Oral B 1500 vs 3000 Review

Oral B Smart 1500 vs Pro 3000: Find out how the Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush compares with the Oral-B Pro 3000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush. Check also Oral B Pro 3 3000 vs 3500 vs 3900 Review.

Difference between Oral B Smart 1500 and Oral B Pro 3000

  • Oral B Smart 1500 has two modes (daily clean and sensitive). Oral B Pro 3000 has three modes (whitening, daily clean and sensitive)
  • The daily clean mode is designed for normal daily usage, while the Sensitive mode is intended for people with sensitive teeth and gums and the whitening mode is for polishing teeth.
  • Oral B electric toothbrush 3000 Pro series brush comes with a brush head storage unit that can store up to 4 brush heads while the Oral B 1500 Smart does not include one.
  • Pro 3000 series has Bluetooth connectivity to help you track your brushing habits on real time, whereas the smart 1500 does not.
  • Pro 3000 series is also priced higher than the Smart 1500 brush.
  • What makes the Oral-B 1500 Smart stands out from the Oral-B 3000 Pro is the battery life. Whereas the Smart 1500 comes with the Lithium battery that when fully charged can last up to 14 days, the Pro 3000 comes with Nickel Metal Hydride that can last 7 days.
  • Meanwhile, they both come with a 2 minute timer with pacer, a visible pressure sensor and one brush head.

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Oral B Smart 1500 Review

The Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Power Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush is an upgrade of the Oral B Pro 1000. It is an addition to one of the best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth just like Oral B Pro 3000 .

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The Smart1500 model comes with:

  • An improved battery life, upgraded from Nickel Metal Hydride of the 1000 model that lasts in 7 days to Lithium-ion battery that goes up to 14 days, using it twice a day. The battery flashed green when charging and red when the battery is low
  • Additional  cleaning mode, you get sensitive mode on top of the default daily cleaning mode
  •  Visible pressure sensor to alert you when brushing too hard. It lights up red and reduces brushing speed when detects you brushing hard. It goes back to full speed when you start brushing gently.
  • A two-minute timer and 30 seconds pacer to help you brush at 2 minutes recommended brushing time by dentists. A pacer reminds you to move from brushing one mouth section to another until all 4 mouth sections are covered. After 2 minutes you will need to turn the brush off manually, it does not do it automatically.
  • A charging station, it needs to 15 hours charging to fully charged and last for 2 weeks time
  • A seal of approval from the American Dental Association, ADA
  • One brush head cross-action, you can buy extra if you want ranging from floss action, 3D White, sensitive, deep sweep and or precision clean brush heads, use it and see which one you like the most. You need to replace your used brush heads after every 3 month time to keep your teeth free from accumulated brush head germs. When the bristles turn into pale blue or white, know it is time to change the brush head
  • Round small brush head which makes it better for people with smallmouth when compared to using Sonicare brushes
  • Waterproof handle meaning you can rinse it and use it on shower safely but you are advised not to submerge it on water.
  • Same as other Oral B toothbrushes, you also get 2-year warranty and a user manual


  • No Bluetooth enabled
  • No travel case same as the 1000 model
  • No more than one colour to choose comes only in white colour.
  • In case of travelling and want to continue using it, you will need to buy a voltage and plug-in adapter

Which is Better, Oral B 1500 vs 3000?

Between these two electric toothbrushes, if you want one with better battery that can stay with charger for long time then go for Oral-B Smart 1500. However, if want a Bluetooth connectivity to track your cleaning habits, the Pro 3000 is better.

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