Best Combination Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser (UK 2024)

With the best electric toothbrush with flosser combo, you greatly improve your chances of keeping plaque and any other oral ailments at bay. In this post, we are going to discuss all there’s to learn about the top electric toothbrush and water flosser combos in the market.

Best selling electric toothbrushes with flosser combo:

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After sifting through many electric water and toothbrush flosser combos in the market, we’ve come up with what we consider the best electric toothbrush with water flosser combos options following advice from top dentists. Here below are our reviews:

1. Sonic Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush by Waterpik

The Sonic Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush includes all of the right features to deliver the whole package regarding an electric-powered flosser and toothbrush combo. The Sonic Fusion features three sonic modes including floss, brush, and floss & brush. It’s convenient and easy quite to use with a push of a button to change from flossing to brushing, to both. The sonic toothbrush that accompanies the flossing unit is as good as any top electric toothbrush. It works on the sonic technology that produces thousands of movements and revolutions in a second for proper teeth cleaning.

The jetting water streams from the centrally placed flosser in the brush head clean between teeth crevices and under your gums. For great water flow, this particular machine features an innovative water pressure control with ten settings. Additionally, it features a reservoir capacity of 60+ seconds. You can also effortlessly handwash the reservoir with warm soapy water.

This toothbrush and water Flosser combo is backed by the ADA (American Dental Association) as being effective in removing plaque and improving gum health. This machine supports the global dual voltage (hundred – 240vac, 50/60hz), therefore making it appropriate for use anywhere there is electricity.


  • Stylish design
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Advanced water pressure control with ten ways
  • 2-It has a timer for recommended and a quad pacer
  • LED recharge indicator
  • Reservoir capacity of 60+ seconds
  • Two Water Flossing brush heads
  • Premium toothbrush case


  • Convenient to use
  • Features 3 cleaning functions
  • Certified by ADA (American Association of Dentists)
  • The manufacturer gives a warranty of three years


  • Expensive

2. Sonic Electric Toothbrush WCC-01 Complete Care Plus Water Flosser

This Sonic Electric Toothbrush WCC-01 Complete Care Plus water flosser electric toothbrush scores big when it comes to efficient power use while also saving you space because it has a smaller footprint in comparison to other options in the market. This product saves you space due to its small footprint in comparison to comparative models. With an ultra-compact size, you are sure to save additional space. This product has a rechargeable Triple Sonic toothbrush which provides up to 3 cleaning modes i.e. clean, whiten, and massage, exactly what you need to clean your teeth and gums.

On another hand, the included water flosser gets well deep between below the gum line and teeth to remove debris as well as reduce plaque missed by brushing alone. Therefore, tooth decay along with other dental issues can be avoided, making this particular combo perfect for anyone with braces or implants, as well as all those with crowns and bridges. A study by the American Orthodontics Association discovered that teenagers with braces who used a toothbrush and water flosser combo set at 50 PSI pressure setting removed three times more plaque than merely just using an electric toothbrush.

The Sonic complete care WCC-01 water flosser features ten settings ranging from ten to hundred PSI (pressure settings) while delivering 1400 water pulses per minute for great clean.

Moreover, this electric water and toothbrush flosser combo boasts of an impressive volume reservoir and also flow control. Holding twenty two ounces, this particular reservoir provides ninety seconds of water capacity with no refilling required. With the comfort of the on/off handle switch, it’s simple to control water flow. Meanwhile, this package includes 2 brush heads, a toothbrush travel case, 5 water tips, and tip storage tips.

Key features

  • It has an ultra-compact design
  • Magnetic cradle
  • Charging dock
  • Swivel handle
  • Ten pressure settings in its innovative Advanced Pressure Control System with ten Settings
  • Reservoir Capacity of 90+ Seconds
  • Hinged Reservoir Lid
  • Three cleaning modes: massage, whiten and Clean


  • Comes with 3 cleaning modes
  • Features sound pressure control with ten ways
  • Has high volume reservoir
  • No questions asked product guarantee of two years


  • Only appropriate to be used in North America with a voltage of 120VAC/60Hz
  • Battery does not last long

Ultra Water Flosser by Waterpik

Have you been looking for an easier and effective very way to floss with the braces, bridges, crowns, or perhaps implants? You have got a reliable option in this particular Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. It does a fantastic job of improving the overall dental health by cleaning deep between the teeth of yours and below the gumline of yours. This product includes a convenient pause button and an ergonomic handle design which is pretty comfortable to hold. Aside from that, this machine also includes a covered and high-volume reservoir.

It has variable water pressure settings that give you complete control to tailor the the flossing to your needs. You’ve the choice to select a personalized setting between ten to ninety PSI to help your gums stay healthy.

Meanwhile, this package includes six color-coded tips for more efficient operation. They’re plaque seeker tip, pick pocket tip, orthodontic tip, toothbrush tip, along with a classic jet tip.

Main features

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Ten water pressure settings
  • Six color coded tips


  • Versatile
  • Works successfully
  • Convenient to hold
  • Provides ideal control


  • May not last long

3 Best Waterpik Toothbrush Combo

When it comes to water flossers, Waterpik is one of the most accomplished brands in terms of research and innovation. You are likely to get value by picking one of their products. Here below we have compiled the top three best Waterpik toothbrushes with water flosser combo:

  • Waterpik Sonic Fusion
  • Waterpik Sonic complete care WCC-01
  • Waterpik Ultra

Fairywill Water Flosser And Toothbrush Combo

Fairywill is one impressive electric water and toothbrush flosser combo with exciting features. It’s waterproof and the toothbrush employs ultrasonic technology that produces multiple revolutions (40,000 VPM). Also, this toothbrush offers five different cleaning modes including soft and regular, to provide excellent cleaning. With a built-in 30-second interval timer, you’re notified to brush different sides of the mouths. It also has wireless charging through induction charging.

On the reverse side of the toothbrush is the smart water flosser which produces powerful jets of water designed to massage gums and dislodge food. With three usage modes, this cordless water flosser has great potential to meet several oral care needs.

This electric water and toothbrush flosser combo includes eight accessories; docking base, four Liberex flosser tips, an orthodontic tip, tongue cleaner, and four brush heads (two soft brush heads, two “W” shape brush head).


  • IPX7 waterproof system
  • Toothbrush with five cleaning modes
  • Water flosser with three usage modes
  • USB cable charging (ideal for traveling)
  • 2-minute auto timer


  • Comes with a waterproof phone
  • Toothbrush has five cleaning modes
  • Convenient to charge


  • Not too trustworthy

L23-b7 Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum and Philips Sonicare AirFloss Duo

When you are searching for a complete solution to boost dental health, we got you one. This Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum and Philips Sonicare AirFloss Duo electric toothbrush and flosser combo delivers exceptional plaque removal thanks to the patented Sonic technology that produces 62000 movements of bristles per second. By choosing from 3 intensity settings and 3 cleaning modes (clean, whiten, as well as deep clean), you’ll get the brushing experience you want every time.

Philips Sonicare AirFloss which is a quick and easy option for improving the gum health of those that do not clean or perhaps floss interdentally. The flosser improves your gum health by keeping plaque away. The AirFloss, featuring unique air and microdroplet technology, could be used with mouthwash or perhaps water to get rid of plaque in hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, this combination helps you to ward off cavities between teeth as well as ensures your gum health is improved in only two weeks. Hence, it’s stable with implants, orthodontics, and veneers.

Main features

  • Rechargeable toothbrush
  • Toothbrush with three cleaning modes
  • Air and micro droplet technology
  • Travel case


  • 3 cleaning modes give better results
  • Removes plaque from hard-to-reach areas
  • Keeps out cavities
  • Improves gum health


  • Does not last long

Water Flosser by ELLESYE, ATMOKO 600ml Oral Irrigator & Electric Toothbrush

This water flosser, oral irrigator, and electric toothbrush combo has the amazing power to effectively rid the mouth of debris and food residues. With the numerous features packed into it, this particular product prevents gum bleeding, tooth decay, swelling, and pain sensitivity. The included dental irrigator in ELLESYE, ATMOKO features seven jet tips (one orthodontic tip, one dental tip, one tongue scaler, one periodontal tip, & three classic jet tip) as well as an electric toothbrush head. With an electric powered toothbrush equipped with a soft mode, folks with teeth that are very sensitive are able to find it really helpful.

On the opposite side, the included water flosser is especially designed to help prevent cavities and offer excellent cleaning around braces. With 1400 – 1800 times/min water pulsation, you get to remove 99.9 % of debris. Furthermore, there are ten water pressure settings for adjusting pressure from twenty five – 120 PSI to find the most comfortable setting for you.

Additionally, this combo has a covered reservoir with a very high volume capacity of 600ml for ninety seconds of use without the need to refill while using. Additionally, it doesn’t make a lot of noise during use and is supported by FDA standard with a dual voltage of hundred – 240V.

Main features

  • Seven multifunctional tips
  • Ten pressure settings
  • 600ml covered reservoir


  • Different members of the family can use it at different times
  • Seven multifunctional jet tips
  • Great for individuals with orthodontic implants
  • The water tank is large enough to hold enough water to last through your cleaning session


  • Not durable

Sonicare AirFloss and Fill Charge Station Bundle: HX8272/20 Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean

This ProtectiveClean, Sonicare AirFloss, and fill & charge station combo offers all-round oral care. The Sonicare AirFloss, utilizes unique sonic technology, removes plaque, providing you an extremely efficient, but gentle clean. With the included toothbrush, you find the choice to personalize your brushing to what is convenient to you with 3 different modes: clean mode for better cleaning, gum care mode for massaging the gums of yours, and white mode for eliminating surface stains.

Meanwhile, the AirFloss is a quick and easy option for improving the gum health of those that do not clean interdentally or perhaps floss. It’s safe and great to use with veneers, orthodontics, and implants. Furthermore, the microdroplet and air technology helps to get rid of plaque in hard-to-reach areas. With a simple 30 second cleaning routine of fill, point, and clean, you get quite healthy gums.

Additionally, with the fill & charge station, you are able to have your AirFloss handle charged and full to make certain it is usually prepared for use. Aside from that, the reservoir is able to hold as many as 2 days of mouth rinse. It features dual voltage functionality like most Sonicare toothbrushes..

Main features

  • Three cleaning modes
  • Unique sonic technology
  • Air and microdroplet technology


  • Effectively tackles plaque in hard to reach zones like crevices between teeth
  • Prevents cavities between the teeth
  • Ensures good gums
  • Reservoir has a top capacity


  • Expensive

Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

This Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is perfect for the children. It has a small and simple design which makes flossing easy. This particular product, a custom model for kids of ages 6+, is particularly ideal for kids wearing braces. It greatly improves your kid’s gum health by eliminating nearly all the plaque from the treated areas.

Additionally, this water flosser, when utilized with proper brushing, has been proven to be very effective than traditional string and brushing floss. With three pressure settings included, you get the very best water pressure for the children. Meanwhile, this particular machine features a kid-proof electrical design with easy fingertip controls.

Conclusively, this water flosser comes with one classic jet tip effective for general cleaning, one orthodontic tip great for braces, and twenty fun removable cling labels to decorate or even customize your kid’s flosser.

Main features

  • Three pressure settings
  • One Orthodontic Tip
  • One Classic Jet Tip
  • Tip Ejection Button
  • Twenty removable cling decals


  • Very comfortable for children
  • Improves kids’ gum health greatly
  • Excellent for children who use braces
  • Compatible with global voltage (hundred – 240vAC)


  • A bit delicate

Water Flosser Tip Replacement: Waterpik Plaque Seeker Tip

In the event that you want a reliable replacement for your flosser tips, this plaque seeker tip provides you a good alternative. Specifically designed to provide the benefits of pulsating water, this particular item is beneficial for crowns, restoration, bridges, and permanent retainers. It features 3 small tufts of bristles for accessing stubborn plaque around hard-to-reach areas prone to plaque accumulation.

This program includes 2 color coded water flosser plaque seeker tips. They’re suitable for use with most Waterpik water flossers including Complete Care (all models), Aquarius, Cordless Select, Cordless Professional, Cordless Oils, Cordless Freedom, Cordless Advanced, Ultra, Traveler, Water Flosser for children and most water flosser brands .

We suggest you replace this tip every 3 weeks for the best results.

Main features

  • Two color coded tips
  • Three thin tufts of bristles


  • Compatible with many water flossers
  • Great for different orthodontic implants
  • Removes stubborn plaque


  • May not fit in flosser

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Water Flosser and Electric Toothbrush Combo

Best Electric Toothbrush With Water Flosser Combo Reviews

There are many electric water and toothbrush flosser combos on the market and identifying the appropriate choice for yourself or perhaps family is able to prove quite difficult. There are many factors to think about before making the perfect option. After testing the best items on the market and getting experts’ advice, we have come up with an extensive guide that will help you buy the proper toothbrush water flosser combo. We are going to discuss the most important elements to watch out for below:

Type Of Toothbrush

You will find various kinds of electric toothbrushes. You will find rotating, rotating oscillating, pulsing, counter oscillating, side to side, and ultrasonic and sonic toothbrushes. Probably the most popular types in electric water and toothbrush flosser combos are ultrasonic and sonic as can be observed in our reviewed products. Ultrasonic and sonic brushes vibrate at very high speeds and frequencies to help in breaking down plaque. Before purchasing a combo, you need to strongly consider an alternative with an ultrasonic or sonic toothbrush.

Jet Tips

Jet tips are typically placed on the water flosser’s nozzle. The same as you should have observed in the products we reviewed, different companies offer different number of jet tips for removing harmful bacteria, food debris, plaque, and also for massaging gums. Inadvertently, the greater the jet tips, the more the effectiveness. Hence, you need to strongly consider an electric water and toothbrush flosser combo with more than ten jet tips.

Reservoir Capacity

This’s an additional crucial aspect to consider before making a choice. Water flossers are available with a reservoir that stores some volume of water for flossing the teeth and gums. It is essential to purchase an electric water and toothbrush flosser combo with a reservoir of large capacity because the bigger the reservoir, the greater the time it is able to floss. Thus, before purchasing the product, you must know the tank capacity and consider whether the capacity is perfect for you.

Pressure Settings

Pressure settings are there to cater to the different individual needs of users. The pressure is usually applied to the gumline to blast out food residues and any niggling plaques trying to accumulate in the gum line. It goes without saying that different people have different needs and conditions, some have receding gums, others have sensitive teeth while others may have bleeding gums (you get the drift). Based on the different conditions you will need different pressure to clean your gum line. In case you have sensitive teeth, a gentler low soft mode pressure setting my fit your needs while if your focus is to dismantle plaque that is forming under your gums, high-pressure settings may be what you require to break down the plaque. Based on the above, the more pressure settings you have the more choice you have.

Brushing Timer

The very best electric toothbrushes come with timers to help the users keep an eye on the time they spend brushing. Dentists recommend 2 minutes for brushing the teeth. While some toothbrushes are auto programmed to just do the job for 2 minutes, others will beep if you brush for a complete 2 minutes. Thus, you get to clean your teeth better.


Different electric water and toothbrush flosser combos support different voltage. Some have dual voltage feature and can work internationally where the voltage is different from America while others are purely made to be used in America because they only work on 110 Voltage the standard USA voltage. You might want to choose a water flosser toothbrush combo that has dual voltage so that in case you travel abroad, you are all set. Obviously combos that only work in the USA will not be help when you travel internationally unless you buy a converter that could help interface the step up in voltage.


Everybody loves a handy machine that may be very easily transported. The case of an electric-powered water and toothbrush flosser combo isn’t an exemption since you would like a solution which can tend to your need whenever you need it. Undoubtedly, water flossing is an important component of daily oral hygiene. Consequently, it is crucial you purchase a combo which could be carried along on business trips or perhaps family vacations to keep personal dental health in the very best shape possible.

Advantages of an electric powered Water and Toothbrush Flosser Combo

  • This combo offers a cost-effective and versatile option
  • The combo delivers very clean and healthy mouth
  • Combination of pulsations and water pressure ensures deep cleaning between the teeth and below the gumline
  • Water flosser removes dangerous bacteria from hard-to-reach areas when brushing
  • Removes more plaque than a mechanical brush
  • Improves gum health and reduces tooth decay
  • Eliminates halitosis
  • Several cleaning modes
  • Timers to encourage 2 minute cleaning

Disadvantages of an electric powered Toothbrush And Water Flosser Combo

  • More expensive than a mechanical brush or perhaps a singular water flosser
  • Short battery life
  • Does not have dual voltage capability and could be inconvenient when travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the greatest electric water and toothbrush flosser combo?

The Waterpik Sonic Fusion Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Water and Toothbrush Flosser Combo may be the very best we found on the market. Besides massive positive customer feedback that attests to the effectiveness of the Sonic Fusion, it has variable sonic settings for high, medium, and low which can be adjusted to your different cleaning needs.

This combo is acknowledged by the American Dental Association, another testament to its best performance. It’s also travel friendly since it supports an international voltage (hundred – 240vac, 50/60hz).

What’s perfect Waterpik toothbrush combo?

Waterpik is, no doubt, known for impressive services and products. Sonic Fusion is arguably the best Water flosser toothbrush combo by waterpik

This Waterpik electric toothbrush is equipped with many different impressive features and functions.


Do I have to floss whether I use an electric powered toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush, no doubt, is much more successful than a manual toothbrush at eliminating teeth stains. On another hand, a water flosser is also helpful for removing plaque and reducing gingivitis. Flossing and brushing do not substitute each other. Consequently, you are able to still proceed to floss whether you utilize an electric toothbrush depending on your oral need. Flossing is a much welcome extra step in keeping your oral health great.

Should I floss before or perhaps after cleaning my teeth?

Many are conflicted about the appropriate order to floss and clean the teeth of theirs. Flossing removes plaque, bacteria, and food from between the tooth. It is crucial they are not left to remain there. In case you brush first and floss after, you risk leaving the removed debris in the mouth. But in case you floss first and brush after, you’ll be able to have the ability to eliminate the debris by brushing them out. Hence, it is better to floss before cleaning the teeth. This ensures that you clean the debris and lessen plaque in the mouth, therefore decreasing the odds of having gum disease.

Do dentists recommend water flossers?

Indeed, they do. This’s because flossers help a great deal to reduce plaque and bacteria from the teeth to keep the mouth healthy and safe always.


Electric water and toothbrush flosser combos (the best two-in-one water flossers) are extremely powerful with regard to maintaining good oral health. The electric water and toothbrush flosser both combine nicely to deliver a healthy and clean mouth. When looking for the very best electric water and toothbrush flosser combo, you must aim for an option which is transportable, has a big water reservoir, with a significant amount of pressure settings and jet tips.

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