Charging Options for Electric Toothbrush Travel

In case you’re intending to go away on holiday, for office or maybe some other reason and also you wish to know whether your electric toothbrush for travel is able to work in a foreign country, then we have got the solution suitable for you correctly with these.

Should you Carry a Charger on Your Travels?

Below are the key things to ponder on when thinking of cleaning your teeth while Travelling

  • Do you have to take the charger on your travels?
  • What voltage is the electrical source in the nation you’re traveling to?
  • What voltage does your energy toothbrush charger require?
  • Do you want a voltage converter?
  • Do you want a plug adapter?
  • Do you have to take the charger of yours with you?

The very first thing to think about is how long will you be away/travelling for.

Apart from an electrical toothbrush operated by removable batteries, many brushes run no more than three days depending on how you use it, cleaning your teeth two times lasting two minutes daily is what the dentists recommend.

Every brush model possibly has different battery life in comparison to other models. If in doubt about the battery life of your toothbrush, consult your manufacturer .

Making use of An Electric Toothbrush Abroad

If you’re going on a two week vacation and also have an electric toothbrush with a three week battery life, you wouldnt need to carry a charger. Charging it fully before you depart will be just fine. However, you have to granularly define how long your battery lasts at home because there are instances some toothbrush brands claim a brush lasts fo 14 days on full charge but organic tests revela that it can only stretch for 10-11 days.Granted all the variations could be down to respective individual style of brushing.

In case you’re going away for two weeks and have just a two week battery life you can risk running the battery down so it makes sense to carry a charger on your travels.

What voltage is electrical source in the nation you’re travelling to?

Various places across the world possibly have different electric systems other than the one you’re accustomed to at home. This includes the current/voltage applied from the sockets on appliances. Many places in Europe have a voltage of 220 240V, whilst inside the USA and Canada it’s 110v. When you’ve worked out the voltage you now have to check out your electric toothbrush voltage to ensure that it is compatible with the voltage requirements in that region.

What voltage does your energy toothbrush charger run on?

To verify what voltages your energy toothbrush charger supports it’s ideal getting hold of the charging stand up and check out the labelling, typically located on the underside. If your destination’s country voltage is 220v your toothbrush charging port needs to be 220-240v or 100-240 to make use of that charging stand.

If the country’s voltage is 110v while your charger states only 220 240V subsequently this won’t work, you are going to require a voltage adapter/converter.

Some electric toothbrushes include premium travel cases that allow the comb to be recharged while in the casing using USB port, instead of on a charging stand. The Oral B Genius 9000 as well as Philips Sonicare DiamondClean are some examples. Their chargers usually support 100 240v. These are models well worth considering if you travel alot.

Do you want a voltage converter?

In case you charger is compatible to the country’s voltage well then you won’t have to get a voltage converter. However if it’s incompatible, you are going to need a voltage converter.

This specific piece of technology in a converter is going to allow the toothbrush to be charged on the various electric current, by possibly stepping up or stepping down the energy, as the case may require in regard to the place you’re travelling to.

Other options to explore to recharge your Toothbrush

Another option is to buy a new charger when you reach your destination. You can also purchase these from different retailers online or even in the high street in preparation for your travels.

Do your due diligence research on the voltage in a specific country to make sure you’re getting the proper converter.

In the cases where voltage in the nation you’re going to is reduced, you are looking for a’ step up’ converter and also if the voltage is higher you’ll need a’ step down’ converter.

When you’ve a voltage converter you may have to consider whether you want a plug adapter.

Do you want a plug adapter?

A plug adapter is an item which enables an appliance from one nation to be connected into the wall structure outlet of another nation. It changes for instance a three pin UK mains plug is required to plug to the sockets while in Europe to a two pin European mains socket adapter is what is required.

In some cases you may want a voltage converter and also plug adapter. This’s very widespread for UK residents travelling to the USA or even Canada as an example.

In the USA, the power toothbrush chargers typically has a two pin connector that’s different from the two pin European mains energy adapter as well as the two pin UK mains adapter.

If being a USAresident you’re going to the UK you are going to need a voltage adapter. It’s very likely that this particular voltage adapter is going to connect towards the US mains, but provided you a two pin US plug socket. You’ll then require a two pin to three pin adapter to link your toothbrushe’s recharging cable.

Travelling examples

UK residents going to Spain or France need just a two pin plug adapter while the voltage is equivalent to the UK but the plug connection differs.

A Spanish resident going to France wouldn’t have to have a voltage or maybe plug adapter while the voltage and also plugs are the same.

USA/Canadian residents going to Europe is going to require a voltage adapter that will work is most in many European nations which keep 2 round plug ends. If travelling towards the UK you are going to require another plug adapter as a result of the various style power outlets.

Making use of An Electric Toothbrush Abroad by Buying a New Charger in Destination Country

Purchase an innovative charging stand if you’re staying in a nation with an alternative plug or voltage process for a prolonged time of time, it may be well worth buying a brand new charging stand for your toothbrush that is configured to handle the mains supply in the nation where you’re traveling to.

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