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Oral B 6500 vs 9000

The Oral b 6500 Vs Genius 9000 differences and similarities: With so many new Oral B models coming up, you sometimes wonder whether you really should upgrade from a decent model to a newer model.

Let’s be honest sometimes the difference between one premium model and the other is usually something trifle that does not majorly shift the balance. So should you buy the medium-priced Oral B 6500 or the highly-priced Genius 9000 ? Is there any justification for the extra money spent on upgrading?

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Oral B 6500 vs 9000

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First of, there are a few similarities between these two models. Here they are:

  • Both 6500 Smart Series and the Genius 9000 have Bluetooth connectivity that enables them to transfer data to a third party device through an app.
  • They both have a pressure sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard. The pressure sensor helps you from damaging your gums.
  • They both have a Pro timer that tracks how long you brush your teeth. The way Oral B names its models can be confusing, for the purposes of this comparison, we shall treat the Oral B Pro 6500 and Smart Series 6500 as the same, because they are essentially the same.
  • Both Black coloured version of 6500 and 9000 come with contrasting white brush heads. However, only recently have we started to see Oral B compatible Black brush heads being introduced in the market.

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Detailed Comparison: What’s the difference between

The Genius 9000 uses Lithium batteries that are known to be long-lasting. It is actually the first Oral B model to use the Lithium batteries, most Oral B models including the Smart Series 6500 use Nickel Metal Hydride which does not last long.

The Oral b 6500 battery lasts only between 10 days after a full charge and brushing for two minutes twice in a day. While the Genius 9000 battery lasts up to 12 days. So the Genius 9000 gives you 2 more days of battery use thanks to the use of Lithium batteries. However, Sonicare toothbrushes that have Lithium battery can last up to 21 days of usage after a full battery charge.

The Genius 9000 is relatively smaller and more ergonomic to handle in relation to the way it is designed and presented when compared to the Smart series 6500

The Smart series/pro 6500 comes only in black colour whereas the Genius 9000 in a range of four colours (Rose gold, White, Black silver and Purple Orchid).

The Look and feel of the 9000 in regard to finishing and touch look more high spec (the finishing a well thought out combination of glossy plastic and firm rubber) which makes it look more premium in comparison to the 6500.

Alongside the physical size difference, the materials on the Genius are more premium to the touch.  A mix of rubber and gloss plastics.  The 9000 is most widely available in white but can also be found in black silver, rose gold and orchid purple, whereas the 6500 comes in black colour with silverfish finish on the sides.

The Genius 9000 has illuminated cleaning modes on the brush handle which makes it easy to track the cleaning mode you are using. Only the daily clean is not illuminated probably because it is the standard cleaning mode across all models even the basic ones. In the 6500 the cleaning modes are not illuminated on the handle but on the smart wireless device which makes a bit awkward to track the cleaning mode if you don’t have the smart wireless device with you. You might have to momentarily stop the brush and remove it from your mouth to double-check which cleaning mode button is on.

The 6500 is slightly heavier than the 9000 but both are nevertheless quite portable.

 The Genius 9000 does have a smart ring feature which is located at the neck of the brush just below the brush head. The Smart Ring can be customised into 12 different colours. The Smart ring flashes to alert when you need to move from one quadrant to another and turn red whenever you brush too hard once the pressure sensor is triggered.

Though the 6500 has a pressure sensor located at the rear end of the brush handle, it is not as customizable (using the smart ring) as the one on the 9000. The LED of the 6500 pressure sensor flashes green but it doesn’t linger on to make it obvious as it does in the 9000.

The colour of the Smart series 6500 LED is green when it alerts you t change from one-quarter of the mouth to the other. This is the same green colour that flashes when the pressure sensor is activated. The colour cannot be changed in 6500 like you can in the 9000.

The Genius 9000 makes close to 10500 oscillations and 48000 pulsations per minute in comparison to the 8000 oscillation and 40000 oscillations offered by the 6500. You, therefore, get slightly more rotations of the brush strokes with 9000 than with 6500.

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Our Review

The Oral B Genius 9000 clearly a newer model than the 6500 but these two models have more or less the same core features that make a good electric toothbrush.

The 9000 has a cool feature like the Smart Ring through which you can customise your brushing experience but in my opinion, this is merely an aesthetic feature. It doesn’t really enhance your teeth cleaning regime. The Oral B 6500 also has a pressure sensor and LED illumination for the pressure sensor but because it doesn’t stay illuminated. Either way, you are alerted when you trigger the pressure sensor.

The Genius 9000 model has face recognition feature with which you can get trackable data on your brushing and also aid you in brushing effectively but you can also get feedback on your teeth cleaning using the 6500 smart devices.

Yes, you get more oscillations and pulsations with the Genius 9000 but the standard rotations you get with the 6500 are already clinically proved to be effective in removing plaque and improving your gum health. Probably the more rotations offered can marginally polish your teeth but the difference is not groundbreaking. You still get decent teeth cleaning with the 6500.

 In my opinion, the difference between the 6500 and 9000 are more aesthetic than core differences that could be deal-breakers. Both Oral B 6500 and 9000 Genius are high-quality brushes. What this means then is that your preferences and budget with determine the model you choose between these two.

The Genius 9000 has a premium feel to it and is more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the 6500 but that doesn’t majorly tilt the balance for me.

 The only things it has that the 6500 doesn’t have are (Smart Ring, a tongue cleaning mode, position detection and a premium smart travelling case), these in my eyes are just convenient to have but you do not necessarily need them to enhance your teeth cleaning regime.

If you are more trend-based and have the budget to match your trend consciousness then definitely go for the Genius 9000. You will have a durable quality product.

If however, you are not aesthetically inclined or more concerned with the practicality to having a toothbrush that you to effectively clean your teeth without all the “bells and whistles”, the 6500 is the right choice for you. You will save a few dollars while you get a decent product to clean your teeth.  

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