Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Review – successor to the Essence model

Interested in getting a new power toothbrush? You’ll love the Philips Sonicare 2 Series, from Phillips! This model is the successor to the Essence model by Sonicare and comes with a ton of features that are dentist approved.

This 2 Series brush comes with:

  • a 2 minute timer that will alert you when it is time to stop brushing.
  • It comes with the Quad Pacer aspect that lets you know every 30 seconds when they are up.
  • That means you can switch to another part of your mouth to be sure you are brushing evenly.
  • This model has the waterproof seal as well which will protect the brush head when being put on and keep your brush from shorting out.

Perhaps one of the best features that comes with the Sonicare 2 is the fact that it can easily snap brush heads on and off, something that a lot of other power toothbrushes struggle with. For instance, even the Essence model that Phillips rolled out before used screw-on brush heads.

Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Review

Key Benefits & Features

  1. The Handle This brush comes with a simple design that is easy to use.
  2. The power button that you press to turn the brush on and off is easy to use; one press turns it on, and just press it again when you want it off.
  3. With baby blue highlights and a green button you can find it easily.
  4. This brush comes with smaller bumps that provide grip while you are brushing as well.
  5. Quad Pacer This feature lets you know when thirty seconds of time is up so you can switch to a different area of your mouth for a thorough brushing.
  6. It auto stops when you hit two minutes of straight brushing.

The recommended time to brush teeth is for two minute straight, so that works out to thirty seconds a quadrant. The handle will automatically stop buzzing to let you know that it has been 30 seconds. It pauses during pulses and then offers a tone sound at the end of thirty seconds to make sure you are moving with your brushing so that you get an even clean.

sonicare series 2


The Sonicare 2 has a built-in timer that allows the user to have the brush turn off automatically after two minutes. If you like to brush longer, you can press the power button and brush some more. It’s a cool feature that is perfect for regulating brushing to the right amount of time.

Easy Start:

This brush can take some getting used to, and with Easy Start you can ease your way into the electric brushing experience. It takes a while for people who are used to a manual brush to adapt to using a power toothbrush. To some the sensation can merely tickle them a little, while for others the new way of brushing can feel too intense.

Easy Start allows you to get used to using an electric toothbrush. You won’t stay in the shallow end of the pool forever, though. This clever feature lets you slowly build up power after 14 uses, gradually taking you to where you are getting up to 31,000 brush strokes a minute—the full capacity of what this brush can deliver.


– Sonicare 2 series handle

– Angled brush head

– Instructions

– Warranty card

– Brush head cover

– Charging stand Included in this box.

You may also find discounts and offers related to the Sonicare range from Phillips, although not every box may have these. Be sure to check the warranty card to see if you get a six month or 2 year warranty. The Sonicare 2 brush may not come with the 2 year warranty automatically.



  • – Leaves your teeth looking cleaner and whiter than ever
  • – Safe for braces, dentures, veneers
  • – Brush twice a day with it to reduce your risk of cavities
  • – Takes away 6 times the plaque than you would be able to remove manually
  • – Comes with two years warranty
  • – Easy Start lets you work up to more brush strokes per minute
  • – Angled brush head lets you get to those back teeth
  • – Clean hard to reach areas easily with the help of this brush
  • – Good weight
  • – Grip on the handle makes it easy to use
  • – Brush each quadrant equally
  • – Comes with a built-in timer to help you regulate brushing
  • – Comes with gap to allow brush head movement
  • – Two color battery charger lets you know when to charge
  • – Comes with two weeks of battery life
  • – Can be held in either hand comfortably


– When battery indicator says that battery is low, it needs to be charged immediately

-You may not get the full extended warranty without calling in, comes with 6 month to 2 year warranty.

Final Verdict

The Sonicare 2 electric toothbrush from Phillips is a reliable power toothbrush that has a lot going for it. The weight of it is nice, and it’s comfortable to hold thanks to a subtle gripping that is built into the design.

It’s not too loud to use and while it is easy to operate and has 2 weeks of use after you charge it, you have to charge it immediately once it lets you know the battery is low. Snap on heads for this model are a great choice and are infinitely easier to use.

The makers of this brush claim that it can help get rid of six times more plaque than manual toothbrushes can, and while we have no idea if that’s true, it sure does an effective job at brushing and we would believe it.

With different heads and the option to ease into heavy brushing, this is a great model for kids, teenagers, people with braces or dental veneers, and adults. If it’s your first time using an electric toothbrush, you will love the Phillips Sonicare 2. It’s the perfect brush for people who love power brushes or are using one for the first time.

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