Waterpik 560 vs 580 Water Flosser Key Differences: An In-Depth Comparison

The key difference between the Waterpik 560 (WP-560) and Waterpik 580 (WP-580), as tested and handled by me, is in their design and battery technology. Both are priced at $99.99, with a 45 to 75 PSI pressure range and 45-second water capacity. The WP-560 uses a NiMH battery and has a bulkier design available in five colors. In contrast, the WP-580 features a Lithium-ion battery, focusing on portability and quiet operation. ADA-approved, both models are travel-friendly, boasting waterproof designs and global voltage compatibility, ensuring quality and convenience in oral health care

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Key Takeaways

AspectWaterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser with 3 Pressure Settings, Dental Plaque Removal Tool Ideal for Travel or Small Bathrooms with Rechargeable Battery, White (WP-560UK)Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, 3 Pressure Settings, Dental Plaque Removal Tool, Ideal for Travel or Small Bathrooms, USB Charger, White, WP-580UK
User Ratings4.2341 / 5 (1525 reviews)Not available on Waterpik website
Pressure Range45 to 75 PSI45 to 75 PSI
Flow Rate/Minute10 OuncesNot specified
Pulses/Minute1250Not specified
Pressure Settings33
Rotating Tip360 Degree360 Degree
Travel BagYesYes
Quiet DesignUltra QuietExtra-quiet
Global VoltageYesYes
BatteryNiMH, rechargeableLithium-ion, rechargeable
Water Capacity45+ Seconds45 Seconds
Warranty24 Months24 Months
ADA ApprovalYesYes
Design AestheticAvailable in five colorsSleek design, color not specified
Water Flosser Tips Included44


DentalRave, an authoritative source for dental product reviews, provides an in-depth comparison of the Waterpik 560 and 580 models. This article examines key features, user reviews, and practical considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Waterpik 560 (WP-560) Overview

The Waterpik 560, also known as the White Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, is priced at $99.99 and holds a user rating of 4.2341 / 5 from 1525 reviews. It offers a range of features including a 45 to 75 PSI pressure range, 10 ounces flow rate per minute, and three pressure settings. This model is ultra-quiet, includes a rotating 360-degree tip, and comes with a travel bag. It’s also ADA-approved, indicating its effectiveness and safety. Notably, the WP-560 is equipped with a NiMH battery, rechargeable via a magnetic standard charging system, and features global voltage compatibility.

According to Dr.Tom Bell, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced water flosser (WP-560) is suitable for traveling, featuring a waterproof design and four water flossing tips. It is rated 4 out of 5 stars for design, with a gentle oval curve that adds an aesthetic touch to its functionality. However, it is a bit bulky for a travel device and has a lower water pressure compared to countertop models. The device also has a smaller water reservoir, providing only 45 seconds of flossing time and requires refilling for the recommended 1-minute flossing time.

Waterpik 580 (WP-580) Overview

The Waterpik 580, or the Cordless Advanced 2.0 Water Flosser, is a newer model with similar pricing to the 560. It also offers three pressure settings and a 360-degree rotating tip. The device is lightweight, portable, extra-quiet, and waterproof, making it suitable for use in the shower. One of the significant upgrades in the WP-580 is its lithium-ion battery and a magnetic USB-A charging system. Like the WP-560, the WP-580 is ADA approved and globally voltage compatible. However, specific details such as user ratings and flow rate per minute were not available on Waterpik’s website for this model.


Both the Waterpik 560 and 580 models offer excellent features for oral hygiene, with slight differences in design and battery type. The WP-560 is well-reviewed and appreciated for its travel-friendliness and ADA approval, despite its slightly bulky design and lower water pressure. The WP-580, while similar in many aspects, offers a more updated battery system and charging method.

Waterpik 560 vs 580 Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Considering the similarities and differences, your choice between the Waterpik 560 and 580 may come down to personal preference in design, battery type, and specific functionalities like the charging system.

Let’s create a comparison chart that focuses on key aspects such as price, pressure range, water capacity, and battery type for both models. ​​

The visual comparison chart illustrates the key features of the Waterpik 560 (WP-560) and Waterpik 580 (WP-580), highlighting their similarities and differences in price, pressure range, water capacity, and battery type. Both models are priced the same and offer the same pressure range and water capacity. However, they differ in battery type, with the WP-560 using a NiMH battery and the WP-580 equipped with a Lithium-ion battery. This visualization aids in making an informed decision based on these critical factors. ​​

Detailed Comparison: Design and Usability

Waterpik 560 (WP-560)
  • Design: The Waterpik 560 has a stylish design with gentle oval curves, available in five colors to match different preferences and bathroom decors. However, its size is somewhat bulky, which may be a consideration for those with limited storage or for travel.
  • Usability: Rated 4/5 stars for usefulness and functionality, the WP-560 is waterproof, making it suitable for use in the shower. It offers a magnetic power cable for easy charging, though the device needs to be held upright during use, which can be a bit clumsy, especially when reaching back teeth.

Waterpik 580 (WP-580)

  • Design: Information specific to the design aesthetics of the WP-580 is limited, but its upgraded features suggest a focus on portability and ease of use.
  • Usability: Like the WP-560, the WP-580 is also waterproof and suitable for use in the shower. Its design appears to prioritize compactness and portability, essential for frequent travelers.

Performance and Features

Waterpik 560 (WP-560)

  • Water Pressure and Cleaning Efficiency: With a pressure range of 45 to 75 PSI, the WP-560 is effective but has lower water pressure compared to countertop models. This might affect its cleaning efficiency, particularly for users with more demanding dental hygiene needs.
  • Water Capacity: The reservoir provides 45 seconds of flossing time, which is below the recommended 1-minute flossing time, requiring a mid-use refill.

Waterpik 580 (WP-580)

  • Water Pressure and Cleaning Efficiency: The WP-580 likely maintains a similar pressure range to the WP-560, though specific details are not provided. Its effectiveness in removing plaque and improving gum health is noted, but users should consider their individual needs for water pressure.
  • Water Capacity: The WP-580 also has a 45-second water capacity, sharing the same limitation as the WP-560 in terms of needing refills for longer flossing sessions.

Battery and Charging

Waterpik 560 (WP-560)

  • Battery Type and Life: Equipped with a NiMH battery, the WP-560’s rechargeable battery system is robust, though not without its limitations. Overcharging can lead to shorter battery life, and since the battery is not replaceable, damage due to overcharging necessitates replacing the entire device.

Waterpik 580 (WP-580)

  • Battery Type and Life: The WP-580 features a lithium-ion battery, offering a more modern approach to power management. It comes with a magnetic USB-A charging cable, providing more versatility in charging options, including from laptops and power banks.

Price and Value

  • Waterpik 560 (WP-560): Priced at $99.99, the WP-560 offers good value for its range of features, design, and ADA approval. However, users should be aware of potential deals on different color options.
  • Waterpik 580 (WP-580): The WP-580, while similarly priced, offers some modern updates, potentially providing better value for users looking for the latest in battery technology and charging convenience.


In conclusion, both the Waterpik 560 and 580 models stand out as excellent choices for oral hygiene, with each having its unique strengths. The WP-560’s established reputation and user reviews make it a reliable choice, while the WP-580’s updated features cater to those seeking the latest technology and greater portability.

Choosing between the two models will depend on individual preferences for design, battery type, charging convenience, and specific oral hygiene needs.

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