Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean 5300 vs 6500 Electric Toothbrush (What’s the Difference?)

Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean 5300 vs 6500 both have an easy start transitioning feature, 2 minutes timer, 3 brushing modes, and a pressure sensor. And here are the five key differences and specs comparison review between Philips Sonicare 5300 and 6500.

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 Black, Rechargeable electric power toothbrush, HX9690/05PHILIPS Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Black, HX6462/08
Philips Sonicare 5300Philips Sonicare 6500
-3 brush heads
-No cleaning intensities
-Basic travel case
-2 brush heads
-3 cleaning intensities
-USB charging travel case
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5. Differences Between Philips Sonicare Protectiveclean 5300 vs 6500 Specs

1. Travel case

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 has a better high-quality designed travel case (USB charging case) than the Sonicare 5300 simple travel case that just has space for the brush handle and also a few replacement brush heads.

You can use the 6500 case for USB recharging while the handle is kept inside the case. This’s beneficial while traveling since you do not need to carry a recharging stand. You basically have to turn on the USB cable and connect it to any USB socket such as a laptop computer.

2. Brush Heads

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 has more brush heads than the Sonicare 6500. With the 6500 model, you just get 2 DiamondClean brush heads in the package. The 5300 electric toothbrush, however, features 2 of those heads and one more G2 optimal gum care brush head.

In total, the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 includes three brush heads (two are Optimal White -Diamondclean- brush heads and One is an optimum Gum Care brush head which is softer and designed for users with sensitive teeth or gum disease). In total, you receive 3 brush heads with the 5300 in comparison to the 2 Diamondclean brush heads that are included with the 6500.

3. Cleaning Intensities

Another key difference is the fact that the Sonicare 6500 has three brushing intensities which are connected to the BrushSync functionality such that it configures the relevant cleaning mode to the brush head you are using. This is better than Sonicare 5300 which does not have cleaning intensities that help you to adjust to the intensity of your choice.

4. Colour Choice

Philips Sonicare 6500 has more color choices than Sonicare 5300, The 6500 comes in 5 different colors (White, Pink, Purple, Navy Blue, and Black) to enable you to choose a color that matches your style. This is better than the 5300 that comes only in one color (dark grey).

5. Pricing

Sonicare 6500 is somewhat pricier than the 5300. But the higher price is really worth spending since you will receive a premium travel case and three variable intensities that allow you to use the intensity that suits your needs just for the additional cost.

Philips Sonicare 6500 Review

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 power toothbrush might not be very different in cleaning performance from others like the 6100. Though it has a milder brushing action that is perfect if you have gum infections (gingivitis) or maybe periodontal disease and sensitive teeth.

  • The latest 6500 toothbrush has a high-quality USB charging travel case and 2 brush heads rather than the normal travel case and also an individual brush head of 6100. 
  • The colors it has are White – HX6462/05, Pastel Pink – HX6462/06, Black – HX6462/08, Deep Purple – HX6462/09, Navy Blue – HX6462/07.
  • It also has 3 cleaning modes – Clean, Gum Care, and White,
  • 3 intensities.
  • One W DiamondClean brush head. 
  • The Sonicare 6500 includes a charging travel casing with USB and also 
  • Two replacement heads.

The 6500 cleans teeth really well, and also is accompanied by some great features you are able to make use of.


  • Pressure sensor to alert you when brushing too hard
  • Extended battery life between charges
  • Three different cleaning modes for a less or more effective brushing experience
  •  The BrushSync system reminds you when to replace your brush heads 
  • Timer and pacer encourage brush for the suggested time


BrushSync-compatible brush heads tend to be pricy.

Product Description

The 6500 has a premium USB charging travel case. What this indicates is the fact that you are able to charge the battery again inside the toothbrush handle, whilst sitting in the case. You don’t have to place the toothbrush on a charging stand. In order to finish the recharging, you link the USB cable on the case to a USB socket on the laptop computer or maybe a wall socket. If you have a USB power adapter you are able to link it to this particular too.

  • In addition, the 6500 has additional brush heads.
  • The toothbrush is less noisy than some other versions. 
  • The pressure sensor automatically shuts off when you use excessive strain while brushing. This stays away from accidental injury to teeth and gums. You will get two x W DiamondClean brush heads in the package. 
  • The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 electric toothbrush has a sleek and sturdy look. Additionally, it’s slightly thicker than some other models. A power button turns the unit on and off. Pressing it repeatedly takes you through the different intensities. 3 LEDs indicate the brushing intensity settings. 
  • Another pair of vertically aligned LEDs display the cleaning modes.
  • The electric toothbrush turns off easily at the conclusion of any cycle. This can help save the battery charge for longer.
  • A quad pacer and also timer indicate when it’s time to shift to an alternative quadrant. At any rate, that ensures uniform and full cleaning.
  • It comes in five colors (White-colored, Silver Black, Pastel Pink, Navy Blue, and Deeply Purple) to choose from.
  • The 6500 comes with color-matched replacement brush heads. A battery charge indicator LED is situated near the bottom part of the shaft. A metal shaft tasks from the opposite end. This’s exactly where you snap on the replacement brush heads. 
  • The pressure sensor stays away from excessive pressing down on gums and teeth. The resulting encounter is pleasant and comfortable. 

Cleaning Modes

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 works in three distinct cleaning modes (Clean, White, and Gum Care.). These have benefits for particular purposes. The intensity of brushing actions may be adjusted manually. You’ve something between low, high settings, and moderate.

  • Clean mode – two-minute cycle for regular brushing
  • White mode – two and half minute cycle to polish front teeth
  • Gum Care mode – a three-minute period with a minute to massage gums Most dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes, equally distributed among the four quadrants.

The other modes offer additional time for whitening and gum massage. 

BrushSync Technology

BrushSync technology ensures you’re alerted when it’s time to replace used-out brush heads. Anytime the top and bristles get frayed or even bent, the technology senses this damage. It’ll then alert you to change the old head. 

If you are looking for a toothbrush that has premium features but is mid-priced, then the 6500 is a good pick for you.

Sonicare 5300 Review

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 comes in just gray black. In this regard, it’s distinct from the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 which provides three colors. This and 2 additional replacement brush heads in the package will be the only important differences between the 5300 and 5100 versions.

You get three cleaning modes. The toothbrush has a pressure sensor which allows you to know any time you press down way too hard. This can help stay away from damage to sensitive teeth and gums. The battery life is superb and lasts for days on one charge.

BrushSync technological innovation is one feature that elevates the 5300 from other mid-priced toothbrushes. The BrushSync technological innovation optimizes the cleaning experience and also makes sure that you will instantly be reminded when it is time to switch to an alternative replacement brush head.

Contents of the Sonicare 5300 Box

When you purchase the model, this’s what you will find in the box:

  • A traveling case
  • one Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 brush handle
  • recharging station
  • 2 Optimal White W2 brush heads
  • one Optimal Gum Care G2 brush head
  • warranty and also user manual

Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 Features

  • Inbuilt timer with quad pacer
  • Auto shut-down functionality
  • Sonicare’s cleaning technique makes 62000 bristle movements 
  • Works in three cleaning modesl – Gum Care, Clean and white
  • BrushSync technology for optimum cleaning


  • BrushSync microchip technology that lets you know when to replace brush heads
  • Pressure sensor stays away from damage to sensitive teeth and gums auto shut down to save battery power
  • exceptionally long battery life
  • a sturdy travel case will keep your brush safe on trips
  • It is elegantly designed
  • ergonomic, easy to keep, and brush
  • 3 cleaning modes for needs that are various
  • Two-minute timer to ensure complete cleaning
  • quad pacer to attain equal brushing


  • no visual feedback for the pressure sensor
  • cost is a little more compared to standard models It’s 3 cleaning modes: All 3 brushing modes are fantastic at cleaning teeth and taking away plaque.

Cleaning Modes

  • The most often used Clean mode functions in two-second cycles. They efficiently and completely clean the teeth. Once in thirty seconds, you’ll be informed it is time to move to the next quadrant.
  • In Whiten function, the brush activity is much more rigorous to whiten teeth. The cycle will last for 2 and a half minutes. The extra thirty seconds help refine the front teeth.
  • In the Gum Care function, the cycle will last a lot longer. Out of the 3 minutes, the very first two minutes are for cleaning. Nevertheless, the last second is for massaging and stimulating the gums. For users with teeth that are very sensitive and previous gum infections or maybe gingivitis, this’s best.

The Sonicare 5300 is a decent mid-priced toothbrush that has premium features like the BrushSync, pressure sensor, three cleaning modes, travel case, and long battery charge. If you are looking for a good medium-priced toothbrush then the 5300 is a quality model I will recommend to you.

Which is better Philips Sonicare 5300 vs 6500 Protectiveclean Toothbrush?

Both Philips Sonicare 5300 and 6500 are mid-priced toothbrushes that give you some premium features like the BrushSync, pressure sensor, three cleaning modes, and a travel case.

If you are looking for value for money, I would recommend the Sonicare 5300 simply because it is cheaper than the 6500 yet it has most features that are in the 6500, the only thing it doesn’t have that impacts on your cleaning is the three cleaning intensities.

Other things available in the Philips Sonicare 6500 that are not in the 5300 do not really affect teeth cleaning but are just convenient to have (also known as whistles and bells). These are things like the 5 different color choices, the premium travel case with USB charging, and the BrushSync/cleaning modes pairing.

Price Comparison

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 Black, Rechargeable electric power toothbrush, HX9690/05PHILIPS Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush with Charging Travel Case and Extra Brush Head, Black, HX6462/08
Philips Sonicare 5300Philips Sonicare 6500
-3 brush heads
-No cleaning intensities
-Basic travel case
-2 brush heads
-3 cleaning intensities
-USB charging travel case
Check it out!Check it out!

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