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Oral B 2500 Vs 6500

Let us compare the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 vs 6500 and see which one is worth it. But before going on let us clear out that Oral B has been improving its electric toothbrushes since 2007, upgrading them with improved battery life. The improved Oral B 2500 with longer battery life has been renamed Oral B Pro 2 2500 while the 6500 is still the same.

Oral B 6500 is sometimes referred to as the Oral B Pro 6500 or Oral B Smart 6500.

With this in mind, today’s review we are going to compare the latest Oral B Pro 2 2500 vs Oral B Pro 6500.

To start with, let us first start with the key features that these 2 electric toothbrushes have in common.

Oral B 2500 Vs 6500

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  • They both employ 3D cleaning movement: rotates, vibrates and pulsates, a technology capable of removing up to 100% tooth plaque compared to the 2D cleaning action found in Oral B Vitality Plus
  • A visible pressure sensor located at the rear side of the handle is included in both of them. This feature is for helping you not to over brush your teeth.
  • 2 minute timer that helps you to brush at the recommended dentist 2 minutes time
  • A travel case made up of clear plastic
  • A charging station with 2 pin plug
  • 2 years warranty that can be extended to three if you remember to register your brush online for free

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These two electric toothbrushes despite having common things, they also possess other features that make one stand out of the other and hence justify the price differences. Let us explore these features that differentiate the Oral B Pro 2 2500 from the Oral B Smart 6500.


  • Cleaning Modes
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Wireless SmartGuide
  • Brush heads
  • Battery life
  • Price

Cleaning Modes

In terms of the cleaning modes, Oral B 6500 has more to offer than the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 model. While the Oral B 6500 comes with 5 modes: daily clean, gum care, sensitive, deep clean and whitening modes, the Oral-B Pro 2 2500, on the other hand, comes with only 2 basic cleaning modes: the daily clean and the gum care. (Read more about Oral B cleaning modes here)

Despite the 6500 model seems to offer more cleaning modes than 2500, it still lacks the tongue cleaning mode found in premium models like the Oral B Genius 9000. Bacteria causing tooth cavities, and gum disease do not stay on teeth only but also on gums and tongues.

Therefore if you are interested in not cleaning only your teeth and gums but also your tongue then Oral B Genius 9000 might be the best option for you.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity is also one of the features that differentiate the Pro 6500 from the 2 2500. In short, while the Oral B 6500 model includes Bluetooth functionality, the 2500, on the other hand, is not Bluetooth enabled.

What the Bluetooth connectivity feature does is that it helps you connect your Smartphone or tablet with a special Oral B app via Bluetooth. In this way, you get real-time guidance and tracks on how you brush your teeth and how often and how to do it well. There is also a calendar that if enabled can track your brushing habit for a long time for you to review later or share with your dentist for further advice or help create a dental plan for you.

Wireless SmartGuide

The Oral B 6500 SmartGuide is also one of the key features that differentiate it from the pro 2 2500 that lacks it. It is like a standalone clock, powered by 2, AAA batteries that offer visual guidance on how you brush your teeth, where have you brush. Did you brush it hard, time spent on cleaning that area, which next mouth area to brush and how to do it properly. It also shows which cleaning mode you are on using an icon at the top of the display.

You can use it also as a clock when not used as a SmartGuide. When you switch on the brush that is Bluetooth enabled, it triggers this feature to work.

It can be bough as a separate unit for 20 to 25 pounds on Amazon in case you end up buying the electric toothbrush that does not include this feature like the Oral B Pro 2 2500.

Brush Heads

The brush heads are what differentiates the naming of most Oral B Electric Toothbrushes in the same range, for instance, Oral B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction rechargeable electric toothbrush or Oral B Pro 2 2500 3D White and so forth.

With this in mind, you get 4 brush heads (CrossAction, 3D White, FlossAction and Sensitive brush head) when you buy the Oral B 6500 today in contrast to one brush heads that come with the Oral B 2000, the CrossAction brush head.

Battery Life

In terms of the battery life, the stands out from 6500. This is because 2500 comes with the Lithium ion battery that has been proved to last long compared to the Nickel Hydride battery that comes with the Oral B 6500.

While the 2500 battery last up to two weeks time that of the 6500 that from 5 to 10 days time of brushing 2 minutes time, twice a day.

If you like the Oral B Smart 6500 model so far but want better battery life, better go for Oral B Smart 7000. It has more less the same features as the 6500 but with improved battery life.


In terms of price, as you might expect, the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is cheaper than the Pro 6500. The 6500 price is like 3 times that of the 2500 model due to the increased value in terms of new features that differentiate it from pro 2.

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In Summary:

If you want a cheaper electric toothbrush that does the job, Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is the best but if you want to take your teeth cleaning to the next level, the 6500 is better but best if go for the Oral-B Genius 8000 for improved battery life.

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