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Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 vs 9.5

The key difference between Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 (CC-01) vs 9.5  (CC-02) designs is mainly based on the kind of electric toothbrush that it comes with. While the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 features a “sonic” toothbrush while the 9.5 features a “rotary” toothbrush. Most of the Waterpik toothbrushes are sonic. However, since the introduction of the 5.5 range they started trialling rotary based toothbrushes. Check for Black Friday and Cyber Monday water flosser offers here.

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 Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 vs 9.5: Key Differences (Rotary vs. Sonic)

  • The rotary brush head that comes with the Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 is actually smaller and circular compared to the sonic brush head that is in the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0, which is like a normal manual toothbrush.
  • The way the sonic toothbrush works is that it vibrates side-to-side, and once you hold it horizontally on the teeth, it’ll be brushing up and down, which differs from a manual toothbrush you slide forth and back.
  • The rotary brush does precisely what you may think: it rotates. The brush head covers approximately an individual tooth at a time; therefore, you comb and clean each tooth separately.
  • With the sonic brush head, you cover a bigger location immediately. This seems unique and calls for you to move the brush differently. The rotary brushes require you to be mindful about not lacking spots.
  • Another key difference between the two is that the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 is quite compact than the 9.5 mainly because it has a smaller water tank.

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Which is better Rotary vs Sonic?

This is an ongoing debate in the toothbrush industry backed with scientific research that supports the efficacy of both rotary and Sonic technique. It is fair to say the jury is still out on which technique is superior, some scientific findings indicate that sonic toothbrushes are much better at improving periodontal health by lowering inflammation that leads to gingivitis while rotary brushes are considered better at taking out plaque.

Nevertheless, sonic and rotary brushes are both scientifically proven to perform far much better than a mechanical toothbrush in improving your oral health.

Depending on which side of the debate you lean towards, you can go for the Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 if you like rotary toothbrushes like the ones in the Oral B range or you could choose to pick the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 that operates on the Sonic technique just like the Sonicare toothbrush range.

Waterpik Complete Care (Sonic) 9.0 vs 9.5 (Oscillating) Review

The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 is actually among the devices with a smaller footprint, that also means it’s a somewhat smaller water reservoir. This’s the only apparent distinction between the 9.0 and the 9.5. The additional reservoir room is not needed since the 9.0 can easily run for ninety seconds. The dentist recommendation for water flossing period is just one second.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 – Electric Sonic and Irrigator Toothbrush.

The 9.0 comes with a traveling case, a compartment to keep the irrigator nozzles and five nozzles for the irrigator. This gives you the flexibility to decide on the jet or maybe the power you need for your cleaning that addresses your specific needs.

It is able to eliminate as much as hundred % tartar and accumulated plaque.

It comes with two heads to change or even select the one which causes you to feel at ease the best.

One Plaque Seeker tip (PS 100E) especially created for the repairs and maintenance of your tooth oral health.

It provides a button to manage the level of pressure released by the irrigator, it’s likewise utilized to switch on and off.

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Key Features of the Complete Care 9.0 (Water Flosser)

  • A water tank capacity of 650 ml
  • Ten settings for pressure options
  • 5 tips for flossing
  • A flow rate of 13 fl. Oz/min
  • Between 100-10 PSI pressure rang
  • A rotating tip that revolves at 360 degrees


  • It cleans between teeth crevices and hard to reach areas.
  • 5 tips for flossing
  • Five strategies for the irrigator.
  • It comes with two replacement heads.
  • It gives you three cleaning modes.
  • It helps in eliminating plaque and cavities


it doesn’t have a timer/pacer

The key reasons for buying the Complete Care 9.0 comes down to the cost savings of the bundled power toothbrush as well a Waterpik flosser, but additionally, the smaller footprint on the countertop makes it appealing when considering storage and portability.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 – Oscillating and Irrigator Electric Toothbrush…

It must be mentioned that this oral cleaning program supplies you with everything for the cost of a single device, saving you attainable expenses down the road.

Key Features

  • Compact and small dimensions which means you are able to get it anywhere, without it being complicated.
  • The irrigator has two Classic tips (JT 100E) one orthodontic mouthpiece (OD 100E) and one Pik Pocket nozzle (PP 100E) for periodontal solutions.
  • Two replacement brush heads.
  • Bristles of various heights to attain complete brushing efficiency.

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  • Five nozzles for the irrigator.
  • Two heads as well as change for the brush.
  • The brush oscillates.
  • Round head.
  • Three cleaning modes.
  • Ten water pressure settings.
  • Cases to keep all tools.
  • Swivel base.


The battery is based on NiMH which is inferior to Lithium Ion


When analysing these 2 irrigators we are able to conclude that in the end the choice will be provided by the item which best responds to what you’re searching for .

The Waterpik 9.5 Complete Care offers you the experience of using a rotary based toothbrush that oscillates around a tooth to remove plaque from under the gums alongside all the trappings of a Waterpik.

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