How to Whiten Your Teeth Quickly Overnight!

There is good number of best ways to whiten your teeth either at home or in-office. Follow us as we review these methods below.

How to Whiten Your Teeth?

In Office Bleaching

In-office bleaching is where by you go to the dentist andlet the dental professionals take care of the teeth whitening procedure usingbleaching gel or laser whitening.  Laserwhitening is where by the whitening gel is painted on your teeth and the lightshone on them to activate the whitening process. Results are seen within fewhours which results into this procedure to be the quickest whitening method andmore expensive procedure than other methods below. During the bleachingprocess, a mouth guard is first made for you. This helps prevent gel leakinginto your gums and mouth.

To achieve best results with the in-office treatment, several appointments are scheduled.

Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening trays is another method of teeth whitening. This is where you are given a mouth guard, tray like and gel with peroxide solution to fill it and apply the tray on your teeth over night for three or more days depending on instruction given by the manufacturer.

whitening trays

You can purchase the whitening tray and gel from the dentist or buy over the counter. From the dentist you get a customized tray that fits your teeth while over the counter you get a one size fits all trays that if not used properly may cause gel leaking into your gums. However, some kits come with tray that can be molded to fit your teeth, consider checking this while buying.

If you have sensitive gums, gel leaking or touching your gums may cause increased gums sensitivity. In this case, Sensodyne toothpaste must be of great help.

Teeth Whitening Strips

The teeth whitening strips is where you are given a layer of whitening strips coated with whitening materials mainly peroxide gel  to lay them on your teeth for hours, sometimes up to 6 hours a day. And you have to do it for days, weeks or even close to a month depending on the instructions provided by the company.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips (2018 Reviews)

 You can apply the strips on both upper and lower teeth. They are easy to put and take them out. They are non-slip hence you can talk while wearing them. You can also drink water and not more than that.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes 

The teeth whitening toothpaste is a slow but steady way of whitening your teeth using naturally made toothpaste. Most of the whitening pastes are made of activated coconut charcoal. You just use it as normal toothpaste on daily basis. Simply, replace your normal toothpaste with whitening toothpaste. It is a slow way but less sensitive way of whitening teeth over time. Results can be seen within weeks or months of using it depending on how stained your teeth are.

Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 2019

Whitening Pen

The whitening pen is also one of the best ways to whiten your teeth at home faster. You are given a pen filled with peroxide gel for you to use it to paint on your teeth. You paint one tooth at a time.

Best Teeth Whitening Pen 2019

You use it by twisting the pen to release the whitening gel. Stand in front of the mirror and start painting.

The best part is that the gel provided is thick hence no leakage. You apply the gel twice a day for 2 weeks or more based on the instruction given by the maker.

The whitening pen is a perfect way of removing years of stains caused by smoking, red wine, green and black tea, and coffee with less to no sensitivity compared to the trays and gel method.

Natural Ways

It is argued that you can use strawberries, banana peel, baking soda and or hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth at home naturally. Be careful though if you have sensitive teeth or gums as applying things like peroxide can make them hurt. And things, like munching strawberries or wiping your teeth with banana peel, have no any scientific study support to help  you know for how long before seeing results.

The best natural way to whiten teeth at home is probably by using coconut oil. You achieve this by swishing a spoon full of coconut oil early in the morning before eating anything for 20 minutes for a month time. You will start seeing results within a one week or two of swishing consistently.

What to consider before buying over the counter teeth whitening products?

  1. You need to get advice from your dentist whether you are qualified for teeth whitening or not before applying any method mentioned above. For instance, if you have gum disease or wearing crowns, dentures, veneers, fillings or you are under 16 years, teeth whitening may not be suitable for you.  Teeth’s whitening is also not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding mums. Your dentists will advice you on this and what to do instead.
  2. The peroxide is the main ingredient in most teeth bleaching products. It is the one that whiten your teeth. Be sure that you are not allergic to this ingredient.
  3. Make sure the whitening material doesn’t touch your gums. When gums get irritated, they can real hurt. Have Sensodyne toothpaste in place in case of teeth sensitivity.
  4. Over the counter bleaching solution contains low strength peroxide up to 22% that is why you are asked to apply it over several days or weeks. This is compared to the dentist bleaching solution that can contain up to 43% peroxide.
  5. In-office treatment, the gel like material will be applied on your gums to protect them from irritation while over the counter treatment does not include gel for gums protection.
  6. Over the counter whitening kits are more affordable to many compared to the dentist option.
  7. If you have cavities, you are advised to treat them first before considering bleaching your teeth. This because whitening solution touching decayed teeth can make them real hurt.
  8. Yellow teeth are best candidate for bleaching, purple or gray stained antibiotics teeth are doable but may take longer to treat them up to 6 or more months. However, the dark stained teeth do not respond well to the treatment. In this case consider other options such as veneers or crowns. Let dentist advice you on this.
  9. Remember to always read instruction manual provided and follow the whitening process as recommended by the manufacturer.

Will Teeth Whitening Last Forever?

No teeth whitening does not last forever especially if you go back to the rootcause of teeth stains: smoking, tea, wine, and not brushing and floss asrecommended by Dentist. Also aging may add up to your teeth start yellowingagain. Whiten can last from three months to 3 years at most (https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/teeth-whitening/).

Whitening Risks

The main teeth whitening risk is teeth sensitivity caused by wearing a mouth guard, tray, which does not fit your teeth properly. This cause leaked of peroxide, gel, into sensitive areas of the teeth and gums causing them to hurt. Sensodyne toothpaste may help on this case or other toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You can also ask your dentist for the remineralization product, to apply on your teeth before undertaking the whitening process

Remember to always read instruction manual provided to know what to do in case of sensitivity and other side effect. This can be a missing link between pain and comfort during teeth whitening process.


The over the counter whitening products are not endorsed by American Dental Association, ADA (www.ada.org), apart from the toothpastes nor by the FDA as they are not drugs. It is only in office dentist’s treatment solutions and trays that are approved by ADA. This is because ADA believes that for safety reasons dentist are only qualified to issue this kind of treatment.

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