Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart vs Oral B IO Review

Detailed comparison: what is the big difference between the Philips onicare DiamondClean Smart and Oral B iO?

The two of these brushes achieve the exact same results: well cleaned teeth. Both brushes provide much more customization and options of brushing. However, there are a number of differences between these two.The first and possibly most crucial difference is the cleaning action .

Difference between Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart and Oral B IO

Cleaning Action

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart employs sonic cleaning technology as opposed to the oscillating rotating and pulsating activity of the Oral B iO.

The sonic technology uses two methods to thoroughly clean the teeth. The first is a physical side-to-side cleaning activity of the brush thanks to the multiple movements of the sonic action. The 2nd is a non-contact strategy which uses the sonic technology that produces burbles that sweep through teeth crevices to disrupt plaque beyond the point of the bristles.

Oral-B’s cleaning is actually completed via an oscillating, pulsating rotating movement, and micro vibrations, that is only found in the IO series. Oral-B brushes have a little, round brush head which moves forth and back (side to side movements) in a circular motion to help you remove plaque as well as dental debris. The motion of the bristles as well as the head itself basically scrub the teeth clean. You do not have to frequently move the bush up and down, but just let the brush glide across all angles of the teeth. Micro vibrations provide an additional dimension to the IO. This is basically a’ non-contact’ type of brushing and depends on pulsations/vibrations as Sonicare brushes do.

Whilst the cleaning activity found on the Oral B iO is much more highly regarded scientifically, both do a great job and there is actually insignificant difference between them.

Look and feel

There’s obviously some similarity in the general style, but there are a few important differences to look at.

Oral-B have made substantial strides with the iO, improving the overall design and aesthetics to be competitive with Sonicare. However, in spite of the iO being much more closely matched than ever before, the Diamondclean Smart actually looks somewhat more premium than the IO. It seems classy and quite refined. Both handles are similarly shaped, they have that rounded style handles. Both toothbrushes feel sound in hand and seem reliable and durable.

However, the Smart is 10 grams heavier than the IO but this is such a minute difference that does not affect the effectiveness of either brush. Both have a specific on button as well as cleaning mode select button to power the brush on and shift through the cleaning modes.

Differences in Buttons Display

The buttons on the iO are actually of the very same concave layout, but do have a rubber/silicone coating to them to make them a bit more grippy in comparison to the Diamond Smart. Although they’re practically invisible until they’re backlit, the DiamondClean has different mode labels on the front side of the handle below the lower form button. With the iO, every additional info and the modes is actually shown on the OLED display which is actually positioned between the two buttons.

The screen (Feedback Data):

The screen is one thing that set’s these two brushes apart as premium options. It doesn’t drastically modify your brushing knowledge, though it does provide many potentially useful components to it. Probably the most important being the emoji design faces you receive after you brush. Happy, sad or even starry-eyed faces provide you with a type of feedback not provided by various other products.

Differences in the Pressure Sensor:

A pretty major visual difference is actually in the pressure sensor, specifically the light band around the neck of the handle of the Oral B iO, compared to the Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart. The band consists of a translucent board around the handle. It can be controlled via the smartphone app or even the handle itself, this could be programmed in various colours. This light ring additionally doubles up as an alert when the pressure sensor is triggered on the iO. When too much pressure is actually exerted, the lighting is going to turn red to alert you. Too much pressure can harm your gum line. Once the pressure is eased the band will additionally be lit green to signify that the appropriate brushing pressure is actually being applied.

The Sonicare Smart series has a pressure sensor, but this’s around the bottom edge of the handle. It lights up purple if the sensor is actually activated. On both brushes this particular alert goes away if the pressure is actually lowered. Nevertheless, with the Philips Smart, the handle additionally vibrates to alert you. This’s a thing that the iO doesn’t do and is particularly beneficial as it’s rather easy to ignore the light band on the handle.

Handle colours:

The handle colours do differ between the two models: the Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Smart comes in three different colours; (grey and black with the 9500 series and lunar blue with the 9700 sequence). The Oral B iO on the other hand is actually readily available in onyx dark, and white alabaster across all of models, though the violet ametrine can be purchased with the iO eight Series just as well as the Rose Quartz on the roof of the line nine Series only.

Both Sonicare and Oral-B have a black-coloured brush head to complement their black handles.

Cleaning Modes:

The iO offers seven cleaning modes instead of the five that are on the DiamondClean Smart.

The modes on each brush are actually as follows:


  • Everyday Clean
  • Whitening
  • Gum Care
  • Sensitive
  • Intense
  • Super Sensitive (not offered on Series 7)
  • Tongue Clean (not offered on Series seven or perhaps 8)

DiamondClean Smart

  • Clean
  • White+
  • Serious Clean+
  • Gum Health
  • Tongue Care

The Sonicare Smart provides the capability to alter the intensity of the brushing experience. You are able to choose between low, moderate and high. You can change this particular intensity at any stage in any sort of mode.

Primarily the potential of the brushing mode is actually altered to be more soothing or perhaps more intense based on what you choose. The brush does automatically choose the very best intensity, though you are able to override it to go for what feels right for you.

By changing the intensity, you basically enact the experience offered by the Sensitive as well as Super Sensitive choices offered on the iO. Taking into account the three intensity options as well as the five cleaning modes ends up providing you fifteen different cleaning configurations as compared to the seven modes offered with the iO.

The intensity selected is actually displayed on the handle via three vertical light bars which are positioned between the “on” button and the cleaning mode button on the Smart Series.

EasyStart Feature:

Another tiny touch on the Diamondclean, for new toothbrush users, would be that the Smart carries a feature called’ EasyStart’. This feature slowly increases the strength of the brush motor over the very first fourteen brushing sessions. It’s meant to help ease new toothbrush owners into the potential the cleaning experience they are about to experience.


Both Sonicare and Oral-B have timers and pacers included in the brush handles. These encourage one to brush the teeth consistently for the suggested length of time.

A subtle difference is the fact that Oral B has configured the iO, like many of its additional brushes to thirty second intervals whereas the Diamondclean Smart is actually configured to twenty seconds. The pacer is actually disabled with the iO when used at the exact same time as the app.

At the conclusion of the twenty or perhaps thirty 2nd sections, the brush motors pause briefly replacing the sounds of the brush as well as the brushing sensation, this’s the cue to move to the following segment.

Auto-off Feature:

Once you are done cleaning, the Diamondclean smart has an instant power off function (auto-off), which makes it quite clear the cleaning cycle is actually done. The iO Series nine continues to run, until you put it off manually.

One of the key differences between these two premium toothbrushes is their brush head.

Both Sonicare and Oral-B provide a range of heads that are interchangeable with their brush handle. The Diamond clean 9700 comes with one x C3 Premium for tackling Plaque, one x G3 Premium for Gum Care, one x W3 Premium for Whitening teeth and one x TongueCare+ tongue brush, whereas the iO comes with one x Ultimate Clean brush head.

Shape of Brush head:

The Oral B head is actually round and small compared to the bigger Sonicare ovalish shaped heads that look like manual toothbrushes. Oral B heads are round shaped and smaller. The brush handle lets you know when to replace your heads during ownership and on average must be replaced every three months.

BrushSync Feature:

Whilst the Sonicare and Oral-B heads could be tracked within the relevant smartphone app, the Diamond clean has a unique bit of technology built in. Every brush head has an RFID chip inside, that’s tracked by the handle. It’s a part of a technology Sonicare calls BrushSync. It really works in two ways. The first is actually that the chip placed in brush head communicates with the handle to monitor just how long it’s been used for. As soon as the brush is used for three months, a light on the brush handle illuminates to orange/amber to alert you. This’s extremely brilliant and extremely helpful for providing that visual reminder to change the brush head. Whilst the Oral B brush heads have fading signal bristles and an in-app reminder, the iO, despite its wise technology as well as screen doesn’t alert you via a light whenever the bristles need replacing, neither will it replace the brushing mode depending on the brush head you attach.

Auto-selection of cleaning mode:

The other part is the fact that based on what brush head is actually fitted, the best suited brushing mode is instantly selected. And so, for instance, if you install the G2 Optimal Gum Care head the Gum Health cleaning function will be selected.

With whichever brush, you are able to utilize any of the brush heads on any of the modes on the toothbrushes.

Brush Head Storage Compartment:

The iO includes a brush head refill accessory in the package in the form of opaque cap which holds up to two extra heads which makes it quite portable and enables you to take the heads along with you whenever you travel.

The Sonicare 9700 does also include a brush head storage compartment. It’s much larger & looks more premium. It holds up to four heads. The coverage which covers the top isn’t protected in place and it cannot act as a traveling case. It’s strictly designed for safety and storage on a countertop.

Antibacterial spray (TongueCare brush head)

The Diamondclean 9700 is accessorised with a container of antibacterial spray in the package for tongue cleaning. The iO doesn’t. It’s created to be worn with the TongueCare brush head.

Lithium-ion batteries:

 Built into each brush is actually a standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery each claiming a battery life of two weeks. However most reviews indicate that the Smart series lasts up to three weeks of brushing twice daily.

The two models display the battery information differently; the iO displays in percentage interval on 10 percent of battery power left after every cleaning cycle.

Meanwhile the Sonicare Diamondclean Smart Series on the other hand simply comes with an icon at the bottom part of the handle which just provides genuine feedback when at approx ten % or even below. I find this more helpful than the 10-percentage reporting of the Io because it gives you a granular indication of how much battery power is available.

Travel Case:

Both come with two choices to charge the toothbrush. Both have a charging stand which the brush rests on to be charged and both come with a traveling case which enables the brush to be charged up again whilst inside the travel case.

USB Recharging with Travel Case:

With these brushes you receive a traveling case which enables the brush to be recharged inside. The Diamondclean travelling case holds up to two brush heads and its base is connected to a USB connector which can be plugged right into a mains socket, power adapter or maybe computer’s USB connection. The iO’s power2go case on the other hand, feels cheaper due to its plastic construction. There’s no gentle touch leather-based effect top like there’s on the Diamondclean travel case. It also holds one brush head instead of the more common two heads.

Speed of Battery Re-charge:

The iO comes with magnetic charging and also holds the brush upright. It in fact refills the battery very fast, in only three hours.

The Diamondclean comes with a stand made up of two parts. There’s a charging base plate cup holder. The handle then rests within it leaning slightly, not standing completely upright. However, it takes up to 24 hours to fully recharge. In spite of the Diamondclean looking more premium than the iO charging station, the iO is more efficient and faster.

Dual-Voltage Capability:

Both charging stands have a two-pin power connector that links to a two-pin bathroom socket as well as both support 100 240v (dual voltage).

What Makes the Oral B IO and Diamondclean Smart to be compelling?

Today a critical selling point for both brushes is actually the point that they’re sensible and offer real-time feedback. Both brushes make use of Bluetooth to link the handle to the smartphone. Both companies provide iOS and Android apps for free. Both apps are actually created to take the information collected by sensors in the brush handle as well as interpret it to ensure that you are able to take insight and find out from it how to clean your teeth better.

Sonicare APP Vs Oral B App

Whilst you do not have to use both app at the exact same time as you brush, you get optimum advantage when you do. Both basically show a graphic of the teeth on display and they change from a dull colour to a brilliant white as you effectively wash them.

The Sonicare app shows you around the teeth by showing you which sections to brush in which order in a manner that the Oral B app, as well as the iO, doesn’t. I believe the assistance in the Sonicare app is really better compared to Oral-B’s. Oral B iO toothbrush as well as smartphone app

The Oral B app is a lot more extensive compared to Soncare’s app. Sonicare’s app is currently restricted to seven days’ worth of information. This information is then charted in a relatively simple way to allow it to be extremely clear and very easy to analyze. The application of three colours does allow it to be possible at a glance to pick key learnings. Nevertheless, as a result of the absence of historic data you cannot see changes over extended periods. This’s exactly where Oral B truly shines.

The apps have no strong bearing on how effectively the toothbrush itself cleanses the teeth, though they actually do have a bearing on us as the user of the app because the data accumulated can be helpful. If we engage with the app we might enhance our brushing method, which subsequently improves just how much plaque we eliminate etc.

Both apps are similarly showcased, with real time tracking and feedback. The Sonicare app is a bit lighter, not as intense and heavy to use. It does a much better job of truly guiding you on which tooth surfaces to brush and in which order.

Nevertheless, the Oral B iO app tend to be more precise with the tracking and logging of the placement of the toothbrush. So it much more correctly recognises which teeth have been brushed and which ones haven’t been brushed correctly.

The Oral B app retains much more details. The latest updates to the Sonicare app have restricted the total amount stored. Sonicare arguably presents key details a bit much better though the minimal amount is limiting when compared to the much more extensive Oral B app configuration.

Position Detection (Real time tracking):

Nevertheless, the real time tracking as well as position detection of the brush is a lot more effective with Oral B toothbrush. Although neither are actually ideal the iO setup better seems to understand exactly where the brush is positioned in the mouth and charted better during as well as after the teeth cleaning cycle.

Two-Year Warranty:

Finally, both versions are available with a two-year warranty as regular, but go on the internet and purchase the iO and you’ve the possibility of extending this to three years (for) while with Sonicare you can extend this for six weeks.


Does one clean a lot better than the other?

The short answer is actually no. The longer and much more complex answer is yes, the iO could likely clean the teeth better. The truth is the fact that basically positively saying one brush cleans much better than the other is really hard. There are lots of variables and just if tested as a part of a comprehensive and properly handled clinical trial might conclusive evidence be acquired to confirm, which, if either really brushed better. You will discover really legitimate arguments that the Oral B iO can thoroughly clean the teeth better.

iO toothbrush from Oral B The most convincing argument is the fact that an independent analysis by Cochrane implies that there’s proof that Oral B is a lot more useful.

It was however very clearly stated in the findings that Oral B the differences are actually too small and clinically not clear with more studies required.

So, realistically both will clean the tooth really well if used properly. Nevertheless, to possibly complicate matters further both of those brushes are actually smart, with uses for smartphone which highlight key brushing information which may be of use to you.

Is one better valued than the other?

If we consider the suggested list price alone then the answer is yes. The Diamondclean is relatively cheaper than the Io series 9.

Sonicare I believe has constantly offered the more full and refined bundle, so this continues to be true when comparing the iO with the DiamondClean Smart.


Oral-B have truly upped the game with the iO. It’s sleeker, much more refined and has modern touches. In ways that are many, it challenges the DiamondClean Smart over every other toothbrush ever has.

Nevertheless, for me at least, whenever you consider the rates of the brushes and the things they provide, the DiamondClean is actually the one to choose. It feels somewhat more deserving of the premium cost.

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