Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a dental cosmetic practice where teeth are made whiter which in turn radiates a beautiful smile.

There are both traditional and dentistry procedures for teeth whitening. Traditional ones include using charcoal, oil pulling using mixture of baking soda and lemon among others.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures for tooth whitening range from use of veneers, crowns, veneer to teeth whitening strips spiked with calibrated percentages of peroxide. Teeth whitening strips can actually be dispensed over the counter. They are quite popular because they promise to whiten your teeth especially if you use some of the best teeth whitening strips.

What-Why Teeth Whitening Strips

What are teeth whitening strips? Teeth whitening strips are basically slim bands made of polythene that when applied to your teeth for a given duration of time will gradually improve the whiteness of your teeth. Top teeth whitening products in the market contain a small layer of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that bleaches the teeth.

These bleaching agents are safe and healthy. They have been given a stamp of approval by the American dental Association (ADA). The hydrogen/carbamide peroxide breaks down into oxygen when swallowed and is therefore safe to use.

The whitening strips come packaged in a kit that contains user manuals and the strips. Most strips are affordable and can be conveniently be used at home. Unless your teeth are very sensitive there is no need to consult a dentist before sing them.

The whitening strips come in two forms: there is one that dissolves once it comes into contact with saliva while the one is removable after application. The user will apply the strip as recommended and then remove it after the required time.

When it comes to whitening strips, following instructions as closely as you can improves the results you get. This will ensure that there is no discomfort like excessive sensitivity, soreness or damage to the enamel. These are commonly used by either excessive usage or simply not adhering to the instructions.

In case you have any concerns regarding the use of whitening strips, contact your dentist before usage.
The popularity of teeth whitening strips is on a steady rise Teeth whitening products are fast becoming products of choice when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. You cannot ignore the benefits of these products for those who crave whiter teeth.

Benefits of Tooth Whitening

  • The benefits and results you get when using teeth whitening products are easy to see.
  • The most obvious change will be a radiant and refreshing smile. This of course improves your general confidence. This makes you a better and likable person. You will no longer hold back a smile because of your lack of confidence.
  • Research carried by American social scientists reveal that 75% of career people believe that a good smile supports their career while 84% of them believe that an attractive smile helped them meet their sexual partners. In the said survey, the importance of a smile was considered to be crucial in business, dating, social connection and careers.
  • A close relation was established between a good smile and self esteem.
    Other added benefits of teeth whitening products is that the whitening gel has been confirmed as being to kill bacteria that trigger gum disease and decay in the tooth.
  • So with teeth whitening strips and other whitening products, you will not only get whitened teeth and a brilliant smile but also have healthier teeth free from tooth decay.

Do teeth whitening strips really works

Do teeth whitening strips work? The answer to this common question is: Yes! Without a shadow of doubt the strips actually work. Honestly you will be amazed at how effective the strips are. Many customers say they see a remarkable difference after only three days of usage.

Will your teeth become super white after three days of usage? Probably not but your teeth will be much whiter than when you first started using the strips. You also have to be realistic with your expectations.

Going through the entire treatment will greatly improve the whiteness of your teeth. The area near the gum may take longer to change but you will see an improvement if you diligently follow the instructions on the pack. Overall, the strips do not disappoint if you have realistic expectations

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