Waterpik Black Friday 2021 Deals UK and Cyber Monday Water Flosser Sales

Find Waterpik Black Friday 2021 Deals and Cyber Monday Water Flosser Sales 2021. There is always a Waterpik deal to snap during Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales bonanza. Today’s Deals : Get 27% off Get 29% off Get 33% off Get 25% off Get 25% off Get 24% off Get 22% off For new Waterpik deals, check it here For other options, check, best Water Flosser Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Waterpik Black Friday 2021 1. Black Friday Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Black Friday Deal 2021 By and large the best water flosser is the . The Waterpik Aquarius is versatile, effective and easy to use. It comes fitted with a convenient control panel that features 10 pressure settings which can be navigated effortlessly. To help you floss effectively and cover all your teeth, there is a 30 seconds pacer and a timer after every minute. It has a massage mode which you can activate to massage your gums, massaging your gums helps the blood to flow evenly and keeps your gums healthy. The floss mode makes use of patented Waterpik pulse-modulation technique that is very effective in removing plaque. You also get seven tips to stream jets of pressurised water to the space in between your teeth. These comprise of three tips coded by colour which are for general use. Then you get toothbrush tip which you use as a manual toothbrush in case you need to brush something off your teeth as you floss. You also get a Plaque seeking tip in case you have braces, crowns, bridges or implants. There is also an Orthodontic tip by Waterpik that is great for cleaning around any dental works like braces. Finally, there is the pik pocket tip that has a 360 spinning ability and can clean all round periodontal pockets for a thorough clean. The Waterpik Aquarius has a smallish footprint and can fit in compact bathrooms and counter spaces. It is also quite lightweight. Key Benefits of the : It has a decent enough water tank for complete flossing It is accepted by American Dental Association (ADA) 10 pressure setting for effective flossing Two modes: Floss mode to ultimate plaque removal and hydro-pulse massage for healthy gums LED control panel on the handle It has a timer and a pacer to ensure that floss effectively Comes with seven multi-functional tip Demerits: It is on the expensive side of time It a bit noisy No dual voltage plug instead you want to use it abroad Check out the . 4. Black Friday Waterpik WF-03 Cordless Freedom Water Flosser is powered by double A batteries and thus quite portable especially if you factor in its compact nature. It comes with two classic jetting tips in addition to an orthodontic tip. It’s water resistant and can be used in the shower. It has a travel plug and a travel pouch. Key Benefits: It has interchangeable tips which gives you versatility It has a decent water tank and long battery life … Read more

Water Flosser Black Friday UK 2021 Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

Water Flosser Black Friday 2021 Deals & Cyber Monday Sale: Find the best Black Friday water flosser deals to snap on. Check also Waterpik Water Flosser Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Today’s deals: Get 27% off Get 29% off Get 33% off Get 25% off Get 25% off Get 24% off Get 22% off For more water flossers deals, check it here Water Flosser Black Friday UK 2021 Deals 1. Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser, WF-03, White The Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser, WF-03, White is clinically proven to improve the health of your gums and whiten your teeth. It removes 99.9% of plaque in applied areas within three seconds. With only one minute daily use, you will see a remarkable improvement in your dental health in two weeks. It is waterproof and comfortable be used in the shower. It is quite portable and battery operated. It uses 3 AA batteries which should last for at least two months of daily use. It comes fitted with three tips for flossing, a traveling bag, and two pressure settings. The Waterpik WF-03 freedom cordless flosser can be used by anyone including those with braces, periodontal pockets, crowns and implants. Cons of the Waterpik Cordless water flosser Only has two pressure settings, no very low-pressure mode The cost of buying batteries could add up over time. Pros of the WF-03: Ability to deep clean by using due to the well-calibrated jet pressure and dental pulsationsEffortless to refill Very portable It comes with a water plug to avoid any accidental leaking Has a handy traveling bag Check the Waterpik WF-03 price here on Amazon 2. ShowerBreeze dental irrigator The ShowerBreeze dental irrigator is made of Chrome plated brass, at least not plastic. It is very effective at removing bio-film- plaque before it becomes tartar. It easily flushes food residue to bring immediate results. It comes in two colors (blue and red) coded tips which are ideal for couples, it can be used by two different people. Unlike most flossers, the tips are made in a such a way that the water comes out as a fan/ shower spray as opposed to needle streams that could make your gums to bleed. Pros It eliminates gum bleeding, periodontitis gingivitis It is easy to maintain and clean, no risk of mold building up It is made of a durable material- chrome plated brass. It has a coiled hose which is easy to store It is easy to assemble and install It doesn’t require refilling or batteries, just use it in the shower. This product is made in the USA by veterans. Cons In some cases, it leaks and does not fit in some shower heads. If not well installed it might restrict the pressure of your shower. The Showerbreeze is low maintenance if you get it well installed, you don’t have to recharge batteries of refill water tanks, just use the pressure from your shower. It reduces gingivitis and because it is installed in the shower, it is quite convenient to use. You are likely … Read more

Oral B io vs Diamondclean Smart

Detailed comparison: what is the big difference between the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart and Oral B iO? The two of these brushes achieve the exact same results: well cleaned teeth. Both brushes provide much more customization and options of brushing. However, there are a number of differences between these two.The first and possibly most crucial difference is the cleaning action . Cleaning Action The Diamondclean Smart comes with a sonic cleaning activity as opposed to the oscillating rotating and pulsating activity of the Oral B iO. The sonic technology uses two methods to thoroughly clean the teeth. The first is a physical side-to-side cleaning activity of the brush thanks to the multiple movements of the sonic action. The 2nd is a non-contact strategy which uses the sonic technology that produces burbles that sweep through teeth crevices to disrupt plaque beyond the point of the bristles. Oral-B’s cleaning is actually completed via an oscillating, pulsating rotating movement, and micro vibrations, that is only found in the IO series. Oral-B brushes have a little, round brush head which moves forth and back (side to side movements) in a circular motion to help you remove plaque as well as dental debris. The motion of the bristles as well as the head itself basically scrub the teeth clean. You do not have to frequently move the bush up and down, but just let the brush glide across all angles of the teeth. Micro vibrations provide an additional dimension to the IO. This is basically a’ non-contact’ type of brushing and depends on pulsations/vibrations as Sonicare brushes do. Whilst the cleaning activity found on the Oral B iO is much more highly regarded scientifically, both do a great job and there is actually insignificant difference between them. The second difference is the look and feel of the io versus Diamondclean Smart There’s obviously some similarity in the general style, but there are a few important differences to look at. Oral-B have made substantial strides with the iO, improving the overall design and aesthetics to be competitive with Sonicare. However, in spite of the iO being much more closely matched than ever before, the Diamondclean Smart actually looks somewhat more premium than the IO. It seems classy and quite refined. Both handles are similarly shaped, they have that rounded style handles. Both toothbrushes feel sound in hand and seem reliable and durable. However, the Smart is 10 grams heavier than the IO but this is such a minute difference that does not affect the effectiveness of either brush. Both have a specific on button as well as cleaning mode select button to power the brush on and shift through the cleaning modes. Differences in Buttons Display The buttons on the iO are actually of the very same concave layout, but do have a rubber/silicone coating to them to make them a bit more grippy in comparison to the Diamond Smart. Although they’re practically invisible until they’re backlit, the DiamondClean has different mode labels on the front side … Read more

Sonic vs Oscillating Toothbrush

Rotary electric toothbrush vs Sonic electric toothbrush? Most electric toothbrushes mostly operate on two cleaning techniques: the sonic and oscillating toothbrushes. The distinction between these 2 types of brushes is actually simple the sonic brush utilizes vibrations to loosen the plaque from the teeth and gums, while an oscillating brush rotates quickly back and forth to achieve exactly the same thing. They both do a fantastic job of removing plaque from the teeth. Both cleaning techniques are a much better option as opposed to the manual toothbrush. What is the difference is between a Sonic toothbrush and an oscillating toothbrush? Sonic brushes are designed to produce rapid back-and-forth motions that cause the bristles to rapidly strike against your teeth, which can cause vibrations. This helps with plaque removal and gives you a better clean than an electric toothbrush that can only move in one direction. Sonic toothbrushes have been shown to remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes. The typical sonic brush has bristles that spin about 14,000 cycles per minute (14,000 Hz). However, some companies make claims that their brushes spin even faster than this. Sonic toothbrushes are good at cutting down on the amount of time needed to remove plaque. Sonic toothbrushes have been shown to remove 15% – 30% more plaque than manual brushes. The sonic motion can scrape away some of the tartar, but it does not cause it to flake off. Some oscillating brushes vibrate, while others tip in a pulsating manner. The former is called vibratory mode, while the latter is referred to as oscillation mode. While both types of brushes pass over the teeth in gentle, circular motions, they differ in speed and pressure. Sonic toothbrushes are meant to be used with toothpaste that contains abrasive particles designed to polish your teeth. The brush is meant to take care of those surfaces that have been missed by manual brushing. It also helps remove plaque and bacteria, which can lead to gum disease. Oscillating brushes are meant for people who want a more complete clean feeling than they would achieve with a manual toothbrush. Oscillating toothbrushes have vibration modes and brush heads that do not oscillate. Both types of brushes can be used by children, as well as adults, although they may need some help in learning how to use them overall. The average brushing time for those using oscillating brushes is about three minutes. Most dentists recommend brushing for two to three minutes, so it doesn’t matter which one someone uses so long as they are brushing that long. Some studies have shown that the action of an oscillating toothbrush can reduce plaque and gingivitis when compared to a manual toothbrush. No difference was found in those using sonic brushes. Although it is important to visit your dentist regularly, the oscillating or sonic toothbrushes are unlikely to damage your teeth or gums provided they are used properly. Oscillating Rotary Electric Toothbrushes Oscillating Rotary Electric Toothbrushes have bristles that are arranged in a circular round … Read more

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

(Updated on 9th June 2021) When is Amazon Prime Day? That is the question on everyone’s lips. Last year’s it was massive; it scaled stellar highs and lows. That is why we are eagerly waiting for it. Last year’s online sales came just a few days before the World cup and smashed all records held by the company for the last 24 years. Over a million products were sold with shoppers spending a whopping 3.3 billion dollars in 36 hours according to estimates from Webush Securities Inc analyst Michael Patcher. With the phenomenal popularity, you cannot afford to ignore it. There is a reason why over 100 million shoppers clicked through to shop on the deals. There are massive bargains to be snapped. If you are a bit organised you could use the discounts to get your early Christmas shopping sorted in time at half the cost it will cost you to shop towards the end of the year. So if you missed out last year’s Prime Day, here is the low down to keep you updated so that you will make the most of it. All indications point to the fact that this year’s deals by Amazon will be massive and likely to thrash last year’s record. When is It? It is officially confirmed that the Amazon prime day 2021 will be from the 21st to 22nd June 2021, 48 hours of non-stop deals. Prices are reduced across a wide range of products especially electronic goods. This day is also used to popularise Amazon prime subscription. In last year’s, over 30,000 new people in the UK subscribed to be members. Prime Day started in 2015 when Amazon decided to celebrate its 20 years of existence that was punctuated with massive growth. In theory, you need to have an Amazon Prime account that is active to participate. However, there are a number of deals that are also available to non-subscribers. Free Trial If you are not already subscribed, Amazon has a 30 day free trial that offers all the privileges available to paid members. Membership costs £79 a year. They also have monthly subscription which goes for £7.99 a month. If you shop frequently it is worthwhile to be subscribed, there a number of perks that come with it. This includes free shipping or instant shipping for some designated cities, access to Prime videos and many more which you can read about here. Best Deals The best deals as already mentioned are in electronic goods especially Amazon products like Echo dot, Kindle, Fire TV, electric toothbrush etc. Buying Guide. To make the most of these deals, you, of course, have to save some money for the sales extravaganza. Make a list of what you really want. This will help you avoid impulse buying of things you really don’t need. Research the things you intend to buy by reading online reviews by customers and review sites. Use comparison app and sites like CamelCamelCamel to be sure what you are getting is … Read more

Oral B Pro 2 2500 vs 2900 vs Genius 9000      

Oral B Pro 2 2500 vs 2900 vs Genius 9000

vs 2900 vs Genius 9000: A detailed review of how does Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable compares with , and . Note: The Oral-B 2900 is also referred to as the Oral-B Pro 2 Electric Toothbrush with Smart Pressure Sensor, 2 Handles & 2 Cross Action Toothbrush Heads, 2 Modes with Daily Clean, 2 Pin UK Plug, 2900, Black & Pink. Oral B Pro 2 2500 vs 2900 The difference between Oral B Pro 2 2500 and 2900 is on the number of electric toothbrushes you get and a travelling case. Whereas, comes with 2 brush handles but no travel case, CrossAction Electric Toothbrush comes with one handle plus a travelling case. In case you want a travelling case, you can buy a as a separate unit for under £10 For couples, is the best electric toothbrush to go for. You get one pink and one black brush handle, 2 brush heads and one 2 UK pin charger to share between the two. But, for individuals, is more than enough. Apart from those two differences, both Oral B 2500 and 2900 have: 2 minute timer with quadrapacer to help you brush at the recommend 2 minutes time, twice daily. 2 cleaning modes (daily clean for regular usage and gum care for sensitive teeth) A visible pressure sensor that flashes red every time you brush hard to alert you to be a bit gentle to your teeth 3D cleaning action (rotation, vibration and pulsation) capable of removing up to 100% more plaque than manual toothbrush 2 weeks battery life, using Lithium-ion battery charger with 2 pin UK plug, consider buying power adaptor if you don’t have one. Both come in black and pink colours Oral B Pro 2 2500 vs Genius 9000 There is a big difference between Oral B Pro 2 2500 and Genius 9000. The is the top end Oral B electric toothbrush with a lot of bells and whistles compared to the simple pro 2 2500 electric toothbrush. And here are the key differences between the two: While the has 2 cleaning modes (daily clean and gum care), comes with 6 modes (daily clean, deep clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening and tongue cleaning to cater for all your cleaning needs) They both come with a travel case, however, the genius 9000 travelling case is much better with incase charging and ability to charge usb device at the same time. can detect where your brushing and show you graphically on your smartphone using Bluetooth and Oral B app, pro 2 2500 does not include position detection feature. Both pro 2 2500 and genius 9000 include a visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing hard, however, whereas that of pro 2500 is rear side, of the is 3D smartRing that can be customised to the colour of your choice out of 12 colours provided. The is cheapest by miles. Despite the many differences, both pro-2500 and genius 9000 have 2 minutes timer with a pacer, a … Read more

Best Black Friday Electric Toothbrush Deals UK 2021 – Oral B, Sonicare

Best Black Friday Electric Toothbrush Deals UK 2021 - Oral B, Sonicare

Black Friday Electric Toothbrush Deals 2021 are here. Find top best electric toothbrush Black Friday deals by Oral B, Philips Sonicare, quip and other top brands sale, coupons and deals 2021. Black Friday Oral B Electric Toothbrush Deals Today’s deals: Get 73% off Get 73% off Get 73% off Get 71% off Get 71% off Get 70% off Get 70% off Get 70% off Get 70% off Get 67% off Get 67% off Get 67% off Get 67% off Get 67% off Get 67% off Get 65% off Get 62% off Get 62% off Get 62% off Get 62% off Get 61% off Get 58% off Get 58% off Get 56% off Get 56% off Get 50% off Get 50% off Get 50% off Get 50% off Get 17% off Black Friday Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Deals Get 70% off Get 70% off Get 63% off Get 63% off Get 62% off Get 62% off Get 55% off Get 55% off Get 55% off Get 43% off Get 32% off Black Friday Electric Toothbrush Deals UK 2021 1. Oral B Genius X It has been argued that Oral B Genius X is the best in combating plaque because it combines vibrations pulsations and rotations that disrupt plaque from lodging between the crevices between your teeth. Key Features: It makes 48000 movements compared to the 600 movements that a manual brush makes in a span of two minutes. It uses AI to intuitively help you zones you might have missed It has Bluetooth and a pressure sensor to protect your gums If you don’t mind spending a bit to get the best product in the market. The Oral B Genius X can really help you keep plaque at bay. Try it if your budget allow. 2. Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush is one of the best selling, top rated electric toothbrushes in the market today, competing well with the top end Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart As its latest version Oral-B 9600 Electric Toothbrush, 3 Brush Heads, Rose Gold, Powered by Braun and Genius X, this electric toothbrush too comes with premium features to keep your mouth clean: With it you get: 2 minutes timer with quadrapacer to help you brush at recommended 2 minutes time, twice a day. 6 cleaning modes (daily clean, sensitive, gum care, whitening, deep clean and tongue cleaning) with 3 brushing heads (whitening, CrossAction and Sensitive) to help you brush according to your needs An inbuilt pressure sensor that slows down the speed of the brush when detects that you are brushing too hard until you reduce the pressure 3D LED light SmartRing visible pressure sensor at the top end of the brush handle that flashes red when detecting that you are over-brushing to alert you to be gentle to your teeth and just guide the toothbrush and lets it do its work. You can customize the colour from red to … Read more

Oral B 9000 Black Friday 2021 Deals

Oral B 9000 Black Friday 2021 Deals

Find Oral B 9000 Black Friday 2021 Deals: There is always the best Black Friday Oral B 9000 deal to grab. This Oral B Genius electric toothbrush is one of the best selling Oral B electric toothbrushes UK. Check this: Todays Deal (Cyber Monday/Black Friday Extended) Get 56% off Get 63% off Black Friday Oral B 9000 Genius Review is a top of the range electric toothbrush that comes with cutting edge features that have taken teeth brushing to another level. Key Benefits It comes with six cleaning modes to help you address every aspect of your teeth cleaning. The modes are (Sensitive, Daily Clean, White, Pro-Clean, Gum-care and Tongue cleaner ) The Braun Oral B 9000 comes in six colours which give you the choice to choose a colour befitting your style. It comes with a pressure sensor to keep your gums healthy and protect from them from hard brushing. It has three pressure controls to help you regulate the intensity. You can choose to clean more gently to protect your gums. It gives you feedback to help you brush better via smartphone Bluetooth connectivity with the Oral B app. It has the latest technology of position detection that visually tracks how you are brushing, It helps you to know the zones you have missed so that you can re-do them. Like most rechargeable toothbrushes the 9000 cross-action comes with an integrated timer and pacer to help you brush the way dentists recommend. It has six cleaning modes that cater to all your teeth cleaning needs. It has long-lasting Li-on batteries that can last up to 12 days on a single charge (brushing twice a day). Check the here. Disadvantages The toothbrush holder is a bit awkward to use. It’s not very convenient using the position detection in the bathroom because water might spill on your smart android phone. Review The Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush is a linear progression of the 8000 Genius. It hit the market in 2016. However, it is modelled from the 6000 or 6500 models that were introduced in 2014. These (6000/6500) were the first set of rechargeable toothbrushes to have Bluetooth technology pairing. They have more or less similar cleaning models apart from the tongue cleaner. For a detailed comparison of the 6000/6500 and 9000 check here. Key Features Thanks to Bluetooth pairing, we now have position detection technology which is the breakthrough idea behind the Genius models. Position Detection Technology The Pro 9000 is the latest in the Genius range models that are really pushing the boundaries of technology to aid you have all-round teeth brushing experience. The key feature of this premium toothbrush is the position technology. This technology with the help of your phone by using the front-facing camera on your phone enables you to get a visual representation of how you are brushing. In so doing it highlights zones you have missed so that you can re-do them. Explore the here. Research indicates that the major cause of most … Read more

Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6 6000N vs 7000 vs 8000

Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6 vs 7000 vs 8000 vs 8900

Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6000N vs 7000 vs 8000 differences and similarities: Let us find out how does the compares with these other best Oral B electric toothbrushes. Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6 6000N comes with a wireless smart guide (digital watch) for tracking how long you clean and showing you which cleaning mode you are in whereas, comes with a built-in timer. Smart 6 cleaning modes are shown on its brush handle but, you only see which pro 6500 modes you are in in the provided smart guide not on its handle. Pro 6500 includes a brush head storing unit with space for 4 brush heads, whilst smart 6 does not include one. comes with a smartphone holder that can be attached on the tiles to assist holding a phone while tracking your brushing habit; pro 6500 does not have. Both Oral B Pro 6500 and smart 6 6000 have a visible pressure sensor, however, while that of smart 6 is a 3D customized LED Smart Ring that of pro 6500 is rear side flashing red to alert you from brushing hard. Pro 6500 comes with 3 brush heads whilst smart 6 comes with 4 (1 sensi, 1 flossAction, one 3D White and 1 CrossAction). Apart from the differences: They both have 5 cleaning modes: daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, gum care and whitening. They lack a tongue cleaning mode when compared to the Oral B 7000. Both include a travel case with a space for a brush handle and 2 brush heads They both use lithium-ion battery that when fully charged can last up to 14 days They are Bluetooth enabled to help you connect your phone to the Oral B app for tracking and getting real-time feedback on how you brush. is the cheapest at the time of writing Check, Oral B 6000 vs 6500 vs 7000 vs 8000. Oral B 6500 vs 7000 Oral B 6500 has 5 cleaning modes compared to 6 of . They both have daily clean, deep clean, gum care, sensitive and whitening modes. However, smart 7000 has one more, the tongue cleaning mode. comes with 3 brush heads whilst smart 7000 comes with 5 . Pro 6500 wins again on the battery life using lithium-ion battery that can last up to 14 days when fully charged comped to 7 days of smartseries 7000 electric toothbrushes that uses old Nickel Hydride Metal. They both come with a digital watch to help you brush at 2 minutes dentists recommended time, twice daily Both offer 3D cleaning movement using a round brush head for a tooth to the tooth cleaning effect They are both features Bluetooth connectivity to assist you to connect your mobile to the Oral B app for coaching and tracking Both include a travel case with space for two brush heads and a brush handle and include a brush head storage unit for storing 4 brush heads is the cheapest of the two Oral B 6500 vs 8000 Pro … Read more

Oral B Pro 650 vs 2500 vs 2000 vs 680 vs 670 vs 600 vs Vitality Plus

Oral B Pro 650 vs 2500 vs 2000 vs 680 vs 670 vs 600 vs Vitality Plus

vs 2500 vs 2000 vs 680 vs 670 vs 600 vs Vitality Plus differences and similarities. A detailed review of how does compares with Oral B Pro 2500, 2000, 680, 670, 600 and Oral B Vitality Plus. Oral B Pro 650 Vs 2500 The difference between Oral B Pro 650 and 2500 is on the number of cleaning modes, travel case, pressure sensor and batter life. While comes with one cleaning mode, the daily clean, the comes with two (daily clean and gum care). The gum care is handy in times of sensitive teeth and gums Pro 2500 includes a visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing hard,whereas the pro 650 lack this important feature. Brushing your teeth too hard can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum recession Also the Oral B Pro 2500 battery when full charged goes up to 14 days while that of Pro 650 lasts only 7 days. Pro 2500 uses Lithium-ion battery while pro 650 uses Nitrogen Hydride Metal The Pro 2500 also comes with a travel case that can store a brush handle and 2 brush heads compared to Oral Pro 650 that lacks a travelling case And whereas the Oral B 650 comes in black, blue and pink; pro 2500 comes in black and pink colours only. Otherwise, they both employ 3D cleaning action, comes with one brush head, and  includes a built-in two minute timer By price, is the cheapest when compared to pro-2500 Oral B Pro 650 Vs Pro 2000 The main difference between Oral B Pro 650 and Pro 2000 is on the number of cleaning modes, pressure sensor, battery life and add-ons. Whereas the includes a visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing hard, the 650 lack this important feature And while the pro 2000 has 2 cleaning modes (daily clean and gum care) same as pro 2 2500; the Oral B Pro 650 has only one mode (daily clean). While the daily clean is more than enough mode for daily usage, in times of tooth sensitivity, the gum care mode is quite handy. offer better battery life of up to 14 days usage on full charge, while pro 650 offers only 7 days usage before next charge On the other side, whereas the pro 650 comes with toothpaste, the pro 2000 does not include toothpaste on its box. Otherwise, they both come with a 2 minute timer with pacer to help you brush at recommended 2 minutes time, twice daily. Both offer 3D cleaning action and are compatible with all Oral B brush heads (crossAction, floss Action, 3D White, gum care and more). An intern of price, is the cheapest when compared to pro 2000. Both are under £50 price tag.+ Oral B Pro 650 Vs Vitality Plus What differentiates between Oral B Pro 650 and Vitality plus is the cleaning action, and number of brush heads included Whereas employs an advanced Oral B cleaning technology (3D action) to remove up to 100% plaque; vitality plus … Read more

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