Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 vs 7400 vs 7500 vs 7700 vs 7900 Review

In 2019 Sonicare rolled a new model called ExpertClean mainly aimed at the medium-priced electric toothbrush market. This segment of the market caters for people who want more customization in the toothbrush they use to tackle their respective needs but do not want to stretch their budgets to snap up high-end models.

The ExpertClean comes in different models the 7300, then 7400, 7500 and 7700, so it can be quite confusing to know how to differentiate between to get exactly what suits your needs. Here below we compare the different models to help you figure out what suits your needs.

Philips Sonicare 7300 vs 7500 ExpertClean

  • Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 has four cleaning modes but Expertclean 7300 has three
  • The 7500 Expertclean modes are daily clean, gum health, whitening and deep clean in which Sonicare 7300 has all of them except the White+ mode.
  • Daily Clean is for outstanding everyday clean (two minutes) ,Gum Health – special focus on molars (three minutes twenty seconds),White+ – to remove surface stains (2 minutes forty seconds) and, DeepClean+ – (3 minutes) of refreshing and rejuvinating deep clean .
  • You also have a selection of three intensities (Low or Medium or high) in every brushing mode.
  • This obviously affords you great customization and flexibility; in case you’ve teeth that are sensitive or gums you are able to choose the low intensity setting. On the other hand you might boost the intensity level if you’re comfortable with it. Nevertheless, it’s suggested to use intensity level three.
  • ExpertClean 7500 comes with a charging case for traveling that enables you to charge the toothbrush on the go via the use of a USB port or perhaps wall outlet while, ExpertClean 7300 does not have a charging (USB) traveling case. Nevertheless, it has a regular travel case that has a trendy appearance.
  • The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 is a popular item sold by Amazon along with numerous other retailers.
  • Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 comes exclusively in whilte with silver finish and black accents while 7500 comes in a range of 3 colours (black (with gyeyish finish); white (with silver accents) or pink )
  • As you can see, all you are really getting for paying a few more bucks to buy the ExpertClean 7500 is a USB charging functionality on the travel case and a White + cleaning mode.

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These two models are more or less the same brush as shown by their vast simililarities that we point out below:

  1. They both operate on the patentent Sonicare sonic technology that produces 31000 brush strokes per second.
  2. They all have a timer to let you know when you’ve brushed for 2 minutes as recommended by tooth professionals.
  3. There is a pressure sensors in both the 7300 and 7500 to help you avert exerting excessive pressure when brushing.
  4. Both the Expertclean 7300/7500 have the BrushSync replacement reminder which reminds you if the brush head is actually due for replacement.
  5. They all have a 14 day battery life.
  6. They both have bluetooth connectivity and connect to the Sonicare app.

There are minor differences which we explore above. At the time of writing one glaring difference between the two models was that the 7300 was solely sold via the Philips Sonicare website while the 7500 is exclusively sold on Amazon. Strange isn’t it?

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I ought to mention that if searching online, you might notice mention of the 7500 variant. At this particular moment, the 7500 isn’t in the UK. It is primarily available in the USA and also features a slightly different specification on the ExpertClean 7300. Those variations are: 7300 has three cleaning modes (Clean, Deep Clean & Gum Health) when compared with the four modes (Clean, White, Deep Clean & Gum Health) of the 7500.

Philips Sonicare 7400 vs 7300 ExpertClean

The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7400 is basically more or less like ExpertClean 7300 toothbrush, the only difference being that the 7400 model comes with three replacement brush heads:

Philips Sonicare 7500 vs 7700 ExpertClean

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7700 is the newest ExpertClean model. It is basically the 7500 Expertclean with a bundled UV sterilizer.

Following the successful launch of the Waterpik Fusion (an electric toothbrush fused with a water flosser) Sonicare has also come up with the ExpertClean 7700 which is has a water flosser.

Philips Sonicare 7900 vs 7300 ExpertClean

The main difference between Philips Sonicare ExpertClean7900 and 7300 is that the ExpertClean 7900 comes with a whitening cleaning mode and two more brushing heads (a total of 4) than the ExpertClean 7300 which only has 3 brushing heads and no whitening cleaning mode.

Other subtle differences are that the Sonicare 7900 ExpertClean which is a pricier toothbrush than the 7300 ExpertClean. The ExpertClean 7900 has an on table toothbrush holder and also comes in trendier colours of Pink and Black on the handle while the ExpertClean 7300 comes in two plain black and white colours.

Basically, the Expertclean 7900 vs 7300 is a comparison of two of the most popular models in the Sonicare line. Both brushes have a variety of features that make them great for cleaning teeth and gums.

The Experclean 7900, has a few extra features, such as a whitening mode and a timer, that make it more versatile. Both brushes are easy to use and come with a variety of brush heads to fit different needs.

Overall, the Sonicare Series 7900 Advanced Whitening vs 7300 is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality brush that will help them keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Key features of the Expertclean sold in the UK are a pressure sensor, brush in sync to remind you to replace your brush heads, travel case and long-lasting battery.

The Pros of ExpertClean 7900 / 7300

  • The design and materials of this toothbrush give it a stylish and premium feeling, and it is available in a range of colours.
  • This toothbrush has multiple cleaning modes to suit different user needs, as well as a built-in timer and pacer to ensure you brush your teeth for the dentist recommended 2 minutes.
  • It also has a built-in pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing too hard.
  • A toothbrush with a reminder system to tell you when to replace the brush head, with a minimum battery life of 2 weeks and the ability to recharge the toothbrush whilst in the travel case.

The Cons

  • Lacks the onscreen spot detection and comments that various other Sonicare models offer The additional brush head is better kept in the travelling case, as no storage or stand compartment is provided 

Sonicare ExpertClean 7900 Review

The 7900 is a version of the ExpertClean that will come with two additional brush heads in the package and also another cleaning setting over the brush handle.

The ExpertClean Series 7900, likewise referred to as Series 7900 Advanced Whitening can be purchased in two colour options. It’s four cleaning modes (fresh, deep clean, grey and gum health).

The 7900 could be the top dentistry expert suggested sonic toothbrush brand in the environment which is able to enhance your dental health of yours in only two weeks*. The brush is Sync enabled meaning which it is able to auto-detect the kind of brush head that’s connected and alert you when it’s time to change it. You are able to choose from four modes (clean, gum health, white+, rich clean+) as well as three intensities for any personalised brushing experience. The charging travelling case is provided.

The 7900 electric toothbrush provides you with the choice to choose between three different intensity levels: high, medium, and low. According to the brush head, you attach, the intensity is selected automatically. In case you want to switch to another intensity, you are able to do this by pressing the mode/intensity button while brushing.


 The ExpertClean Sonicare 7300 Review

The ExpertClean Sonicare 7300 is arguably in the mid-point premium products of  Sonicare models just a notch below the premium Diamondclean.

It uses the Sonicare app through Bluetooth to give you feedback on your brushing technique. 

 The ExpertClean often defaults to the Clean mode of its, the amount of pressure exerted when brushing. It also has else, Philips’ Brushsync technological innovation to remind you to replace your brush.

The ExpertClean is an excellent brush. Even on the basic mode: Clean using standard intensity. If you are brushing much too hard. Use an excessive amount of stress and there is a signal along with a decrease in revolutions that allow you to recognize you have reduce the pressure. 

Key Features of the ExpertClean 7300

This toothbrush has three brushing modes, three cleaning intensities, a built-in pressure sensor, a charging travel case, a brush head replacement reminder system, and brush head mode pairing. It also has an automatic power off and two or more weeks of battery life.

The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7900 is a more expensive model than the Sonicare 7300, but it has some features that make it a better choice. 

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