Sensor

The iO features an intuitive pressure sensor: a green light is produced from the LED band when the correct amount of exerted pressure while a red light comes on when excess pressure is used.

Oral B App

  • Using Bluetooth and the Oral B App iO Series nine is monitoring your brushing of sixteen various zones in the jaws. The graphic helps it be very clear in case you haven’t brushed the specific teeth/areas of the mouth for long enough. 
  • Other iterations of the iO like the 5, 7, 6, and eight track just six zones as opposed to sixteen. Depending on the information the app receives and also collates it then provides personalized coaching to improve your cleaning technique. You receive a score for just how good you did after each session. 
  • Within the app, you have got a number of other customizations you are able to make too. From changing the colour of the gentle ring to establishing certain oral healthcare journeys.

Water Resistance

The iO is water resistant, which means you are able to gladly in the shower.


Thus, all things considered, there’s a tremendous amount to like about the iO 9 Series and it’s a really good toothbrush to work with on a regular basis. The iO magnetic charging stand can charge the toothbrush in around three hours. Magnets in the stand keep the brush safe and also the charge is sent wirelessly to the brush handle. There’s no physical cable connection.

This’s a traveling case that holds and also protects the iO handle and also just one brush head. Nevertheless, you are able to, in addition, charge the iO handle inside the case.

Oral B io Series 10 vs 9 Price

Oral B IO9Oral B IO 10
Oral B Electric Toothbrushes For Adults, Oral-B iO9, Gifts For Women / Men, App Connected Handle, 3 Toothbrush Heads, Charging Travel Case & Toothbrush Head Holder, 7 Modes, 2 Pin UK Plug, BlackOral-B iO Series 10 Electric Toothbrush, 7 Cleaning Modes for Dental Care, iOSense, Magnetic Technology & 3D Analysis, Colour Display & Charging Travel Case, Designed by Braun, Stardust White
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