Our Testing Process

At Dentarave, we take testing products very seriously. Our founder Dr Tom Bell is our chief product tester and is responsible for overseeing the testing process. He has been testing and reviewing consumer goods for over a decade and is joined by other members of our team, including in-house dentists, who provide extra insight into our reviews. 

Our testing process is rigorous yet simple. We test products by actually using them alongside industry standards parameters and general feel and use. We also consider clinical and scientific evidence (or lack thereof) that exists for it. 

We assess cleaning performance, usability, battery life, reliability and more. 

We also consider how the features and functions improve or negatively affect day-to-day use. We also look to make selecting dental care products easier by giving a clear verdict about the product, highlighting positives and negatives, and giving strong recommendations when we believe there are better alternatives to consider. Ultimately, our goal is to remain impartial in order to provide honest and unbiased reviews with clear conclusions.

At dentalrave.com, we conduct hands-on product testing for all the items that we feature in our reviews and buyer’s guides. To ensure impartiality, our founder, Dr Tom Bell, who has over a decade of experience in testing and reviewing consumer goods, serves as our chief product tester. Our in-house dentists also participate in product testing to provide additional insight, and we collaborate with dental professionals to create informative buying guides that include information about products and general dental health.

Our product testing process is straightforward and mimics how ordinary users would use the product at home. We evaluate products based on clinical and scientific evidence, if any, available for each item and its impact on oral health. We also assess the product’s features and functions.

In our product reviews, we consider several critical factors, such as cleaning performance, usability, battery life, and reliability. We aim to represent a diverse group of potential users, including those with natural teeth, without teeth, young and old, and people with disabilities or oral care struggles.

We focus exclusively on dental products and have been extensively testing them since 2015. With a small team that includes dental professionals, we remain focused and well-informed about dental products, tools, and services.

We do not conduct scientific laboratory tests or clinical trials to compare product performance. Instead, we perform in-hand testing to highlight basic issues and frustrations that clinical trials may not capture. We also aim to remain free to our readers by avoiding costly lab testing and clinical studies.

As an independent organization, we adhere to a strict ethics policy allowing us to create honest and unbiased reviews with clear conclusions. We provide both the positives and negatives of each product, justify our conclusions clearly, and suggest better alternatives when appropriate. We also caution against products that do not meet the required standards.

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