Philips sonicare 5300 vs 5100

Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 vs 5100 are part of the Philips protective clean range which is a decidedly budget range with a few premium features that are usually found in high-end Sonicare models. They both have nifty features like a pressure sensor, travel case, three cleaning modes, and Brush n sync that reminds you to replace your brush heads after three months, and also operate on the Sonicare brushing technique that makes 62000 bristle movements per minute when in use. However, what really differentiates between Sonicare 5300 and 5100?

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Key Differences Between Sonicare 5300 vs 5100

  • The main difference between Sonicare 5300 and the 5100 is that the 5300 version has extra brush heads in the package you buy. The 5100 comes with one brush head included in the package but the 5300 comes with two additional W premium Diamondclean brush heads. In total, you get three brush heads with the 5300 which is better than the 5100 which has only one brush head, the optical gum care G2. 
  • The other difference is that the 5100 comes in two colors (Mint white and black gray) which is better, because it gives you a choice between two colors that can suit your style, than the 5300 which has only one color (dark gray).
  • The 5300 is slightly more expensive (by approximately ten dollars at the time of writing) than the 5100 which costs under hundred dollars.


All in all the Sonicare 5300 and the 5100 have more or less similar features but the 5300 edges out the 5100 because you get extra premium W Diamonclean brush heads. The 5300 also gives you a choice between two colours to choose from. The 5300 will be marginally better worth in case you especially need or even desire the two additional W DiamondClean brush heads that come included.

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Review of Sonicare 5300

The Sonicare 5300, comes with three brush heads, it is one additional model in the protectiveClean range. It features a traveling case, standard Charging stand, and 3 brush heads: two Diamondclean brush heads (also referred to as W2 Optimal White) and one G2 Optimal Gum Care). At the time of writing the 5300 only had one color (dark grey).

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The 5300 has most of the features that other top-of-the-range protectiveClean models have such as the Brush n sync. This is the technology in which the brush head is embedded with an RFID microchip. The chip gathers information on how long you have used the brush head and will remind you when you are due for a replacement.

  • Brush Sync-compatible brush heads tend to be much more costly. The additional expense however offers greater worth, making it so easy to justify the additional cost through greater cleaning effectiveness. Another key feature of the 5300 is the pressure sensor.
  • The pressure sensor is a feature that many users find helpful, particularly in the beginning because it notifies you when you are brushing too hard or when you are pressing down way too much and warns you to stop so that you do not harm your gums.
  • If you have only just started using electric toothbrushes, it may take you some time to become used to the correct method of brushing with an electric-powered toothbrush. You do not need to press hard like when using a mechanical toothbrush. Rather, just skimming the brush head down the surface area of teeth is sufficient to create a cleaning effect.
  • When a pressure sensor detects a person pushing down way too tough, it decreases power to the motor and lowers the vibrations of the brush head. A visible signal is provided in the form of a glowing LED in the brush handle. Collectively, these notify a user to ease up on the stress.
  • You also get other features common with Sonicare brushes like the easy start that reduces the intensity in the first few days when you start using the brush so as to give you time to get acquainted with the cleaning motion.This wise system makes a Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300 electric toothbrush a preferred option even among individuals who have never before used it.

Review of the 5100

The 5100 ProtectiveClean is one of the models designed from the brand new ProtectiveClean series which Sonicare released in 2018. It has a travel case and three cleaning modes (clean, white and gum care).

Another key feature over and above several other versions is; the smart,’ BrushSync’ element which informs you if you have to change your brush head.

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A pressure sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard so that you do not damage your gums.

It comes in two colors (white/mint and gray) with the standing charge and case color matched which is a touch of style because rarely do you find the charging stand and travel case provided color matched in most models.


  • It also has other good Sonicare features like the sonic cleaning action that makes 62000 movements per minute, 
  • two minutes timer, 
  • Pressure sensor
  • auto-shutoff, and a long-lasting battery that can last for two weeks on a single charge.


  • The pressure sensor could have been much better in case it had been a visible pressure sensor, turning on a light to alert you.
  • Brush head price – New’ BrushSync’ compatible heads are usually much more costly.

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