Compare Oral B 8000 Vs 9000 Vs 8900 Vs 9900 Vs Genius X (10,000) Differences and Similarities

A comparison analysis of Oral B 8000 Vs 9000 Vs 8900 Vs 9900 Vs Genius X (10,000): These top Oral B electric toothbrush models are the aptly named Genius models.

At the moment there are over five Genius models, so how do you choose which one to buy if you are looking for a premium Oral B toothbrush?  Let’s find out as we review the different models.

We first spell the differences between the respective models then explore their similarities.

Oral B 8000 vs. 9000 Differences

In summary, the Oral B Genius 9000 is a slight improvement on the Genius 8000. This improvement comes in the form of an extra cleaning mode (tongue cleaner). The core functionality of the two models is more or less the same. Below are the point to point differences between Oral B Genius 8000 and 9000.

  • The Genius 8000 was first of the Oral B premium models that featured the cutting edge position detection technology, a feature that cuts across all genius models. However, unlike the 9000, it does not have tongue cleaner functionality.
  • The Oral B Genius 9000  has a more prestigious travel case that can also be used as a USB charger for your toothbrush. 8000 has a travel case but it is modest compared to the 9000 and it doesn’t have USB charging capability via the travel case.
  • While the 9000 comes in five distinct colors (Rose-gold, Silver, Orchid, Black and white), the 8000 comes in white color only.
  • You get 4 brushes (Cross-action, FlossAction, Sensitive and 3D White) accessorized in the box when you grab a new 9000 model while the Genius 8000 comes with only 3 brush heads (CrossAction, 3DWhite and Sensitive) included in the box.

Oral B 8900 vs. 8000

On the outset these two are more or less the same toothbrush in terms of functionalities and features. Oral B 8900 was introduced to curtail the limitation 8000 experienced when two or more people used the same brush handle with different brush heads to record brushing data via the Bluetooth connectivity.

While 8000 comes with one brush handle through which you record brushing data, the 8900 comes accessorised with two brush handles. The 8900 is especially useful for couples or if you are going to share the toothbrush with a partner or family members. This is because the two brush handles generate and store brushing data for each respective user. This helps you to have accurate data that you can use to analyse as you seek to improve your brushing technique.

Oral B 8900 vs. 9000

  • As pointed above, the. Oral B 8900 is sold with two brush handles in the box. This feature was introduced to help people sharing brush handles to get accurate brushing data because two handles enable you to get two respective data for two people who want to track their teeth brushing data. The 9000 Genius only comes with one brush handle.
  • The Genius 8900 does not come with a tongue cleaner feature while the Genius 9000has a tongue cleaning mode.
  • The 8900 Genius is accessorized with three brush heads ( Sensitive, CrossAction and 3D White) compared to Genius 9000 that comes with 4 brush heads (FlossAction, Sensitive, CrossAction and 3D White)
  • While the Genius 8900 comes with a standard basic traveling case for the toothbrush, the Genius 9000 has a high-spec travel case that enables you to charge your toothbrush using a USB port using any smart device like an Android phone or directly to a USB power socket.
  • Though the 8900 Genius is only available in white color only, the 9000 Geniuscomes in 5 different colors (Rose-gold, Silver, White, Orchid Purple, and Black).

Oral B 9900 vs. 9000: What Differentiates them?

Just like the 8900, the 9900 comes with two brush handles. However the mechanism of the 9900 brush handle is the same as that of 9000.

The 9900 comes in two disctinct colours: Black and Rose-gold while the 9000 comes in 5 colours (Rose-gold, White, Black, Orchid purple and silver).

Though the 9900 comes with 4 brush heads just like the 9000 but the brush heads that comes with each respective model  are different. In the 9000 the four brush heads compose of CrossAction,FlossActions, 3D White and Sensitive). On the other hand the 9900 is accessorised with 2 CrossAction brush heads, one 3D White and one Sensitive (note that the 9900 doesn’t come with a FlossAction brush head).

Oral B 9900 vs 8000

  • The 9900 has an extra cleaning mode; the tongue. The 8000 does not have a tongue cleaner.
  • The 8000 comes with three brush heads (Sensitive,3D White and CrossAction)
  • The 9900 has a high end premium traveling case in comparison to the 8000 that is made of modest plastic material.
  • The Genius 9900 comes in two colors (Black and Rose-gold) while 8000 comes only in white color.

Oral B Genius 9900 vs 8900

  • The 8900 does not come with a tongue cleaning feature while the 9900 has a tongue cleaning feature.
  • The 9900 Genius comes with a prestigious travel case that enables you to charge your toothbrush using smart devices like Android phone or Ipad. This is achieved by the use of USB charging.

Oral B 9900 vs Oral-B Genius X (10,000)

The thing that sets the Oral-B Genius X apart  is the fact that it has gum guard technology that supposedly makes you brush like a dentist.

  • It comes Orchid Purple and deep black, two new colours Oral B launched recently.
  • It comes with premium travel that has an embossed texture case and a bag for the travel case.
  • It has a feature that tracks the different location in your mouth to highlight areas you have missed so that you can redo it.
  • The gum guard is the defining difference between 9900 and 10000.
  • The other difference is that the Genius Xcomes in one color: white. Meanwhile, the 9900 comes in two colors (Rose-gold and Black).

Through Bluetooth connectivity the Genius connects to an Android app to track your brushing using a mobile phone camera. As you watch yourself brushing the app gives you information on any zone you have missed.


It is worth pointing out that all models compared here are in the top range Genius premium toothbrushes by Oral B. At the core of the Genius models is the position detection functionality that helps you get feedback as you brush your teeth so as not to miss a zone in course of your brushing.

Position detection is achieved by using Bluetooth connectivity to pair the toothbrush with a smart device, mainly smartphones. The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to not only see how you are brushing by using the front-facing phone camera, but it also transfers data to an app that can be used to improve our tooth cleaning.

All the Genius models have Lithium battery which lasts long, 48 straight hours after a full charge. This translates to 12 days of brushing twice a day.

All the Genius models have a smartphone holder that you can mount on the wall to enable you to visualise your brushing.

They also all have a smart ring and a pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing too hard. All the Genius models are compatible to all Oral B brush heads.

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