Oral B IO Series 4 vs 6 Electric Toothbrush (What’s the Difference?)

 Oral-B iO4 vs iO6 models share numerous similarities, with minor differences between them. Both Oral B io4 and 6 have Built-In Smart Pressure Sensors, a 2-minute timer, a travel case, and come with just one brush head: They also both have Bluetooth Technology: You can connect the iO4 and iO6 to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your brushing habits and receive personalized feedback.

Oral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Rechargeable, BlackOral-B iO Series 6 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Gray Opal
Oral B io4Oral B io6
4 brushing modes5 modes
No displayBlack and White display
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Key Difference between Oral B IO Series 4 and 6 Specs

Oral B iO 4 vs 6 Series Electric Toothbrush

1. Cleaning Modes

The key difference between Oral B io series 4 and io 6 is that the io 4 has 4 brushing modes but io 6 has 5. They both have daily clean, sensitive, super sensitive, and whitening modes. Added to io6 is the deep cleaning mode.

The expanded range of cleaning modes in the iO6 offers more customization options for individuals with specific oral health concerns versus io4.

2. Display:

Oral B iO4 lacks a display,but the iO6 features a black and white display, providing visual feedback and easy access to the brushing modes.

The display on the iO6 allows users to conveniently view brushing modes, battery status, and other relevant details, enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Battery Indicator:

  • The iO4 utilizes an LED in the power button to indicate battery status.
  • The iO6, on the other hand, displays a battery icon and percentage on its screen.

The battery indicator on the iO6 provides users with a clear visual representation of the remaining battery life, ensuring they can recharge the toothbrush in a timely manner.

4. Handle Colors:

The iO4 and iO6 offer various color options to suit individual preferences.

The availability of different handle colors allows users to personalize their brushing experience and choose a toothbrush that matches their style.


  1. Do the Oral-B iO4 and iO6 provide the same cleaning performance?
    • Yes, both models utilize advanced cleaning technology and offer the same oscillating-rotating cleaning action, ensuring effective plaque removal and superior oral hygiene.
  2. Can I customize the brushing experience with the iO4 and iO6?
    • Absolutely. Both models provide various cleaning modes to cater to different oral care needs, allowing for personalized brushing experiences.
  3. Are there any notable advantages to the iO6 over the iO4?
    • The iO6 offers additional features such as a display for visual feedback and a wider range of cleaning modes, providing enhanced customization options.
  4. Do the iO4 and iO6 have long-lasting batteries?
    • Yes,

both the iO4 and iO6 are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide over 14 days of usage on a full charge, ensuring long-lasting performance without frequent recharging.

  1. Can I travel with the iO4 and iO6?
    • Yes, both models are travel-friendly and can be easily taken on trips. Just ensure you have the appropriate charging stand or cable to recharge the toothbrush while away.
  2. Are the iO4 and iO6 suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth or gums?
    • Absolutely. Both models offer sensitive cleaning modes, allowing individuals with sensitivity concerns to enjoy a gentle yet effective brushing experience.
  3. Are replacement brush heads readily available for the iO4 and iO6?
    • Yes, Oral-B provides a range of compatible brush heads for the iO4 and iO6 models, ensuring easy accessibility for replacement brush heads.

Considering the similarities and differences between the Oral-B iO4 and iO6, it’s important to evaluate your specific preferences, such as the need for a display, additional cleaning modes, or handle color options. Ultimately, both models deliver exceptional cleaning performance and advanced features that contribute to optimal oral health.

Which is better, Oral B io6 or io4 Series Electric Toothbrush?

Choosing between the Oral-B iO4 and iO6 depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you value a broader range of cleaning modes and a display for easy access to information, the iO6 is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a simpler approach without a display, the iO4 offers a reliable and efficient brushing experience.

Ultimately, both models share remarkable similarities and deliver exceptional oral care. Assess your individual needs, consider the key differences, and make a decision based on the features that align with your priorities.

Oral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Rechargeable, BlackOral-B iO Series 6 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Gray Opal
Oral B io4Oral B io6
4 brushing modes5 modes
No displayBlack and White display
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