Oral B Pro 5000 vs 6000 vs 7000 Review

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 6000 vs 7000: Find out how the Pro 5000 smart series compares with Genius 6000 and Pro 7000.

Key Difference between Oral B Pro 5000 vs 6000 vs 7000 Specs

  1. The key difference between Oral B Pro 5000 vs 6000 vs 7000 is that while Pro 5000 and 7000 have a rear side sensor pressure sensor but Genius 6000 has a customizable 360-degree SmartRing sensor
  2. They each feature a built-in 2-minute timer. However, the pro 7000 include also a pro timer (a separate physical time called pro-timer) to help you monitor your brushing visually.
  3. Oral B Pro 6000 uses a Lithium-ion battery compared to the pro 7000 and 5000 which have Nitrogen Metal battery
  4. The 6000 battery when full charged can stay up to 14 days whereas, the pro 5000 and 7000 battery lasts only 7 days before the next charge
  5. Oral B Pro 7000 features 6 cleaning modes while the Pro 5000 and Genius 6000 have 5 lacking the tongue cleaning mode.
  6. The 7000 modes are daily clean, deep clean, tongue clean, sensitive, gum care and whitening
  7. The Genius 6000 modes are visible on the handle making it easy choosing one mode from the other.
  8. Otherwise, they each feature Bluetooth connectivity, 3D cleaning action, a travel case and a 2-minute built-in timer
  9. Oral B Pro 5000 is the cheapest when compared to the Pro 6000 and 7000 Oral B electric toothbrushes.

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Oral B 5000 vs 6000 Pro Genius

  • The difference between Oral B 5000 vs 6000 is that the Pro 5000 comes with a Nitrogen Hydride Metal battery but Pro Genius 6000 model which comes with a Lithium-ion battery
  • Both Oral B 5000 and 6000 feature 5 cleaning modes (daily clean, sensitive, whitening, gum care and deep clean). However, Oral B Pro 6000 Genius modes are visible on the handle, while that of 5000 are invisible.
  • Each of these brushes comes with a rigid and durable travelling case, a 2-minute timer, Bluetooth connectivity, a pressure sensor, brush heads storage unit and 5 brushing modes.


  • The 5 brushing modes provide the user with a wide range of settings to choose from. These many modes are certainly a deluxe feature present only in these brushes, which makes them a unique choice in the electric brush segment.
  • Bluetooth capabilities of these handles is an attractive feature for someone looking to revitalize their brushing experience. The mobile app is very intuitive and the feedback it provides can alter the way you brush your teeth. It records various data points and utilizes them in providing you with customized brushing instructions.
  • All of these brushes come with pressure sensors. While not explicitly essential, these sensors make sure that users do not put more than the required amount of force on their gums and teeth. They help in avoiding enamel damage and thus, are very useful for children.
  • These brushes are customized with timers which make sure that you do not spend more time brushing one region of your mouth than others. The pacer feature equipped on this helps to train you with the right way to brush the teeth. The brush, however, does not shut down after 2 minutes which is the recommended time. However, it does alert the user via the app of the time spent. It makes sure each area of the mouth gets the maximum amount of care.
  • Oral B 5000 originally comes with a FlossAction brush-head while, the Oral-B 6000 features a CrossAction brush-head.

However, each brush is compatible with the following Oral-B electric-toothbrush heads: Deep Sweep, 3D White, CrossAction, Floss Action, Dual Clean, Sensitive, Precision Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho. All these give you a wide range of options.


Some people might have an issue with battery life as it is slightly lower in comparison to Oral-B’s previous models. Oral-B 6000 come with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which can last up to 10 to 12 days of normal use respectively. But considering their vast features, it is no surprise.

All of these brushes are mid-end products so obviously, their prices would be higher compared to any other models in the market. The hefty price can make someone nervous but be assured, the different functionality of the brush is worth of its high price tag.

Which is Better, Oral B 5000 or 6000?

After considering various aspects of the Oral B Pro 5000 and Oral B Genius Pro 6000, it has to be mentioned that any brush is not limited to a specific niche of users. Their tooth cleaning and whitening as well gum caring capabilities are remarkable, thus, making them an efficient oral hygiene product.

You can decide which of the features suits you the most, and according to your needs and budget, you can pick out the perfect model for yourself. Rest assured, you cannot go wrong in making a choice since each brush is well adept at providing you with the best tooth care you can ever experience.

Oral B 5000 vs 7000 Smart Series

  • The key difference between Oral B 5000 vs 7000 is that the Pro 5000 comes with 5 brushing modes but the Pro 7000 smart series comes with 6
  • The 7000 modes are whitening, gum care, sensitive, daily clean, deep clean and tongue clean
  • Pro 5000 lacks a tongue cleaning mode
  • Oral B Pro 7000 comes with three brush-heads in its case: a CrossAction brush-head, a ProWhite brush-head, and a Sensitive Clean brush-head. Pro 5000 , however, comes with only one brush head.
  • Though each brush handle comes with its unique rubber grip, it has to be pointed out that the rubber grip on Pro 7000 feels far better and its anti-skid design works better than its counterparts.
  • Another unique feature of 7000 Pro is its Smart Guide’. It is a digital reader which provides the user with real-time feedback. It shows things like a timer, present brushing mode so that users don’t have to look at their smartphone all the time and a few other useful references,
  • In terms of price, the Oral B Pro 5000 is cheaper than the 7000 model.

See how pro 7000 compares with other top Oral B electric toothbrushes in our, Oral B 7000 vs 7500 vs 8000 vs 9600 Review.

Oral B 6000 vs 7000 Smart Series

  • The main difference between Oral B 6000 vs 7000 is that the Oral B 6000 has 5 cleaning modes (daily cleaning mode, gum care mode, sensitive mode, whitening mode, and deep clean mode) but, the 7000 model has 6
  • Pro 7000 has all of the 6000 modes plus tongue clean mode.
  • Oral B Pro 7000 comes with 2 brush heads and a smart wireless guide (digital timer) but Pro 6000 Genius comes with one brush head and a built-in 2-minute timer
  • Genius 6000 Lithium-ion battery last longer when fully charged than the 7000 Nitrogen Hydride Metal battery
  • Pro 6000 is costly when compared to the Pro 7000 electric toothbrush.

Oral B Genius 6000 Review

The Oral B Genius 6000 smart series electric rechargeable toothbrush with wireless Bluetooth is one of the high-end Braun electric toothbrushes. It is superior to Oral B 2000, 4000 and 5000. This pro 6000 features 5 cleaning modes: daily clean, deep clean, gum care, sensitive mode, and whitening mode.

It also features SmartGuide, Bluetooth and a travel accessory.

Product Description:

The Genius 6000 is designed to not only clean your teeth but also to monitor and record your overall dental hygiene.

  • It comes a nifty travel case!
  • It also comes with a digital Smart Guide Unit which is a base station and can be placed around the bathroom sink which doubles up as a charging station as well. The base station wirelessly connects with the brush and provides you with feedback ensuring you get a thorough cleaning.
  • The battery life is reasonable coming close to about 6 days falling short of the promised 10 days, but it is surely not a deal breaker. At the current price point, I think it is still one of the best smart toothbrushes out there.
  • It is accompanied by the smartphone app that is loaded with a brushing timer, a pressure alert to alert you when excessive force is used and a quadrant prompt which tells you to switch the quadrants after the prescribed 30-second interval.
  • Features the professional criss-cross bristles design angled at 16 degrees along with the 3D cleaning action that together ensures the removal of up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

For further information, click to download the Oral B 6000 user manual here.

Smartphone App:

The Genius 6000 accompanying smartphone app is elegantly designed and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

  • The app communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth technology with the Braun 6000 to sync data.
  • The main aspect of the app is the timer option which maintains time and guides you through each quadrant.
  • The timer also logs the duration of forced brushing.
  • The timer is fully customizable and the time spent on any quadrant can be increased if that area needs special attention.
  • The app just like its kids’ electric toothbrush version also has a reward program and awards you with trophies on completion of a regimen to keep you motivated.
  • The app can also be customized to display local weather or news while you brush, another nifty little thing!
  • Also, the app will let you in on some tips and tricks for healthy cleaning and believe it or not also has a feature to locate your nearest dentist!

The 6000 electric rechargeable toothbrush records your statistics and it is encouraged that you share them with your hygienist. The merit of which in my opinion is debatable. The 6000 records the total time you spent on brushing and not the time you spent on each quadrant, which might be a more powerful statistic. See how this model compares with 8000 in our Oral B Pro 6000 vs Genius 8000.


A little more investment goes a long way when you pit it against the pain and money spent on a visit to the dentist. This 6000 smartseries electric toothbrush with wireless Bluetooth is a great and its capability to sing data wirelessly via Bluetooth with your smartphone makes it unique. With the 6000 by your side you can be assured that you give the required time to your dental care to keep a track of your regimen.

I would recommend it to anyone who takes his/her dental hygiene seriously!

Oral B Pro 5000 Review

The best-selling Oral B Pro 5000 smart series electric toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity is one of Oral-B’s most technologically advanced electric toothbrushes.

This toothbrush has three action pressure alert system that has sensory signals, and visual and auditory indicators to notify you when you are brushing too hard so that you can adjust the way you are brushing. With the Pro 5000, your teeth will start to whiten, a shed or two in just three weeks.

How does this toothbrush stack up when compared to Sonicare? 5000 Pro is comparable to Sonicare’s Flexcare plus. However, I think the 5000 has a slight edge because it has a whitening mode that the Flexcare doesn’t have.

Product Description:

The SmartSeries 5000 electric toothbrush features a 3D cleaning action that rotates, oscillates and pulsates to remove and break up 100% more plaque than the manual toothbrushes

  • It has Professional Healthy Clean + Floss Action with SmartGuide for ultimate plaque removal. The 5000 electric toothbrush with smart guide features a round head. This is specially designed to do tooth-by-tooth cleaning.
  • This brush has a revamped smart guide that motivates you to brush better by giving you rewards.
  • The electric toothbrush pulsates 40,000 times per minute and oscillates 8800 times per minute to dismantle all plaque in your gums.
  • It has a LED screen on the handle and a tongue cleaner. All these are secured by a two-year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • It removes 99.7% more plaque than a manual toothbrush; it will reverse any development of gingivitis.

The ro 5000 Electric Toothbrush with the SmartGuide features Bluetooth technology. This enables the toothbrush to communicate with your smartphone to give you insights on how you are cleaning. This real-time feedback from the Oral B app focuses on your most important areas: the four quadrants of your teeth. It features a wireless SmartGuide.

The smart guide will tell you where you need to brush more in case you haven’t brushed to the dentist recommended standard. The 5000 criss-cross bristles are set at an angle of 16 degrees in order to reach deep between the teeth.

This makes it possible for the Oral B electric toothbrush to lift and power away more than close to 100% (99.7%) plaque. Giving you a superior clean wash. The angular criss-cross bristles are also able to reach the back of your tooth where manual brushing does not reach.

  • It is gentle on your gums and teeth. It also alerts you when you are brushing too hard so that you can adjust.
  • On average the battery life of 5000 Oral-B electric toothbrush lasts between 2-10 years depending on how your use. A number of people who own this smart toothbrush say that for the battery to last more than 3 years, you only need to charge when the battery has run out.


 Some of the complaints by clients who bought this toothbrush include: The battery does not last long. However as we have already pointed out above, you need to only charge when your charger runs out and then give a long 14-20 hour charge. This should be able to last you for two weeks.

The problem is that many people keep their brush on the charger all the time. This shortens the lifespan. If you only charge when the battery runs out your smartseries should be able to last at least 2weeks. Click to download the 5000 instruction manual:

According to the user manual; you are asked not to leave your Oral B electric toothbrush 5000 on the charge at all times; the battery will not last longer than 3 years. However, if you want your brush to last for over 5 year, then only re-charge when it has run down. With good care, you can have this for the long haul. You only need to change brush heads after every three months.

Brush Heads:

This Oral B model, like most other Oral-B brushes, enables you the ability to use a variety of brush head replacements. This toothbrush is compatible with a broad range of heads thus it would not be a problem to identify that which suits you. You can choose any replacement that will fit your oral hygiene needs ranging from: (Prowhite, Power Tip, Dual Clean, CrossAction, Ortho, Floss Action, Precision clean, and Deep Sweep to Sensitive). Whenever you change your toothbrush head (after every three months), you can always choose a new head and try it out.

Cleaning Modes:

The Pro 5000 comes with five cleaning modes:

  1. Daily clean,
  2. Sensitive mode: that operates at lower speeds to gently clean your teeth and gums,
  3. Whitening mode: that gently polishes the teeth to remove surface stains,
  4. Deep clean mode: that extends your brushing time to enhance the results.
  5. Gum care mode: that gently stimulates your gums.

So what makes this toothbrush one of the top electric toothbrushes on the market today? Well, although this toothbrush is meant for home, use it is modelled after the most professional dental cleaning tools. It includes a lot of advanced features and also incorporates advanced technology that lets you communicate with your smartphone.

Here is what you will get in your brand new Oral B 5000:

  • 3 brush heads: 1 CrossAction, 1 Sensitive, 1 3D White.
  • Charging station with brush head storage
  • Wireless SmartGuide
  • Rechargeable toothbrush handle,
  • Standard Travel Case.

In Summary:

The 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush comes packed with a number of features that will greatly enhance your teeth cleaning regime.

  • It has 3d cleaning functionality that cleans tooth to tooth for a complete and total brushing experience.
  • It has a two minute timer and it oscillates, rotates and pulsates to total cleaning and plaque removal.
  • The application feature syncs up perfectly with the smartphone thus allowing you to monitor your current brushing progress. It is easy to set up the blue-tooth app and get going.
  • The 5000 motivates you with other helpful oral hygiene tips, tracks your brushing habits over time and can also detect when you are brushing your teeth too hard.
  • It comes with five modes including deep clean, sensitive mode, massage, whitening and daily clean.
  • It also gives you entertainment news and weather forecast that are helpful to your oral hygiene to keep you entertained.
  • Can detect whenever you brush your teeth too hard with its pressure sensor and alerts you to prevent over brushing.
  • It is much lighter than other electric toothbrushes.
  • Setting up the 5000 is rather straightforward.

As you can see, this Oral B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth offers a lot and will definitely provide value for money. A number of people who have used are quite happy with their purchase.

Price Comparison

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