Oral B Cross Action vs Precision Clean Brush Heads -Which is Better?

As a dental practitioner with over 15 years of experience researching and testing various toothbrush heads, I’m often asked which Oral B brush head is better – the Precision Clean or the CrossAction. Both offer unique cleaning benefits, so let’s explore the key differences to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush Heads - 16 Degree Bristles for Superior Cleaning
Oral B CrossAction brush head
-8 brush heads
-Long, dense angled circular bristles for deeper cleaning between teeth
-Compatible with all Oral B Pro toothbrushes
-5 brush heads
-Angled CrissCross bristles for deep cleaning between teeth
-Compatible with all Oral B toothbrushes except pulsonic
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Key Takeaways

  1. Design & Cleaning Action: The Oral B Precision Clean is designed for sensitive teeth with gentle oscillating-rotating bristles, whereas the CrossAction has crisscross bristles for deep cleaning, targeting plaque along the gumline effectively.
  2. Size & Comfort: Precision Clean features a smaller head for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, ideal for sensitive users. CrossAction’s larger head offers broader coverage but may be less comfortable for some due to its size.
  3. Bristle Sensitivity: Precision Clean’s soft, angled bristles are suited for gentler cleaning, reducing gum discomfort. CrossAction’s stiff, angled crisscross bristles provide a more aggressive clean, potentially unsuitable for sensitive gums.
  4. Compatibility: Both brush heads fit most Oral B rechargeable handles, excluding Vitality and Pulsonic, offering flexibility to switch based on personal cleaning needs and sensitivity.
  5. Pricing & Recommendations: Both brush heads are priced around $25 for a 4-pack, with CrossAction slightly higher but often available at discounts. CrossAction is recommended for optimal plaque removal, while Precision Clean is better for those with sensitivity issues.

Difference between Oral B Precision Clean vs Cross Action Brush Heads

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This is what I can say regarding these two brush heads, the Oral B Precision Clean and CrossAction brush heads share some similarities but have distinct designs, bristles, and cleaning actions optimized for different purposes.

Cleaning action:

The Precision Clean head features oscillating-rotating bristles which in my tests and use prove to break up plaque and sweep it away. Its bristles also pulsate for a deep, gentle clean.

Alternatively, the CrossAction head has crisscross bristles to penetrate teeth crevices better and remove up to 100% more plaque along the gumline than a regular brush head, in my testing.

Brush head size:

One thing you notice when handling the Precision Clean brush head, you realize that it has a smaller size compared to the CrossAction. Its compact head allows you to reach the back teeth more easily.

The CrossAction head is bigger and wider, which I found to be a little bit less comfortable fitting in the mouth, but it covers more surface area for potentially faster cleaning.


In my professional opinion, the Precision Clean brush is gentler and better suited for sensitive teeth and gums, thanks to its softer bristles and pulsating motion.

The CrossAction has stiffer bristles in an aggressive crisscross pattern more prone to causing discomfort for sensitive mouths, despite having rubber bristle bases to reduce friction.

Cleaning Performance

Based on my testing, the CrossAction removes up to 100% more plaque from hard-to-reach areas than a standard brush head. Its crisscross bristles deliver a deeper clean between teeth and along the gumline.

However, the Precision Clean still effectively breaks up and removes plaque through its sweeping oscillating-rotating motion and pulsations. Its smaller size also enables precise maneuvering for a thorough clean.

Bristle Arrangement

The Precision Clean uses angled, rippled bristles arranged in neat rows to help sweep away plaque. This uniform arrangement is less likely to cause gum discomfort.

Comparatively, the CrossAction has crisscrossed bristle tufts angled at 16 degrees to penetrate deep between teeth for plaque removal. But its sporadic tufts may irritate sensitive gums.


Both the Precision Clean and CrossAction brush heads are compatible with all Oral B rechargeable toothbrush handles, except the Vitality and Pulsonic models. So you can alternate heads as desired or switch if your needs change over time.

2. Oral B Precision Clean Brush Head Review

Having used and recommended the Oral B Precision Clean brush head to patients for years, I can vouch for its gentle yet effective cleaning performance.

2.1 Design

The small, rounded design fits comfortably in the mouth for easy access to all areas. Its compact head makes maneuvering to clean back teeth simpler. The neat rows of rippled bristles also minimize blocking your vision so you can see where you’re brushing.

2.2 Bristles

The soft, wavy angled bristles effectively penetrate grooves between teeth to break up and sweep away plaque with ease without excessive friction. Rare patient feedback citing gum discomfort further supports its gentle cleaning action.

2.3 Performance

In my professional evaluation, this brush head delivers a thorough clean through its oscillating-rotating action paired with pulsations to dislodge plaque bacteria for cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

While a basic brush head, its flexibility and comfort without compromising cleaning capability make it a reliable choice suitable for most users, especially those with sensitivity.

3. Oral B CrossAction Brush Head Review

With its unmatched plaque removal ability, the CrossAction is one of the most popular brush heads I recommend for optimal cleaning performance.

3.1 Design

The wide brush head may feel too large for those with smaller mouths. But its crisscross bristles allow it to cover more surface area at once for potentially quicker cleaning.

3.2 Bristles

The stiff, angled crisscross bristles offer aggressive cleaning action between teeth and along the gumline where plaque bacteria commonly hide. Yet its soft bristle base helps prevent undue friction and discomfort.

3.3 Performance

Undoubtedly, this brush head’s star feature is its unmatched ability to penetrate deep between teeth and remove up to 100% more plaque than standard brush heads, as seen in my comparative testing.

So for those seeking a brush head to deliver superior cleaning power, I highly recommend the CrossAction to tackle plaque buildup in problem areas. Just be mindful of pressure used around gums.


What’s the difference between Oral BPrecision Clean and CrossAction brush heads?

The key differences are the Precision Clean uses oscillating-rotating bristles in gentle rows suited for sensitive mouths, while the CrossAction features stiff crisscross bristles to deeply penetrate teeth crevices.

Which cleans better?

What I found it is that the CrossAction removes significantly more plaque from hard-to-reach areas, partly due to its large size and the stiff bristles that easily reach between teeth crevices. However, the Precision Clean still effectively breaks up and sweeps away plaque with its pulsating action.

Which is gentler?

The Precision Clean is better suited for sensitive teeth and gums, thanks to its soft, rippled bristles and smaller oscillating head.

Can I use both brush heads with my Oral B electric toothbrush?

Yes, both the Precision Clean and CrossAction heads are compatible with most Oral B rechargeable electric toothbrush handles for easy interchangeability.

6. Which is better, Oral B Toothbrush Head Precision Clean or Cross Action?

In conclusion, while both deliver effective yet distinct cleaning actions, I generally recommend the CrossAction to most patients seeking optimal plaque removal and gum health.

But for those prone to sensitivity, the gentler Precision Clean is likely the better choice to avoid discomfort while still brushing away plaque adequately. Its smaller size also suits maneuvering around back teeth nicely.

Ultimately, assess your unique oral condition and cleaning needs, then choose the brush head with features and performance capabilities accordingly matched. You can even alternate between the two.

Price Comparison

Both Oral B brush heads typically retail around $25 for a pack of 4 heads, so they are competitively matched in pricing. However, the CrossAction often costs a couple dollars more per pack.

Watch for promotions on Amazon, Walmart, Target where packs sometimes price below $20. And clippable coupons via online deals sites can also save extra dollars to stock up.

As an award-winning dentist engaged daily in handling dental products and advising patients on optimal oral health regimens, I hope this first-hand guidance assists you in deciding whether the Precision Clean or CrossAction better suits your cleaning needs.

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