How to Prevent Cavities in Baby Teeth

Recent research findings by the Royal College of Surgeons and the American Dental Association indicate that children are twice likely to be hospitalized for preventable tooth decay than for any other health condition. Tooth decay is quite common among young ones but it can be preventable when you know what to do. Therefore it is important for every parent to take good care of their children’s teeth.

Children teeth’s are very delicate and vulnerable to decay and resultant cavities. However, this can be avoided by reducing the amount of sugar the kids eat, regular brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, preferably using a decent electric toothbrush for kids and routine checks at the dentists.  It is very important to teach your child to brush early enough.To get your child appreciate brushing you should make it a routine where you brush together. Let the children use a toothpaste friendly to them. This will make them enjoy brushing and it will be a part of them throughout their lives.

Preventing childhood cavities

As we have noted, dental cavities for the children at a young age are very common. You should not be worried about this. Below are some of the ways through which you can prevent childhood tooth cavities.

Brushing teeth early and often.

It is important to train your child to brush their too at least twice a day and if possible after every meal. This will help to prevent accumulation of the sugar on the teeth. Accumulation of sure leads to the development of the bacterial which weakens the teeth and make them develop cavities easily.

Introduce flossing

Flossing helps to remove food particles which might have remained in between the teeth. This help to remove the bacteria which may lead to bad breath and also tooth decay. It is recommended to floss at least twice a day for 3 minutes.

Have a visit to your dentist

The dentist will perform a dental exam to check on the dental health, the alignment of the teeth and also see whether there is any sign of dental
decay. The dentist will advise according to the situation and this will assist to
prevent dental cavities.

Eat Healthily.

Healthy eating has a great impact on the dental health. It is therefore advisable to ae food that will not cause harm to your kid’s teeth. For example, sugary food should be avoided since they can cause the development of bacteria in the mouth. Food rich in calcium and magnesium is very important for the dental health of your child.

Rinse medication down

Most of the syrup for the children contain sure in high amounts which are used to mask the taste of the active ingredient. It is very important to lo let your children drink some water after they take the syrup to wash away the sugar.

Choosing the best toothpaste for your child

The type of toothpaste used has a big impact on the children’s dental hygiene. It is therefore important to select the best toothpaste to use for your children. When you don’t have the right toothpaste, the toddler might not get to brush their teeth as effectively. Toothpaste with Flouride help remove food residue and prevents bacteria from developing.

You can select the toothpaste depending on their flavor. There is some toothpaste which the child might not feel comfortable to use. For example, the ones which will make their mouthfeel on fire should not be used.

Example of the best toddler’s toothpaste includes Toms of main, Jack N Jill, Aquafresh kids, and Now Xyliwhite. The best toothpaste should have a good flavor. Maybe with the taste of a bubblegum. This will encourage the child to use the paste and will be able to tolerate brushing their teeth as recommended. When selecting the toothpaste, it is important to consider the presence of fluoride. Though fluoride is important to prevent the tooth decay, it should be supplied in small amounts.

The big question is, when should your child start using toothpaste? This might put you into a dilemma. One might be worried about introducing the child to Fluoride paste early and at the same time fearing to train the child to brush their teeth late. The best time to introduce your child to brush their teeth as recommended by the dentist is at the age of 3 years. It is recommended for the toddlers to use a pea’s size amount of the toothpaste. Kids below 3 should only apply a smear of flouride toothpaste.

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