Oral B IO 3 vs 4 Series Electric Toothbrush Reviews

The Oral-B iO Series 3 and 4 are both electric toothbrushes that come with a 2-minute timer, a pacer, a pressure sensor, and a 14-day battery life. They both also run on the iO motor that is less noisy and has a sleek and clean look. Below find Cyber Monday sales for these models.

And here are the five Oral B IO 3 vs 4 series key differences and specs comparison reviews.

5 Differences between Oral B IO 3 vs 4 Specs

1. Cleaning Modes

The Oral B iO 4 Series has a higher number of cleaning modes (4 in total) than io3 (three). They both have daily clean, sensitive, and whitening modes. However, io4 has one more (super sensitive) for people with a high level of teeth sensitivity.

Oral-B iO Series 3 Limited Rechargeable Electric Powered Toothbrush, Black with 2 Brush Heads and Travel Case - Visible Pressure Sensor to Protect Gums - 3 Modes - 2 Minute TimerOral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Rechargeable, Black
Oral B iO3Oral B iO4
-3 brushing modes
-2 brush heads
-Cleans 4 times better than a manual toothbrush
-No Bluetooth
-4 brushing modes
-One brush head
-Cleans 5 times better than a manual toothbrush
-Bluetooth enabled
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2. Feedback

Oral B iO4 is Bluetooth enabled to help you connect your brush with Oral B app for tracking your brushing habits. This feature is not available in the iO3 .

Through Bluetooth, which is available in the iO4 and not in the iO3, you can access the Oral B app which when connected logs in data on your brushing technique. This data can be used to improve your teeth-brushing skills

3. Traveling case

Both Oral B iO4 and 3 both come with a traveling case. A traveling case is quite helpful in storing your brush handle and brush heads safely especially when traveling.

4. Cleaning Performance

Oral B iO4 cleans 5 times better than a manual toothbrush while iO3 cleans 4 times better than a manual toothbrush

That is therefore a discernable difference however small in the quality of cleaning offered by the io4 in comparison to the series 3.

5. Price

One other obvious difference is in the pricing, the iO4 is slightly more costly than the iO3. At the time of writing the difference in price was twenty dollars, however, this often changes depending on discounts offered by each respective model.

Besides all the differences listed above the Oral B iO4 vs iO3 have quite a number of similarities. Check them below.


  • Both Series three, and four aren’t as loud emanating sixty-four decibels. as compared to the high-end version 7,8, and 9 which produce seventy-two decibels of noise when in use. The motor has premium features like the technology that reminds you to replace your brush heads after three months of use. Series three, four, plus five possess a light that can come on to remind you that you have to change the brush head.
  • Both series 3 and 4 come with a single brush head  (the Ultimate Clean) in the package.
  • They have a similar battery that can last for two weeks after a full recharge. However unlike the top iO series like 6,7,8,9 and 10 which have electro-magnetic charging capability that only takes three hours to fully recharge the toothbrush, the iO 4 and 3 don’t have electromagnetic charging, they both take sixteen hours to reach a total charge once the toothbrush runs out of charge.
  • They also don’t have an LED display on the handle to show which cleaning mode is on or even to tell you how much battery charge is left. The LED screen display is only available in the bigger IO models Series, 8, 7, 6, nine, and ten.
  • Series three and four both have the same color offerings, which include Icy Blue, Matte Black, and White.
  • All of the iO toothbrushes come backed by the American Dental Association ratification.
  • The Oral B iO3 and iO4 smack bang in the budget range pricing unlike the iO6,7,8,9 and 10.

 Oral B iO 4 Review 

The iO Series four hit the market fairly recently alongside the iO5. These follow on from the very first iO designs introduced in 2020. The iO4 is a smart-looking toothbrush. It has a similar handle size and shape as the other iO models. It is also water resistant.

The series 4 and its sister io3 were introduced to capture the mid-price to budget range market, it is a far more economical substitute for other iO models, but retains a similar engine, cleaning performance, and also sleek design.

The iO4 has essential premium features that are in other io series like brush replacement reminder. If you would like more features you will be better served by the iO Series nine or ten. It comes with a travel case, a charging stand, and a travel brush head holder that can hold two brush heads and one Ultimate White brush head.


  • It comes with a high-end-looking handle that is sleek and can be cleaned easily
  • It has a pressure sensor that helps you not to damage your gums by brushing too hard.
  • The pacer and timer help you to brush to the dentist’s recommended time.

Main Features

Some of the key features include Bluetooth connectivity, Brush head replacement technology that has a reminder light, a Smart pressure sensor with visible features, Four cleaning modes, an in-built quad timer and pacer, and a less noisy motor than other Oral B models. It also has a visible pressure sensor – that alerts you when you’re brushing with the incorrect and correct force


  • No cleaning mode labels/icons
  • iO specific heads required are much more expensive down the line.

Cleaning Modes

The series 4 io has four distinct cleaning modes (super sensitive, sensitive, whiten, and daily clean). The Ultime clean brush head has firmer bristles which are angled at sixteen degrees to successfully get rid of plaque from the tooth and along the gumline. You can use any io-compatible brush head with series 4. Only iO Series heads are going to fit the iO Series four. The iO4’s brush handle has an LED in the center of it. It will not light up all that often, but when it does, a yellow/orange light is produced, and also the handle will vibrate. This’s the brush head replacement reminder.

When you see this it’s time to change the brush head you’re using with a brand new one. The iO4 has Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to connect the iO4 to an Android device or an iOS. When working with the smartphone app at exactly the same period as the brush, you’ll be provided with a timer.

It is going to log in just how long you’ve been brushing for, display the cleaning mode you are using and also alert you when you’re brushing with excessive pressure. What the iO4 doesn’t do is monitor the role of the toothbrush within the jaws. There’s no real-time tracking available on this particular brush like there’s on the iO5 You don’t get on-screen feedback and visualizations of where you’ve and haven’t brushed. It is going to log information including brushing time, excessive pressure, and also additional info like bleeding and tongue cleaning.


The series 4 is one of the more affordable iO models that give you a few premium features, but in case you would like more features and especially love the thought of Bluetooth connectivity, you will find some other versions which will better serve you.

Oral B iO 3 Series Review

The iO Series three was put into the iO selection of brushes in 2022 very shortly after the iO four and five which represented less expensive choices over various other iO models as a few features we dropped. The iO3 takes the price lower still. Some of the premium features like Bluetooth connectivity have been dropped out but there are still some ‘nifty features like sleeker design, smart pressure sensor, and also enhanced brush motor. This has made it to be the lowest-priced io model.

The Oral B iO 3 has three cleaning modes (daily clean whiten and sensitive). This design does not possess the massage brushing mode. It comes with one Ultimate clean brush head

And is proven to remove 400 % more plaque along the gumline vs. a standard hand toothbrush. It has a quad pacer and timer to guarantee a complete clean. There is also a pressure sensor that indicates maximum cleaning pressure and also warns you when you brush too hard.


  • It has a high-end-looking brush handle that’s very easy to keep clean
  • Visible pressure sensor – alerts you when you’re brushing with the incorrect and correct force
  • Quieter than some other Oral B brushes
  • Brush head replacement reminder light
  • American Dental Association (ADA) approved


  • No cleaning mode labels/icons
  • iO compatible heads needed that are much more costly 


The iO three is water resistant. it’s three brushing modes. (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening). The timer and also pacer help you to clean for the correct amount of time, The sensible pressure sensor alerts you if you brush too hard. It has a brush head replacement reminder. The iO3 is the only io series that does not have Bluetooth connectivity. As such it doesn’t hook up to a smartphone via an app plus it can’t plus it doesn’t monitor the role of the toothbrush inside the mouth for real-time or maybe after brushing feedback. The battery lasts approximately 18 days on a complete charge. Pros


The iO three from Oral-B is able to clean the teeth nicely when the proper brushing strategy is used. It has a sleek handle that looks like other premium io models and also brush replacement reminder. It is a quality toothbrush that has key features for day-to-day oral health care.

Which is better, Oral B IO Series 3 or 4 Electric Toothbrush?

Though there is not much significant difference between Oral B iO4 vs iO3, there are subtle differences that give the io4 a better outlook than the io3. The super sensitive mode that is available in the io4  and the fact that the series four has four cleaning modes (super sensitive, Daily clean, whiten, and sensitive) in addition to a travel case makes the io4 a better choice in comparison to the io3 that has only three cleaning modes (Whiten, sensitive and daily clean).

However, the io3 is still a decent toothbrush and is budget friendly yet still gives you premium features like the brush replacement reminder and a quiet motor. If you prefer to have a choice and nifty features like a traveling case then the io4 is the best for you. 

On contrary, if you are looking for a toothbrush that looks premium and has premium features yet is favorably priced then the io3 is the best choice for you. In all honesty, most people don’t really use the different cleaning modes but rather stick with one, usually the daily clean, so not having one extra cleaning mode (super sensitive) does not really change much because you still have a sensitive cleaning mode only it’s not super sensitive. It is for this reason that I recommend to you the io3 over the io4 unless you have sensitive teeth.

Price Comparison:

Oral-B iO Series 3 Limited Rechargeable Electric Powered Toothbrush, Black with 2 Brush Heads and Travel Case - Visible Pressure Sensor to Protect Gums - 3 Modes - 2 Minute TimerOral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush with (1) Brush Head, Rechargeable, Black
Oral B iO3Oral B iO4
-3 brushing modes
-2 brush heads
-Cleans 400% better than a manual toothbrush
-Has pressure sensor and 2 minute timer
-Has a travel case
-No Bluetooth

-4 brushing modes
-One brush head
-Cleans 500% better than a manual toothbrush
-Has pressure sensor and 2 minute timer
-Has a travel case

-Bluetooth enabled
View priceView price

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