Best Electric Toothbrush Under 50 Pounds (2024 UK)

Best Electric Toothbrush under 50 UK? Notice that some of these cheap electric toothbrushes under £50 do not have advanced features but still offer basic level features on a budget.

  • Some are accompanied by a pressure sensor as well as quad timer
  • They are rechargeable as well.
  • Although the cost is far more than a manual toothbrush, you will enjoy the results of your investment.

best selling electric toothbrushes under 50:

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1. Best Oral B Electric Toothbrush under £50

Best Electric Toothbrush under 50 pounds

This number one best electric toothbrush under 50 comes in three forms (Oral B Pro 3 3000, 3 3500 and 3 3900) with few differences among them. The 3 3500 comes with a travel case while the 3 3000 sometimes include one sometimes not. The 3 3900 model on the other hand comes with two set of electric toothbrushes.

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  • They both include a 360 visible pressure sensor that slows down and flashes red when you brush hard
  • Pro 3 models come with 3 cleaning modes (daily clean, sensitive and whitening) compared with 2 of pro2 and one of pro1.
  • There a built-in 2 minute timer in each of them to help you brush in recommended 2 minutes time
  • You get one brush head for pro 3 3000 and 3500 but 2 heads if you choose pro 3 3900
  • On full charge their batteries c an last up to 14days time

2. Best Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush under 50

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This under 50 Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush with a timer is effective at removing plaque up to seven times over a mechanical toothbrush. Furthermore, it’s been crafted with a smart sensor to identify whether you are applying a lot of force when cleaning. Moreover, the Smart Timer incorporated will make sure you are brushing for the recommended two minutes as well as the Quadpacer feature will direct you towards each quadrant of the mouth.

Furthermore, the BrushSync technology is going to track just how long you have used the brush-head. Additionally, once the time comes to change it, the signal light is going to let you know. Furthermore, the 31,000 brush strokes per minute mean it is going to provide you with an excellent clean each time.


  • It has functionality called easy start that eases you into the high sonic vibrations
  • The brush needed to be recharged every two weeks
  • The USB charger device is included
  • Suitable for braces, , and fillings veneers
  • One brush head
  • 2 years guarantee
  • The brushing is going to stop instead of slow down when applying excessive pressure
  • See how it compares with the 2100 model in our Sonicare 2100 vs 3100

Check it out, the Philips Sonicare 3100 Series Sonic Electric Toothbrush with BrushSync Replacement Reminder (Model HX3671/14), Black

3. Oral-B 1 Pro Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor

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The Oral-B 1 Pro Electric Toothbrush employs 3D cleaning action (rotation, vibration and pulsation).

The 3D cleaning action is better than the 2D cleaning movement Whereby the 2D can remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush, the 3D removes more than the 2D, up to 100% more than the manual ones too.

  • The pro 1 has a battery status indicator on its handle that flashes red when the battery is low and green when it is charging.
  • It comes with one brush head.
  • And when comes to colour options, the pro 1 comes in blue only.
  • Oral-B 1 Pro Electric Toothbrush comes with 2-minute timer with a pacer to help you brush evenly at two minutes twice a day as recommended by dental professionals
  • Its battery when fully charged can stay up to 7 days compared to 14 of pro-2000 (compared below)
  • Has built-in pressure sensor that slows down the toothbrush as a means to alert you to stop brushing too hard instead, guide the brush to do its work
  • You get 2 pin plug and 2 years warranty that can be extended to 3 if you register it online

4. Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

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.The Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush is more or less the same cost as the Oral B Vitality. It is calmer than the Oral B Vitality. It employs patented sonic innovation to tenderly remove plaque in difficult-to-reach regions.

  • It has a smart timer to enable you to hit the two minutes brushing recommended by dentists.
  • The Vitality is one of the best selling electric toothbrushes under 50
  • The battery lasts for 7 days on a single charge
  • Its bristles fade away when the brush head is due for replacement.
  • It comes in four colours; pink , blue, black and white.
  • You also get one brush head and 2 pin shaver plug charger

The Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush is the best selling toothbrush in the budget/cheap electric toothbrush category. Here is why.

When it comes to basic “no-frills” tooth cleaning, the Vitality gives you the same efficiency as top-end toothbrushes . This is because it runs on the patented Oral B 2d cleaning technology that removes more plaque than manual toothbrush

The only difference between top end Oral B toothbrushes and the Vitality is that the Vitality runs on the basic cleaning mode of Daily Clean while to the top end versions give you more functionality, like 3-5 cleaning modes (clean, gum care,white, sensitive and polish mode.), USB charging, travel case and more “frills and bells”. The price of Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush is right and will give you value for money, as it is also durable. It is probably the best inexpensive electric toothbrush.

Check out the Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, 1 Handle, 1 Cross Action Toothbrush Head, 1 Mode with 2D Cleaning, 2 Pin UK Plug, Black & White.

5. Colgate ProClinical 360° Whitening Electric Toothbrush


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 The best budget electric-powered toothbrush today is Colgate’s ProClinical 360. Not merely is it excellent value, it is lightweight and, despite the absence of some other brush features, has a neat timer. Offered in 3 colors (black, pink and white), this slender, understated look from Colgate, the ProClinical 360, hardly screams hi tech, but with 2 sonic cleaning motions – side-to-side and up-down – , it cleans gums and teeth brilliantly.

It is not a lot bigger than a regular hand toothbrush which makes it ideal for traveling, or even simply not cluttering up the bathroom, and also after a couple of days employ our teeth felt softer than when working with a well used rotating brush top model. Any electric item is going to do a much better job than a mechanical brush, but it nearly kept pace with the industry leaders without costing you a gold crown at the same time.

Admittedly it lacks a great deal of smart characteristics, though you do get a useful two-minute timer with auto-off so that as we have come to expect, it is going to vibrate after thirty seconds to show you to go to the next component of the jaws. It’s refreshingly plain, although the bristles do feel smooth set alongside a conventional brush, they do a fantastic job and are designed to avoid some harm to vulnerable gums.

6. Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults

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 uses unique sonic technology, that effectively removes waste and stains from the surface of your teeth. Its unique curved cut suits the tooth curvature much better and also penetrates into the gap between the teeth for improved removal of tooth plaque, smoke spots, tea spots, plus coffee spots. The gentle DuPont bristles guard the gums against damage. It’s IPX7 waterproof, it may be utilized and cleaned in the sink with ease. It’s a quadpacer along with an auto timer. Phylian offers  eight brush heads for almost two years to use.

7. DrDent Premium Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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 This toothbrush electric has a remarkably impressive electric battery which lasts for as much as eight weeks with one charge! This implies that you don’t need to stress about packing your toothbrush charger when having or traveling to cope with inaesthetic cables in the bathroom. It has five Cleaning Modes: 40.000 sonic movements. Five modes are for: whitening, polishing, sensitive teeth, cleaning, and gum massage. 

8. Philips Sonicare 2100

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The Philips Sonicare 2100 Series is a good toothbrush. It’s lightweight and slim. It does a great job of washing the teeth. 2100 serves those searching for a cheaper choice of effectively brushing teeth. It benefits from the minimal and slimmer deal with a design that makes it an attractive and lightweight item. The handle is grey in colour, accented by a mint green coloured power button.


  • Two intensity options – choose between high and low power
  • Timer and pacer encourage brush for the suggested time
  • Slim handle design – easy and stylish to maintain clean
  • USB charging stand helps it be much more convenient for some


  • Unlike some models, it doesn’t have a pressure sensor to inform you when you brush too hard.
  • Cleaning action not as effective as premium models – brush motor configured differently
  • USB charger helps it be much less convenient for some 

Sonicare 4300 Protectiveclean Review

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The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean includes a handy case for travel. It comes with a pressure sensor, two-week battery life and also brush head replacement alerts thanks to the Sonicare Proprietary Brushnsync. Additionally, the 4300 Protectiveclean includes a two-minute timer, split into thirty-second intervals.


  • Smart brush head replacement alert
  • Pressure sensor and brushing timers
  • Handy travelling case for whenever you spend time from home


  • Expensive replacement toothbrush heads

Electric Toothbrushes under 50 Pounds: Buying Guide

Although they all serve the same purpose, rechargeable electric toothbrushes come in various designs. Depending on the one that you choose primarily comes down to personal preference and comfort.

  • Bristle Variety and Aesthetic appeal: Just like the conventional toothbrush, the electrical ones also have different bristle textures and shapes. Like earlier said, customer preference is key to ultimate comfort. Go for the brush that you feel comfortable to use. Why consider the bristle variety? Here is why most of the doctors recommend a soft bristle head in case you have sensitive teeth or gums. Alternatively, some believe the medium is always the best in removing plaque.
  • Brushing Modes: Ensure that you take the time to choose your brush. It is always prudent to buy a brush that offers different speed levels of pressure. Normally, best brushes have an option to create a customized mode that is ideal for the user.
  • Battery life and charging abilities: The electric toothbrush power-up quickly. One can charge them and get to use them severally before the power elapses. You will require approximately 12hours to recharge your brush.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Best electrical toothbrushes have a soft grip which makes them more comfy to use and handle. In case you don’t like the feel of vibrations, you might consider going for soft-grip handles that lessen the vibrations while brushing.
  • Pressure sensors: Harsh scrubbing to remove plaque can do you more harm than good. You can opt to go for brushes that have pressure sensors. Some produce a beeping sound when you press too hard while others will automatically stop pulsing.
  • After considering preference and lifestyle, buyers can decide what features are most important. There are several brands on the market that offer almost all the characteristics named above. In most cases, more features mean a higher price tag for the brush. In case you want a high-end model brush with several features, it’s important to make a few comparisons before making choices.

The thing that separates the top end and inexpensive, budget electric toothbrushes is the level of functionality. High-end toothbrushes have different customization features like whitening, settings for sensitive teeth, tongue cleaner, Bluetooth pairing and the list goes on. All these features enhance your teeth cleaning sessions.

However, if you are only interested in getting your teeth cleaned with a power toothbrush then an affordable cheap electric toothbrush will do.

Any good affordable electric toothbrush will do the job seven times better than a manual toothbrush. It will also help you brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes. In this case, any best electric toothbrush under 50 pounds that is rechargeable will improve the way you brush your teeth and lead to better oral hygiene.

Check the Oral-B Pro 1 Electric Toothbrush For Adults With Pressure Sensor, 1 Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head, 1 Mode with 3D Cleaning, 2 Pin UK Plug, 600, Blue


 If you’re looking for the best affordable electric toothbrush under 50 that won’t break the bank, check out these seven affordable electric toothbrushes that are all under 50. Helpful things to bear in mind before purchasing:

  • You do not have to get an expensive toothbrush: Paying far more on a toothbrush does not suggest you’re getting a much better product. Frequently you’re paying for additional features and functions you won’t use. A lot of the best budget power toothbrushes are available at under £50.
  • Smart toothbrushes are usually not well worth it: They’re able to help to inspire a much better strategy and habit formation, though they’re not more effective.
  • Routine and habit along with the method is important
  • Your toothbrushing technique plus routine have much more influence on your dental health than the toothbrush itself. It is no use getting the best electric toothbrush in case you do not put it to use right.

Best Selling Electric Toothbrush under 50:

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