Below are the best electric toothbrush for kids aged 2 years , 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 up to 13-year-old . Kids electric toothbrushes should be the right size for a kid to handle; it should also have appropriate bristles that will work well with the gums of kids.

These kids toothbrushes, for example, use musical tones rather than the harsh beeps. These kids electric toothbrush start with a short timer and builds up the time to the recommended two minutes.
Electric toothbrush for kids handles is soft, nice and perfect for little hands. Its head also is soft for the little ones.

Music especially engages children which encourages them to brush longer.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids

Age Range
Where to Buy!
Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected HX6321/02
4+year olds
Philips Sonicare Kids HX6311/07 with Built-in Bluetooth 2-Pack
7+ years
Oral B Kids Rechargeable
(for 3+ year Old)
3+ year Old
Oral-B Frozen Kids
Includes 2 Sensitive Clean Refills
6+ years
Haigerx Kids Electric Toothbrush (For 2+ year old)
2+ year old

Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids Reviews

The Philips Sonicare for kids Bluetooth connected rechargeable electric toothbrush, hx6321/02 is arguably the best kids electric toothbrush. It has fun and practical features packed in it that enhance the teeth brushing experience of children of all ages.

It has a free interactive App that not only excites children but educates them too. Children get cool rewards for progress made in their brushing sessions.

Unlike the Oral B app that inconveniently requires you to always scan it on a smart device before accessing it, the Philips Sonicare toothbrush app is complimentary and hassle-free to use.

The Philips Sonicare for children employs patented Sonic technology that is weighted to children’s  needs. It is programmed to produce fewer vibrations at the beginning and increases the oscillations gradually as your young one gets used to using an electric toothbrush.

The Sonic movements make 500 strokes per second to effectively dislodge all plaque on the teeth and under the gum line.

It is highly effective and removes 75%more plaque than a manual one. 91% of dentists who are parents prefer it for their young ones.

#2: Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 Rechargeable (for 7 to 20-year-olds)

The Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for children with its Kidtimer feature allows extension of the brushing time that ensures your child achieves the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes of brushing time.

The brush also has been rubberized and with an extra soft brush head that is designed to protect your kid’s young teeth. its kidpacer alerts your child to move to the next quadrant and thus ensuring that they clean their teeth thoroughly.

Some of the features and specifications of the Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 that make it a perfect choice for your child’s oral hygiene include:

The Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 is gentle yet effective. It uses Sonicare’s patented technology that delivers 500 brushstrokes every second removing up to 75 percent plaque in most hard to reach areas than the manual ones.

It delivers a kid-friendly low and high power modes that allow your kid to get a gentle yet very effective oral clean.

The Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 is easy to use. it features an ergonomically originated handle that makes brushing a simple and a comfortable task on their own or even with their parents.

Features a rubberized ultra-soft brush head that ensures a gentle and thoroughly clean and protects the teeth as they grow. This is also ideal for the children with braces to go around and also in the brackets.
Features a stabilized handpiece that allows your children to apply toothpaste easily while it lays on the counter or a flat surface.

This Philips Sonicare HX6311/07 is meant to make brushing the teeth fun for your young ones. It features the KidPacer Fun sounds that usually encourage children to clean all the areas of the mouth, to add on this, the children can also customise it using the 8 possible interchangeable stickers.

Has a kid timer feature that alerts your child to brush their teeth for the dentist-recommended time of 2 minutes.

There also exists an application for the HX6311/07. This application is an educational application that teaches your kid how to brush properly in a unique and fun way. This application features two fictional characters, Vicky or Bjorn that help your kid achieve a good oral health.

The Oral-B Stages Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is specially designed for children from the age of 3 years and above.

It is themed with fun things like Disney Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’. Like most Oral B brushes, it operates on the scientifically proven Oral B technique of rotation and oscillations that removes more plaque from teeth and under the gum line than manual ones in spite of children’s’ imperfect tooth cleaning skills.

The Health stages Pro Oral B rechargeable electric toothbrush features really soft bristles that will be gentle for 3-year-olds gum tissues. The brush head and general design is ‘smallish’, just the right size for children.

  • The Health stages Pro has a two minutes timer that sings fun melodies to alert the child when they have brushed for the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes.
  • It operates on rechargeable batteries that can last up to five days on a full charge. The charger is only compatible with America’s standard volts of 110 volts.
  • It has a quadrant timer that alerts the child when to move from one section of the mouth (quadrant) to the other. The 30 seconds timer is loaded with 16 melodies which play one at a time in every signal.

Thanks to the Oral B patented rotary cleaning technique, this power brush cleans on a tooth by tooth basis. It encircles each tooth in multiple rotations to dislodge all plaque. It is equally great for children when they are losing their baby teeth.

It features the Oral B Disney Magic Timer App. This app is fully packed with Disney characters that young ones love.  All you need to do is scan your power brush on the App on your smart device (Ipad, smartphone etc) once you have downloaded it from the App store or Google Play. After your brush is scanned, Disney characters will show up. More Disney images will reveal themselves inch by inch as the kid continues to brush. The more they brush the more the Disney (Finding Dory), star wars and Marvel characters reveal themselves.

The progress made by children in their brushing experience can be tracked via a helpful calendar in the app.

This groundbreaking technique helps children engage in brushing their teeth and brush longer. They brush long because the whole teeth cleaning exercise is fun filled with Disney characters.

The Oral B pro-health is also referred to as Crest Kid’s Toothpaste featuring Disney’s Frozen, 4.2 oz Oral B. In some cases it is called Oral-B Frozen. It is suitable for children aged 6+. However, parents have reported using it on 2-year-olds with parental guidance (they hold the brush for the kid and control pressure exerted on the teeth).

It comes fitted with a Disney themed magic timer app. The app is quite interactive and really helps in encouraging your loved ones to brush for longer up to the 2 minutes dentist recommendation.

It has a waterproof handle and can actually be used in a shower if you wanted to.

It has soft bristles and can be used on sensitive teeth and even with braces

It is usually sold with Crest toothpaste which has a minty taste that appeals to children.

Regular brushing strengthens the enamel and protects the enamel and is an effective protection to the cavity.

Just like the adult one, it makes 40000 pulsations and 8600 oscillations, it employs the patented Oral B rotary technology. The battery lasts for one week. The bristles are soft, they are made of nylon.
It comes with a two-year warranty.

The key highlight in the Oral B pro-health is the Disney app which can be downloaded from Google Play, the app store or from Oral B after you scan the product.

The app is quite engaging and fun. As the child brushes a new fun image will be revealed. The longer they brush the more rewards they get for the progress made.

The app also allows you to track the progress of your child’s brushing progress over time by the help of a calendar. With this app, your children will love brushing their teeth. They will brush for longer.

#5: Haigerx Kids Electric Toothbrush (For 2+ year old)

The Haigerx electric toothbrush Sonicare is the best alternative to Philips Sonicare for children. It is also called Sonicare rechargeable music timer.

  • It is lightweight. It only weighs 0.084 kg.
  • It has a smallish handle sizeable enough for young ones.
  • It comes in two colors: Blue and pink and
  • it is that it has continuous music throughout the two minutes recommended by ADA (American Dentist Association).  The music is split into 4 popular rhymes like “Old Mac-Donald had a Farm Eeiha! Eeiha! Oohh!”.

The different rhymes act as quadrant signal to remind you to move from one section of the mouth to the next. This as you can imagine captures most children’s interest.

The bristles are made of soft, DuPont nylon bristles that are appropriate for tender gums.
As already mentioned, it has the ADA recommended two minutes timer and a 30 seconds interval signal (quadrant) that is signaled by a change of the music.

It is recommended that you charge it for 16-24 hours when you first use it. The charger lasts as long as two weeks plus for regular use. To operate, press for at least five seconds on the ON/OFF button.

Many parents report that Haigerx Sonicare encourages their young ones to learn timeless teeth cleaning habits like brushing for two minutes.

This singing toothbrush is a far improved version of Arm and Hammer tooth tunes that belts out modern music by established musicians like One Direction. This music brush only hit the market in early August 2016 but is already a best seller on Amazon. This alone is a testament to its quality. It is durable and effective.

Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Kids Electric Toothbrush

(Flash news- The Oral B pro For Me has been discontinued in favor of the Oral B Pro-Health JR)

The Oral B Pro-health For Me is marketed for tweens. However, it can actually be used by nontwins.  It is more or less like the Oral B Pro-Health JR apart from the fact that the Pro-Health for me comes with two brush heads, hence it marketed for tweens.

Key Features

Waterproof handle with kid-inspired details. The brush head is compatible with most Oral B models.
Two 2 Oral-B refill brush heads (sensitive clean) – soft enough for children’s tender gums.
A handy charging station
It has a 2 minutes timer that encourages children to brush for the recommended two minutes. The brush alerts you every 30 seconds that you should move to the next section of your mouth for effective cleaning.

It is ideal for 4-8+ years. However, the minimum age for use is 2 years. Children below 4 years should get assistance from parents until they get used to the brushing experience of using an electric toothbrush.

Like most other Oral B brushes, you need an adapter if you are traveling to Europe. It only supports America’s standard 110 voltages.


There is no indicator to notify you that it is fully charged. The battery runs out after only 5 days.

It employs same speed as that found in adult brushes. I would have loved at least two speeds one high and the other low. This would at least give new users the chance to adjust to using electric toothbrushes. However, it has full approval by America’s Dentist Association to be used by people of a young age.

Oral B Kids Electric Toothbrush Vs Philips Sonicare for Kids

Just like the classical braun Oral b vs Philips Sonicare battle; the Oral-B Pro-Health is cheaper compared to Philips Sonicare for kids. However, Oral B Jnr replacement heads are more expensive and they wear out quicker than the Philips one.

The Sonicare has a 30 seconds interval timer that buzzes. The oral B one just pauses to alert you of the 30 seconds mark when you need to move to the next brushing quadrant (section of the mouth).

The Sonicare brush is designed to be used by children of all ages. This means that once you buy the Phillips you can have it until your children are teenagers.  With the Oral B, you need at least two sets of brushes (Oral B stages and Oral B Pro Health Jr) to see your children through to teenage age.

Sonicare children’s toothbrush features a free interactive app that you can access freely without having to scan your toothbrush on your smart device every time you brush your teeth. Whereas the Oral B app is as fun as the Sonicare app, it is inconvenient and even annoying to be made to scan your brush every time you brush your teeth

Because of all the above reasons, in our opinion, the best electric toothbrush for kids is the Philips Sonicare. Though the Oral B children’s’ toothbrush is relatively cheaper than Sonicare, you get more value with the Sonicare.

Here is Why you Get More Bang Philips Sonicare for Kids :

It has all the fun features and timers,
It can be used by children of all ages.

The brush heads of Sonicare brushes last longer. This means less spending in the long run.
Sonicare can be used by children of all ages.

Buying your children an electric toothbrush is one of the best gifts you can give them.  They not only keep their teeth clean and healthy by fighting all plaque, they also teach them lifetime teeth cleaning habits.

These habits learned at an early stage stay with them throughout their lives. They will help them maintain healthy teeth and live lifestyles. They are said to aid in improving coordination and movement in children.

Electric Toothbrushes for Kids – Buyers Guide

Should kids use electric toothbrushes?

Recent research indicates that kid’s electric toothbrush removes 41% more plaque than a manual one.

Introducing your child to motorized brushes develops in them good habits that will endure throughout their lives.

Habits like brushing for two minutes as recommended by dentists; effective brushing of all quadrants of the mouth and tackling plaque at a young age before it builds are the foundation of healthy teeth and a healthy lifestyle.

The best electric kids toothbrush should be:

Ergonomic and easy to handle.
Ideally, it should have items that will excite (music, vibrations, and lights).
The bristles should be soft enough for children’s tender gums.

What to look for when shopping for kids electric toothbrush?

Cleaning technique: It should be scientifically proven to remove more plaque than manual ones. Both Sonicare and Oral B have been proven by scientific research to remove more plaque than manual ones.

Sonicare uses circular movements that produce rapid multiple strokes per minute to effectively remove plaque. The children’s version is programmed to produce fewer vibrations at the beginning and increases the oscillations gradually as the kid gets used to using an electric toothbrush.

Ergonomic features. The handle should be easy enough for the young ones to use. It should also be light for the young ones to keep on hold throughout the cleaning time. The Sonicare has rubber on the handle that makes it really effortless to handle. It is made in such a way that allows both multi-handling in which the parent and the child to hold the brush and also when the child holds the brush independently.

The brush head should also be small enough to fit into children’s small mouths.

It should be customizable and have fun features that will help keep the child interested in cleaning their teeth. Children have a very short attention span. You want something that will keep them interested in cleaning for at least two minutes. The dentist recommended time for effective tooth cleaning.

Soft and gentle bristles: it should be soft and gentle on the gums to cater for their developing tooth enamel.

Although every child is different,  introducing kids electric toothbrush can have a big impact in the way your children perceive teeth cleaning. The fun features kick up excitement in them and make it much easier to encourage your children to brush their teeth.

Anyone who has tried teaching a young one to brush their teeth knows that at the initial stages, it can be a battle to get them to brush their pearls.

It takes the intervention of things that engage children like music, cartoons, and flashing lights to get kids interested in brushing their teeth.


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