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Waterpik Aquarius (660,662,663,665,667,670,672,673) Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Find the Waterpik Aquarius (660,662,663,665,667,670,672,673) Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021. There is always a Waterpik Aquarius Black Friday deal to grab. Check other Black Friday Waterpik 2021 deals here.

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Waterpik Aquarius Black Friday 2021 Deals

Black Friday Waterpik Aquarius WP-670 Vs Aquarius Professional WP-660

The WP-660, as well as WP-670 models, are fairly complex Waterpiks. Both are feature-rich devices which take advantage of contemporary technologies (like the timer/pacer). So, which one should you choose? Let’s figure out by comparing their similarities and differences.

When selecting a Waterpik to add to your dental hygiene. You need to be certain you are purchasing one that provides the ultimate durability, quality, and performance.


  • Both devices include a medium sized water tank with controls on the handle that will enable the users to effortlessly control and adjust the settings of the device during use. Additionally, there are controls on the base which enable you to further adjust the energy levels, and rotate modes between floss and massage.
  • Both have ten pressure options and an impressive ninety seconds of water to use for flossing.
  • They both have a timer as well as a pacer component, which will enable you to ensure that your sessions are as thorough and as long as you want them to be. The timer runs for ninety seconds, while the pacer goes off every 30 seconds to make sure you cover every section of the mouth.
  • Both have two individual flossing modes with flossing and pulsating – 400 ml flow rate as well as 1400 pulses per second. The modes include the common floss mode which is going to be ideal for daily use it feels like a conventional roll of string floss.The other one is massage mode or perhaps pulsating mode which provides a calming feeling to your gum cleaning. Jetting water is actually released in more slowly, pulsating bursts that massage the gums while still being successful at removing plaque. It is mainly effective for cleaning gums because it’s a lot calmer. However, it shouldn’t be used in substitution for the flossing mode.
  • Both versions are scientifically proven to remove as much as 99.9 % of plaque. They eliminate 2 to 3 times more plaque than conventional techniques of flossing. They are suitable to use even when you have braces.

Differences Between the Waterpik 660 Vs 670?

  • The 670 does provide a storage case for the tips  (it can store and carry four tips) that the 660 does not have.
  • The other key distinction is on the looks and colour options, in addition to a small variation in the finishing. The WP 660 is actually readily available in five colours (white, grey, Orchid, blue and black), while the WP 670 comes in two colours these include (white and black), the Black Version is actually called Waterpik WP-672. So in case you are searching for various colour choices, the 660 certainly comes out on top.

Other than aesthetics, there is not much that separates these two models. In reality, the truth of the issue is the fact that the true differences between these 2 devices are almost completely cosmetic. Buyers searching for a trendy Waterpik are actually certain to recognize the many colour options, chrome finish, and LED display of the WP 670.

The 660 style works just fine too and this, obviously, does not affect just how you make use of the item in any sort of way. The WP 670 series has an additional tips storage component (able to save and carry four tips). The tips on the WP-670 are sold separately. They are going to cost approximately fifteen dollars for a six tips case in case you would like to purchase it individually.

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Waterpik WP- 670 vs 672 vs 660

The Waterpik WP-672 is actually the black version of the WP 670. As mentioned above, at the time of writing this post, the WP-670 comes in two colours Black (WP-672) and White (WP-670). This is the only difference in WP-670 vs WP-672. Meanwhile, the best selling WP-660 comes in a variety of colour versions (WP-662 – Black, WP-663 – Blue,

WP-674 – PinkWP-676 – TealWP-660 – White).

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waterpik wp 660 vs wp 663

These are basically different colour variations of the 660. The WP-660 is white in colour while the WP-663 is blue in colour. Other features and accessories are the same.


The add-ons will also be the same. You find the same seven Waterpik flossing tips no matter which device you choose to go with. The set includes a brush head tip, a plaque seeking tip, and an orthodontic tip. Realistically speaking, most customers will not fully use every one of these tips though they’re certainly great to give you more options when flossing.


Tips: Each device includes an amazing 7 water flossing tips. The tips are re-usable and last long. They give you a wide choice of options to diversify your flossing knowledge.

Pressure Settings: Both models come with a pacer and ten pressure settings, giving you great customisation options to match your preferred needs.

Timer/Pacer: The timer/pacer components of the products are actually intended to make sure you receive the best out of your flossing.

Several Modes of Use: The WP 660, as well as the WP 670, come with two distinct modes of use. The massage mode is actually a unique aspect that a lot of folks probably aren’t likely to use on a regular schedule, though it’s still good to have.

Efficient: Ultimately the most crucial function for both of these devices is actually the degree to which they’re helpful. In this capacity both succeed spectacularly. The company promises that you are going to have 50 % better gum health after just 2 days of using both.

Trusted: These designs are actually backed by the American Dental Association (ADA) which means you are able to believe in them that you’re genuinely adhering to the doctor’s orders if you work with these high-quality water flossers.


It has no dual voltage system: 120V Only: Both the WP 660 and WP 670 only work with 120VAC/60Hz power outlets, they’re for use in North America just. It’s among probably the biggest drawbacks for those likely customers living in some other places.

Noisy: Noisiness just isn’t always a factor that you’d expect to come across with a Waterpik though it in fact is a consideration here. Both units (but especially the WP 670) are significantly loud to the stage that several users might consider them just a little bit irritating. Today does this particular function make or perhaps break the Waterpiks? No, and since it’s no adverse effect on the real energy of the resources most owners probably will not even think hard about it.

What you should Consider When purchasing a Waterpik (Buying Guide)

  • There is a range of things to think about when purchasing a Waterpik. For many people, the adjustments as well as features are going to matter most. Both the 660 as well as the 670 excel in this particular division and there is not a lot to pick between them in this regard also. The ten pressure options are extremely good as well as the timer and pacer which ultimately provides a much better flossing experience in both instances. Look out for various usage modes.
  • Productivity is yet another point to consider when purchasing a water flosser. You will be interested to make certain they give you the results you are searching for. It is generally a great idea to search for a reliable brand. Waterpik is actually recognized for the quality products.
  • The design and look of your Waterpik is something you’ll want to consider it when selecting a unit. For instance, the 670 undoubtedly affords you much more colour choices.
  • The range of accessories you receive is one thing you need to think about when purchasing a Waterpik. The accessories as well as tips that are included with the unit will determine exactly how you are able to use it and what it is able to do, therefore it is practical to choose one which provides all of the items you are searching for.

Other points to consider include the relative quality as well as user reviews merchandise gets. Individuals who have used the item for an extended period of time are actually best placed to let you know everything you have to know regarding a product, so do not wait to read reviews and get insights into how individuals are actually experiencing the service.

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To conclude, it is apparent that both the 660 as well as 670 are high-quality items that are actually able to perform well when removing your plaque as well as increasing your general dental hygiene.

There is not much that separates them but in case you really want the extras as well as the colour styling choices just provided by the 670, then that is the one to go for.

The tech backing up each of those choices is quite powerful. The reservoir capability of every one of these designs is especially good, standing at ninety seconds. That is much more than many other comparable flossers provides.

The range of settings plus tips is quite strong across the board also. It truly boils down to just how much you are concerned about the look of the item and just how much you wish to invest.

13% Off
Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Black, WP 672
The Easy and More Effective Way to Floss; Healthier Gums and Brighter Teeth in Just a Minute a Day
$89.99 −13% $77.99
10% Off
Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, White, WP-670
The Easy and More Effective Way to Floss. Flow rate per minute is 400 mL; Healthier Gums and Brighter Teeth in Just a Minute a Day. Pulses per minute is 1400
$89.99 −10% $80.95

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In the event that you would like to invest a bit less and you are not also bothered about the colours, pick the Waterpik 670. If you would like to invest a bit more and get stronger design elements, pick the Waterpik 660.

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