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Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6 6000N vs 7000 vs 8000

Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6000N vs 7000 vs 8000 differences and similarities: Let us find out how does the SmartSeries 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush compares with these other best Oral B electric toothbrushes.

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Oral B 6500 vs Smart 6 6000N

Oral B Pro 6500 comes with a wireless smart guide (digital watch) for tracking how long you clean and showing you which cleaning mode you are in whereas, Oral-B Smart 6 6000N comes with a built-in timer.

Smart 6 cleaning modes are shown on its brush handle but, you only see which pro 6500 modes you are in in the provided smart guide not on its handle.

Pro 6500 includes a brush head storing unit with space for 4 brush heads, whilst smart 6 does not include one.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N comes with a smartphone holder that can be attached on the tiles to assist holding a phone while tracking your brushing habit; pro 6500 does not have.

Both Oral B Pro 6500 and smart 6 6000 have a visible pressure sensor, however, while that of smart 6 is a 3D customized LED Smart Ring that of pro 6500 is rear side flashing red to alert you from brushing hard.

Pro 6500 comes with 3 brush heads whilst smart 6 comes with 4 (1 sensi, 1 flossAction, one 3D White and 1 CrossAction).

Apart from the differences:

  • They both have 5 cleaning modes: daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, gum care and whitening. They lack a tongue cleaning mode when compared to the Oral B 7000.
  • Both include a travel case with a space for a brush handle and 2 brush heads
  • They both use lithium-ion battery that when fully charged can last up to 14 days
  • They are Bluetooth enabled to help you connect your phone to the Oral B app for tracking and getting real-time feedback on how you brush.
  • Oral-B Smart 6 6000N is the cheapest at the time of writing
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Oral B 6500 vs 7000

Oral B 6500 has 5 cleaning modes compared to 6 of Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush . They both have daily clean, deep clean, gum care, sensitive and whitening modes. However, smart 7000 has one more, the tongue cleaning mode.

Pro 6500 comes with 3 brush heads whilst smart 7000 comes with 5 .

Pro 6500 wins again on the battery life using lithium-ion battery that can last up to 14 days when fully charged comped to 7 days of smartseries 7000 electric toothbrushes that uses old Nickel Hydride Metal.

  • They both come with a digital watch to help you brush at 2 minutes dentists recommended time, twice daily
  • Both offer 3D cleaning movement using a round brush head for a tooth to the tooth cleaning effect
  • They are both features Bluetooth connectivity to assist you to connect your mobile to the Oral B app for coaching and tracking
  • Both include a travel case with space for two brush heads and a brush handle and
  • include a brush head storage unit for storing 4 brush heads
  • Pro 6500 is the cheapest of the two

Oral B 6500 vs 8000

Pro 6500 has a rear side visible pressure sensor compared to the 3D LED customizable SmartRing of the Oral B Genius 8000. Pro 6500 flashes red to alert you when brushing hard whilst in case of the genius 8000, you can choose which colour to show up out of 12 provided colours.

Genius 8000 uses a built-in position detection feature to show you where you are brushing to help you see on real-time which area to brush next, Pro 6500 lacks position detection feature. To assist the 8000 model work properly, you get a smartphone holder for holding your phone while tracking.

Pro 6500 comes with a digital clock for tracking brushing time and which mode you are using whilst genius 8000 has a built-in timer and its cleaning modes are shown on its brush handle using icons.

And in terms of colour choice, pro 6500 comes in black whilst Genius 8000 comes in black, platinum and rose gold.

Apart from the difference:

  • They both feature 3D cleaning action capable of removing up to 100% dental plaque
  • Both come with a travelling case with a space for a brush handle and 2 brush heads
  • They both have a brush head storage unit with space for 4 brush heads
  • Both come with 3 brush heads and features 5 cleaning modes: clean. deep clean. sensitive, whitening and gum care.
  • They both uses lithium-ion battery that when fully charged can stay up to 14 days before recharging it again
  • You get two years warranty that can be extended to 3 if you register it on Oral B site.
  • Pro 6500 is cheaper than 8000 model
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Oral B Smart 6 vs 7000

The things that differentiate the Oral-B Smart 6 6000 from the Oral B 7000 include:

  1. The number of cleaning modes: While with the Smart 6 you get 5 cleaning modes; the 7000 toothbrush, on the other hand, comes with 6 modes. The 6000 lacks the tongue cleaning mode which has been included in the 7000 model.
  2. Battery life:  While the battery of the Oral B 7000 last only for 10, that of 6000 last for 14 good days.
  3. Price tag: The 7000 is cheaper than the 6000 due to it using an old Nickel Hydride battery compared Lithium-Ion of the 6000 model
  4. The 6 6000 is a newer model; It is an upgrade of the Oral B Pro 6000 while the 7000 has been in the market for sometimes.
  5. Colour: With 7000 you can choose either black or white colour but 6000 comes only in white colour.
  6. Both have Bluetooth functionality, 2-minute timer, visible pressure sensor, and 3-year warranty if you remember to register them on the Oral B website.
  7. A blend of Smart 6 and Oral B 7000 features gives you a more premium Oral-B 8000 electric toothbrush.

Oral B Smart 6 vs 8000

Oral B Genius 8000 has the ability to detect where you are brushing using built-in position detection feature. This allows you to see where you have missed so that you can focus on it next time. Smart 6 lack this feature.

Oral B Smart 6 has a rear side visible pressure sensor that flashed red to alert you when brushing hard; Oral B Genius 8000, on the other hand, has a LED Smart Ring visible pressure sensor, that can be customized into any colour of your choice out of 12 provided colour.

Smart 6 comes with 4 brush heads compared to 3 of genius 8000. They both come with one CrossAction, one Sensitive, and one 3D White brush heads, however, Smart 6 comes also with FlossAction brush head in which 8000 lacks it.

Smart 6 comes with a smartguide (digital clock) that shows you which cleaning mode you are in and which mouth section have you brushed; Genius 8000 does not include smartguide rather it shows which mode you are in on its brush handle and where you have brushed on your smartphone.

In terms of colour choice, genius 8000 comes in black, platinum and rose gold while the Smart 6model comes in white colour only.

Oral B Smart 6 is the cheapest of the two

Apart from the differences::

  • Both Oral B Smart 6and genius 8000 come with 5 cleaning modes to cater for all your cleaning needs except tongue cleaning.
  • Both are Bluetooth enabled allowing you to connect your toothbrush with Oral B app to get real feedback and tutorial on how your brushing and how to improve it
  • They both come with a travel case however, that of 8000 is more premium
  • Both have a brush head storage unit with space to store up to 4 brush heads

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Oral B Smartseries 6500 Review

The Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush is a quality mid-priced toothbrush that is reliable and effective. It comes with 5 cleaning modes, a smart guide and Bluetooth connectivity.

There are 2 different variants of 6500. These are Oral B Pro 6500 and Oral B 6500 Smart Series. The Oral B Pro 6500 is slowly being phased out and might not be available in the near future as the brand is promoting the Smart Series more and more.

In case you are in a hurry here is the lowdown:

  • It has 5 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, and Deep Clean)
  • It has a visible pressure sensor
  • It has a travelling case
  • Comes with a Smart guide with which you can track your teeth cleaning.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity and connects to the Oral B app
  • Its battery lasts for 10 days on a single charge.

As you can see the 6500 is packed with decent features similar to those found on the latest model like Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush .

Product Description

Like all other Oral B models, the 6500 runs on the 3D movement technology in which the brush-head oscillates, rotates and pulsates around the tooth while brushing to break down plaque and tartar.

The Oral B 6500 comes in a combination of black and silver colours and has a glossy matte finish at the front and rubber at the back.

It is quite ergonomic to hold and use.

The neck has two LED light strips that illuminate red when the pressure sensor is triggered.

The LED on the neck of the brush head also illuminates green when the timer interval hits each quarter (quadrant).

The quadrant and two minutes timer also have an audible alarm to remind you when you need to move to the next section of your mouth or when you have brushed for two minutes as recommended by dentists.


Oral B 6500 is waterproof and can be used even in the shower. It comes with a Smart guide. The Smart Guide is basically a handy clock that tracks how long you are brushing.

 It shows when you move from one quarter to next and also lets you know which cleaning mode you are using. If you connect your toothbrush with the Oral B app it will log your teeth cleaning regime for up to 20 days. This is adequate data which you can draw on to improve your teeth cleaning habits regime.

It is waterproof and be comfortably be placed in your bathroom.

It also displays a smiley face when you brush as recommended. The Smart guide was one of the main selling points when the Oral B 6500 first hit the market but the novelty seems to have waned following the release of more advanced features like face recognition via the app that is a common feature in high end premium Genius models like Oral-B Genius 8000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

The cleaning modes are useful when dealing with specific issues associated with teeth.

Cleaning Modes Explained

  • Daily clean, is the most commonly used in day to day teeth brushing
  • Deep clean gives comprehensive teeth cleaning and lasts for three minutes instead of the usual two minutes recommended by dentists.
  • Whitening mode polishes the surface of your teeth in an effort to whiten them. There are mixed reactions regarding how effective whitening your teeth using a toothbrush is but it is there for you to give it a go. Suffice it to say it can reduce discolouration but for proper whitening, you will need whitening kits and other procedures.
  • Sensitive mode employs lower intensity to cater for people with sensitive teeth.
  • Gum care mode clean under the gum line by gently massaging the gums

The brushing techniques (oscillation, rotation and pulsations) that powers Oral B 6500 is scientifically proven to break and remove up to 100% more plaque than when using a manual toothbrush.

It is usually sold with four brush heads and a case for storing the toothbrush. This coupled with six cleaning modes makes the 6500 compelling mid-priced toothbrushes.


  1. It is waterproof and therefore offers you the freedom to use it in the bathroom.
  2. It has multiple cleaning modes (Daily clean, sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, and Deep clean) This gives you the versatility to tackle the different aspect of your teeth cleaning.
  3. The Bluetooth connectivity gives you access to the Oral B app that has many features that improve the way you brush your teeth.
  4. The battery can last 14 days after one full charge using lithium-ion battery
  5. It’s medium-priced yet it has features (cleaning modes) that rival those of premium brushes.

In Summary

All in all the Oral B 6500 is a quality mid-priced toothbrush that offers you much of what the top end premium brushes like Oral B 9000 without all the bells and whistles that are prominent inexpensive electric toothbrushes.

It offers you 5 cleaning modes that you can employ to take your teeth cleaning to the next level.

It has Bluetooth connectivity which you can use to pair with the Oral B app that app to improve your teeth cleaning.

If you are purely looking for a toothbrush that will a proper all-round job of cleaning your teeth and keeping them in top condition, then Oral B 6500 is the toothbrush for you. To be honest the other features that set premium toothbrushes apart from the 6500 are not core features.

Without fancy features like face recognition that are in 9000, your teeth cleaning is not affected. You can always use the app via Bluetooth connectivity to get feedback on your teeth brushing.

You can always use this logged data to shape your teeth brushing or even discuss with a dentist to make the most of data generated.

The 6500 for the last two years has had good deals, especially on mega deals days like Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get the Oral B 6500 now or check if there are any coupons or deals.

Check also Oral B 6500 vs 9000.

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