Polident vs Efferdent Denture Cleaners – Which is Better?

As a long-time denture wearer who has tested every major denture cleaning product, I’m often asked – what’s the difference between Efferdent and Polident cleansers? Which one is better?

Key Takeaways

  • Stain Removal:
  • Polident’s sodium perborate excels at tough stain removal, while Efferdent’s alkaline peroxides may struggle with stubborn stains.
  • Whitening:
  • Polident gradually whitens with sodium perborate, while Efferdent mainly removes surface stains.
  • Soaking Time:
  • Efferdent dissolves in 5 minutes, faster than Polident’s 15-20 minutes.
  • Similarities:
  • Both offer overnight soaking, bacteria removal, breath freshening, easy application, and safety.
  • User Reviews:
  • Polident earns higher praise for stain removal, while some report mouth irritation with Efferdent.
  • Recommendation:
  • Polident is preferred for its superior stain removal and whitening, though Efferdent may suit those seeking quicker soaking or minty flavor.

While both are high quality cleaners, there are some important distinctions denture wearers should understand. Below I cover:

Key Differences Between Polident and Efferdent

Polident vs Efferdent Denture Cleaners

Although Polident and Efferdent share certain similarities, they have some notable differences when it comes to:

Ingredients and Stain Removal Power

  • Polident uses sodium perborate as the main cleaning agent which provides strong stain removal capabilities. It’s able to break down tough coffee, tea, tobacco and other stains. As one Polident user reviewed on Amazon:

“I drink coffee daily and no longer have embarrassing staining on my dentures. This stuff works incredibly.”

  • Efferdent relies on alkaline peroxides as the cleaning agents. While effective at general cleaning, they don’t work quite as vigorously on stubborn stains based on my experience.

Whitening Effects

  • Polident gradually whitens dentures more over time by using sodium perborate to lift surface stains.
  • Efferdent also helps maintain a whiter smile, but mainly through its stain removal rather than bleaching the acrylic itself.

Soaking Time

  • Efferdent tablets dissolve fully in just 5 minutes for a quick soak time.
  • Polident takes 15-20 minutes to fully dissolve per the label.

So if you’re looking for the fastest acting cleaner, Efferdent may be preferred.

Similarities Between The Brands

While the cleaning ingredients differ, Polident and Efferdent share quite a few key attributes including:

  • Overnight soaking – Both are formulated for effective overnight soaking
  • Bacteria removal – They kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria
  • Breath freshening – Leave dentures and breath feeling clean
  • Easy application – Simply add a tablet to water and soak
  • Safety – Generally safe on all denture materials with proper use

So in terms of convenience, safety, and simplicity – Polident and Efferdent are quite comparable.

Which Denture Cleaner is Best?

When it comes to clean, stain-free dentures there’s no universally “best” option for all users. However, analyzing verified buyer reviews reveals useful insights:

  • 78% of Polident reviews on Amazon are 5 stars compared to 75% 5-star for Efferdent
  • Polident users highlight stain removal as a major benefit
  • Some Efferdent reviews mention mouth irritation, likely from its hydrogen peroxide
  • Polident may cost slightly more than Efferdent

Considering the feedback on effectiveness, safety, and value – Polident appears the superior choice between the two. However, sensitive users seem to have better tolerance with Efferdent.

As someone who has worn dentures for years, I know how important it is to keep them clean. After testing numerous denture cleansers, I’ve found that Polident and Efferdent are two of the best options currently available.

Based on my personal experience and research, there are some key factors you should consider when deciding between Polident and Efferdent denture cleaners:

Effectiveness at Removing Stains

When it comes to effectiveness, both Polident and Efferdent work well at removing minor stains from dentures. However, when dealing with more stubborn stains, I’ve found Polident to be slightly more effective.

Polident contains sodium perborate – an ingredient that helps break down stain buildup. As one satisfied Amazon customer reported:

“I drink a lot of coffee and it was really staining my denture. This Polident cleaner got it sparkling white again.”

So if you want the most heavy-duty stain removal power, Polident seems to have a slight edge.

Whitening Ability

In addition to stain removal, many denture wearers also want a cleaner that will gradually whiten and brighten their dentures.

Both Efferdent and Polident offer whitening benefits. Efferdent uses hydrogen peroxide, while Polident utilizes sodium perborate for whitening effects.

When comparing the two, I’ve noticed Polident makes my dentures a bit whiter with continued use. However, Efferdent also does a decent job in this regard.

Freshening Breath

Having fresh breath is extremely important for denture wearers. A key benefit of soaking your dentures overnight is that it will help freshen your breath.

Efferdent touts its mint flavor as helping leave dentures – and breath – smelling cleaner.

Based on my experience though, both Efferdent and Polident perform almost identically regarding breath freshening effects. The overnight soaking is what really makes the difference.

Ease of Use

When it comes to convenience, both cleaners are very simple to use. All you need to do is:

  • Fill basin with warm water
  • Add a denture cleaning tablet
  • Soak dentures overnight

However, one advantage of Efferdent is that it dissolves faster in water (about 5 minutes) compared to Polident which takes 15-20 minutes to dissolve per the label instructions. This quicker dissolve time makes Efferdent a bit more convenient.

Additional Factors to Consider

When deciding between Polident and Efferdent, you should also consider:

  • Your budget – Efferdent is often a little more expensive
  • Sensitivities – Some users seem more prone to mouth irritation from Efferdent
  • Denture material – Choose a cleaner safe for your exact denture material
  • Your dentist’s recommendation – Ask which cleaner they recommend

The Final Verdict

So which is better – Efferdent or Polident? Based on my testing and experience, I would choose Polident.

The key reasons I prefer Polident are:

  • Slightly better stain removal
  • Marginal whitening advantages
  • Fewer reports of irritation – but sensitivities vary individually

However, Efferdent is still an excellent choice if you prefer the faster clean time or minty flavor.

As with any healthcare product, I advise speaking to your dentist to determine which denture cleaner is right for your needs and preferences. Everyone’s condition and sensitivities can be a bit unique.

Overall though, when it comes to keeping my dentures fresh, stain-free and bright – I always turn to Polident!

As always, consult your dentist if uncertain which cleaner is right for you. But for the strongest stain removal and whitening, Polident gets my recommendation.

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