5 Benefits of Electric Toothbrush for Children

We often get questions like ‘What are the benefits of an electric toothbrush for children over the manual toothbrushes.  After reviewing several kids electric toothbrushes and doing some research, here are top 5 benefits of using electric toothbrushes for kids.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Toothbrush For Children?

  1. Adequate Plaque Removal
  2. Protection against gum recession
  3. Helps Brush longer
  4. Real time training
  5. Reach Hard to Reach Areas

Adequate Plaque Removal

It is scientifically proven that an electric toothbrush has ability to remove more tooth plaque than manual toothbrush. This helps reduce the risk of dental decay and gum disease.

Protection against gum recession

 Brushing too hard is one of the main causes of receding gums and wearing out of tooth enamel, exposing the teeth to sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks. It is quite hard for a kid to tell whether he or she brushes too hard when using a manual toothbrush. However, electric toothbrushes comes with in-built pressure sensors that alerts when a kid brush hard and apps that teach children how to brush properly.

Brush longer

 It is recommended that both adults and kids should brush their teeth in 2 minutes time, twice a day. To help achieve this, electric toothbrushes come with a 2 minute timer with pacer that buzzes after every 30 seconds to alert the child to move on from where they are brushing to another mouth quadrant. After 2 minutes time, the pacer buzzes twice and the brush switch off automatically when using Sonicare, or in other brushes it alert you to switch it off as the brushing cycle is complete.

British Dental Health Organization advocates children to use power toothbrushes over manual ones (https://www.dentalhealth.org/childrens-teeth) as it fun and makes kids brush at the correct amount of time.

Real time training

 Electric toothbrushes like Philips Sonicare for kids are Bluetooth enabled which when connected to specially made kids app offers real time training. The app shows the kid where they have brushed, which area to brush next, are they brushing properly or not and how long while offering tutorial on how to do it properly. This help the child learn on daily basis proper oral care hygiene while brushing their teeth.

Reach Hard to Reach Areas

 It is hard to brush some mouth areas with manual toothbrushes like in-between teeth, and at the back of the teeth. But with the toothbrush like the Oral B kids that offer tooth to tooth cleaning reaching hard to reach areas has been made easier. This is because the brush cleans the whole tooth at the same time without the need of changing direction every time as you do with the manual toothbrush.

Now you know the benefits of electric toothbrush for children, here are the most recommended best electric toothbrush for kids aged 3 to 6, 6 to 12 and 13 to 18 year old for you to explore.

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