Best Electric Toothbrush for Plaque Control (2024)

Most dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush when battling plaque. Some toothbrushes are better at cleaning teeth than others; though, no toothbrush can give you a 100% guarantee for plaque prevention. This is why we should follow up our brushing with flossing. Together brushing and flossing will keep teeth looking their best. You can also opt for best electric toothbrush waterpik combo.

Recommended Best Electric Toothbrushes to Prevent Plaque

Best Electric Toothbrush for Plaque Control Reviews

Know How the Plague Enemy Works

If you examine your gum line you will notice that it is covered in a soft tacky film called plaque. Despite it’s benign appearance it is not innocuous. This substance is made up of bacteria. Bacteria hardens the soft film on your teeth and makes plaque removal difficult. When this substance hardens on the teeth you can experience tooth damage. You could also experience cavities or even tooth loss. Looking after your teeth on a daily basis results in less trips to the dentist.

Brush and Floss to Prevent Plaque

To prevent the formation of plague you need to brush your teeth at minimum two times daily. Flossing needs to be completed at minimum once daily. To get the most out of these preventive measures you need to focus on your technique. Doing these cleaning activities the right way will ensure healthy teeth.

Brush Your Teeth

Are you brushing long enough? When it comes to brushing dentists suggest that you do the activity for at least two minutes. Every stroke of the brush must be made using a consistent speed for the duration of the activity. An electric toothbrush is able to complete this task better than a manual brush; however, you still need to make sure all areas of your mouth get brushed. Remember to brush the tongue in addition to the teeth because it retains plenty of bacteria,

Floss Your Teeth

When you floss your teeth you tackle the hidden spaces between the teeth where food can hide. You need to make three stroke with your dental floss between each tooth. Start at the bottom of the tooth and work your way to the top each time. This will help you remove any food stuck in between the teeth. Flossing helps keep plague from developing between teeth.

Note: Regular checkups with your dentist should be made. A dentist can head off any small issues you may have before they become much larger costly problems. This is especially important for anyone who suffers from regular dental issues.


Prevent gingivitis by using a rotating motion instead of the typical side to side movement. This is the best way to get rid of plaque researchers have found. If you are serious about the health of your teeth you will want to pick up the best electric toothbrush for plaque control available; however, any toothbrush cannot do an effective cleaning job alone. Remember to floss in conjunction with brushing to keep your teeth healthy and avoid multiple trips to the dentist.

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