Abreva vs Orajel Cold Sore Treatment: Key Differences, Specs Comparison, Review

The key difference between Orajel Cold Sore and Abreva Cold Sore Medicine is their active ingredients, speed of relief, and overall purpose. Both these products have a rich history in treating cold sores, commanding respect in the pharmaceutical community. From soothing active breakouts to reducing the healing time, both these remedies appear promising. But then, with so many shared traits, how do you determine which offers the best bang for your buck? Which one provides better value for your money?

7 Key Difference between Abreva and Orajel Cold Sore Treatment

Orajel Cold Sore vs Abreva Cold Sore Treatment
  1. Active Ingredient
    Orajel contains benzocaine, which offers immediate pain relief by numbing the area. Abreva, on the other hand, contains docosanol, which works to block the virus and reduce the duration of the outbreak. If you’re suffering from painful sores, Orajel might be your go-to. But if you’re looking for a solution to speed up healing, Abreva could be the answer.
  2. Speed of Relief
    Orajel promises instant pain relief due to its numbing effect, while Abreva is more focused on reducing the lifespan of the cold sore. You might want to consider this if you’re prepping for an important event and need quick relief.
  3. Purpose
    Orajel is primarily a pain reliever, whereas Abreva is an antiviral cream. If preventing the spread is your primary concern, you might want to lean towards Abreva.
  4. Duration of Treatment
    Abreva generally requires a more prolonged usage to see results, whereas Orajel offers immediate but temporary relief.
  5. Price
    Abreva tends to be pricier compared to Orajel. If you’re budget-conscious, this could influence your decision.
  6. Application
    Orajel is a gel, making it a tad messier, while Abreva is a cream, offering a smoother application.
  7. Availability
    Both are widely available, but Orajel offers a broader range of other dental pain relief products. So, if you’re a loyal brand fan, that might sway you.

Detailed Comparison Table

FeatureOrajel Cold SoreAbreva Cold Sore Medicine
Active IngredientBenzocaineDocosanol
Speed of ReliefImmediateGradual
Primary PurposePain reliefAntiviral
Duration of TreatmentShort-termLonger
PriceGenerally cheaperPricier
AvailabilityBroad range availableSpecific to cold sores

Review of Orajel Cold Sore

Key Features:

  • Contains benzocaine for immediate relief.
  • Gel application for fast absorption.
  • Broad range of other pain relief products.


  • Quick pain relief.
  • More budget-friendly.
  • Easy to find in most drug stores.


  • Only provides temporary relief.
  • Can be a bit messy due to gel form.

Review of Abreva Cold Sore Medicine

Key Features:

  • Contains docosanol as an active ingredient.
  • Cream form ensures smooth application.
  • Focuses on reducing the lifespan of the cold sore.


  • Offers both relief and healing.
  • Acts as an antiviral.
  • Non-messy application.


  • Takes time to show results.
  • More expensive than its counterparts.


When pitting Orajel against Abreva, it’s evident that both cater to somewhat different needs. If you’re in pain and need a quick solution, Orajel is your buddy. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive treatment, addressing not just the pain but also the root cause, Abreva should be on your shopping list. Now, consider your priorities. What do you want more – quick relief or a thorough remedy? Your answer will lead you to the right choice.


  1. Which one acts faster, Orajel or Abreva?
    Orajel offers instant relief due to its numbing effect, while Abreva focuses on reducing the duration of the outbreak.
  2. Are there any side effects to these medications?
    Both medicines are generally safe, but it’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider or read the labels.
  3. Can I use both simultaneously?
    While it’s not harmful, you might want to consult with a pharmacist to get the best advice on combining them.
  4. Is one more affordable than the other?
    Generally, Orajel is more budget-friendly compared to Abreva.
  5. Do they have other uses besides treating cold sores?
    Orajel has a broader range of dental pain relief products, while Abreva is specifically for cold sores.

Both Orajel and Abreva are frontrunners when it comes to cold sore treatments. Yet, as we’ve delved deep into their specs, features, pros, and cons, it’s evident that your unique needs and preferences will determine the best choice. Got an urgent date or an interview? Orajel might be your quick fix. But if you’re keen on attacking the root cause, Abreva is worth the investment. Whatever you choose, remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider for the best results. So, which one are you leaning towards?

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