Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra Water Flosser : Key Differences and Specs Comparison

Waterpik Ultra is an earlier model while the Waterpik Aquarius is actually the newer model with a modern look and style. The Ultra water flosser has been around for a while, it was actually launched in 2006, the design may not seem the most fashionable compared to the Water flosser Aquarius that hit the market 8 years after the WP ultra.

Difference between Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth, Gums, Braces, Dental Care, Electric Power With 10 Settings, 7 Tips For Multiple Users And Needs, ADA Accepted, White WP-660Water-pik Ultra Water Flosser Gray
Waterpik AquariusWaterpik Ultra
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  • The biggest difference between the Waterpik Ultra and the Waterpik Aquarius is the addition of the pacer in the Aquarius. The pacer feature is actually created to make sure that you pace your flossing consistently in each and every thirty seconds to make certain that each quadrant of your mouth is actually addressed.
  • This particular feature is actually used by a vibrating component centrally located in the handle that goes off intermittently as a mild reminder that it’s some time to move on.
  • The Aquarius also comes with an extra feature called “hydro pulse massage mode” which enables you to massage and enhance your gum after each washing session. Simply as we know massaging muscle tissue will assist in fortifying the muscle. This’s particularly of great help for any person who’d want to build up gum muscle.
  • Accessories are another department in which the Waterpik Aquarius excels, although the edge is relatively small in this particular situation. The Aquarius comes with seven Waterpik tips, while the Ultra comes with just six.
  • Waterpik Aquarius looks much more suited for the current era with its more recent color theme and a far more symmetrical geometry while the Ultra is in standard Blue and white colors.
  • There are five different color versions of the Aquarius (Black, White, Blue, Pink, and Teal)
  • The handle of Aquarius is toned to make it appears smaller in comparison to Ultra. But in general, both of these flossers appear similar and both stay in line with what many buyers would expect to discover when looking for a water flosser.
  • At first glance, the very first distinguishing element that you’re certain to discover is the fact that the Aquarius tends to be more costly compared to the Ultra by a fairly small but surely still apparent margin. As is actually real in general, the distinction in cost correlates with a positive change in characteristics also.
  • The Waterpik Ultra is actually segmented as a more simple water flosser as the Aquarius is actually a mid to upper-tier choice.
  • The extra buttons of Waterpik Aquarius are actually a switch to shift between floss and massage mode, a knob that is actually simpler to utilize with slippery fingers, button on the wand/handle which stays on/off. I think the water-flow control of WP 660 is a lot easier to become used to.
  • The Aquarius style choices are actually just a little bit more contemporary, and it actually includes LED mode indicators on the display board that add to the contemporary presence of the device.
  • While the Waterpik Ultra comes with just one setting, the Aquarius includes a pulsating massage mode which is created to feel really great on the lips and gums.
  • In summary, when comparing Waterpik Aquarius vs Ultra water flosser, the striking difference is that the Aquarius has a more modern and contemporary look and feel about it than the Waterpik Ultra which has a standard (white and blue colours) functional aesthetic design. This is despite the fact that the core fundamental features and functions of the two models are more or less similar.


Both share exactly the same tank, identical head attachment abilities (though the provided attachments differ between the 660 as well as the hundred), and the same ph levels of effectiveness, with both choices being effective at eliminating up to 99.9 % of bacteria and germs on the gum line.

Both choices are actually in a position to eliminate ninety-nine % of bacteria across the gum line which makes them both fifty % more powerful compared to regular string floss. However, with the WP 660 the features and style are fancier than the WP 100.

Both have ten different pressure configurations to select from to suit your needs. You can audibly hear a rather raucous tone from the pump that supply pressurized water to the tip and onto the teeth. The ten pressure options ranged from ten to 100PSI for both models. It is a little element though it should prove extremely appreciated particularly for owners with sensitive gums.

Same reservoir capability: The ninety seconds tank capability is actually a pretty simple and straightforward pro though additionally, it has a huge corner component to it also that actually would make a huge impact, you never have to refill halfway through your water flossing session. The reservoir is additionally dishwasher safe except the valve which needs to be eliminated. The reservoir may be put into the top tray of the dishwasher. Both of the reservoirs of theirs in addition have measurement scales on the tank for you to combine the water of yours with antiseptic mouthwash in case you choose to do it. This’s of course a pretty fundamental element though it’s also one which is going to eliminate a great deal of frustration from your schedule of yours.

The tips of both WP-660 and WP-100 might be changed really easily, simply by pressing the slide button on the wand/hand, as well as the tip would jump out.

Both have similar flossing operations: You operate the machine by filling the tank with water, then aiming the tip of the handle towards the gap between your teeth, after which you flip the switch on the key unit to put out the water jet.

Pros of the Waterpik Ultra vs Aquarius

Affordability: With the WP 100 the features might be a bit more fundamental compared to the WP 660 however for the shopper on the small budget, this little concession will be very well worth it.

Pacer and time (WP 660): The timer & pacer is actually a function that is now prevalent in higher-end electric toothbrushes though it’s less common to Waterpiks. The aim is usually to make sure you’re able to effectively and evenly eliminate all of the bacteria every single time you work with your Waterpik.

Flossing Settings: The incorporation of ten settings for pressure on a Waterpik is actually useful to make certain that you get many options on the kind of pressure you need to tackle your specific problems.

Effectiveness: All two models have been scientifically proven to be quite effective in removing plaque from under your gums and in between teeth.

Flosser Heads: The more attachments featured with both choices are fantastic for a number of reasons. The much more head attachments that the program comes with the fewer you are going to need to purchase down the road.

2 Modes of Use: The WP 660 offers 2 modes of use that are actually going to improve your experience whenever you using the massage mode which alternates water pressure for a good relaxing feel. Admittedly most users probably will not use the massage mode quite frequently, though it’ll surely be good to have whenever you do require it.


  • 120V Only: All of the countertop by waterpiks are actually compatible with 120VAC/60Hz power outlets, they’re for use mainly in North America. It’s among probably the biggest drawbacks for those likely customers living in some other places.
  • Price (WP 660): the cost of the WP 660 is not in and in case itself a problem. There are really a number of water flossers available that are the exact same price and even more costly compared to this particular feature. The issue actually stems from the facts that the restricted differences between these choices doesn’t always have to correlate with a substantial hike in cost.

Which is better, Waterpik Aquarius or Ultra Water Flosser?

On the one hand, the Ultra is actually a bit more basic. You are not getting a great deal of whistles and bells with this choice but ultimately it is still going provide you with the exact same results that you look for in a decent water flosser. The Waterpik Aquarius is actually a somewhat premium alternative that will come both with more features and a reasonably larger price tag. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more on style and customization features, then this’s also a good alternative. Another good choice would be an electric toothbrush water flosser combo.

I’d also personally choose Aquarius as you will find discounts in shops from time to time like during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It has a timer feature that allows you to find out when you’ve used the water flosser for an adequate length of time, maximizing the advantages of the water flosser.

Price Comparison

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Professional For Teeth, Gums, Braces, Dental Care, Electric Power With 10 Settings, 7 Tips For Multiple Users And Needs, ADA Accepted, White WP-660Water-pik Ultra Water Flosser Gray
Waterpik AquariusWaterpik Ultra
Check it out!Check it out!

In case you are looking for a bargain, Cyber Monday and Black Friday promotions are worth a punt.

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